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Lisa's Top-Down Long Lacy Cardigan

Here's another addition to our finished project photo gallery from Lisa W. of Anchorage, AK.


She knit the #74 Top-Down Long Lacy Cardigan, making a few changes to the sleeve and sweater length (ah - the beauty of the top-down design!)

Here is what she has to say:

"I used's Superwash Bamboo (70% superwash wool/30% bamboo, held double throughout in
Shaded Cedar.
[The pattern was] well written with clever details like the knitted-in pockets.

I especially loved the  M1-L/M1-R increases to stabilize the raglan sleeves. It looks much more complicated than it was. I also like that it was easy to customize the sweater length and the sleeve length for a perfect fit."


Thanks, Lisa!  Great job!  The snowy background is not one I could ever do here in Los Angeles and it really is a nice backdrop for your cardigan.

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Heather's Chic Cowl Neck Sweater

Here is a finished #90 Chic Cables and Lace Cowl Neck Sweater from kntter, Heather M. from Brighton, East Sussex, England.

"I used Patons Inca in Camel (7024).
This was my first proper item of clothing I had completed and I found it kept my interest the whole time without being particularly challenging. Having the cable or lace pattern all the way was great too, meaning there were no impenetrable walls stockinette, and there were loads of clever little details in the short rows and the placement of the shaping. I love that it looks like darts in dresses. Very posh. I did change the sleeves to being long and slightly shaped, to keep me warm. In case anyone's interested, I did the sleeves like thus: I did a skp, k2, k2tog every 8 rounds (1.5in) 5 times or until the elbow, making a sort of seam. Then knit straight until it measured 20in and did an inch of ribbing on smaller needles."

Thanks so much Heather!  Looks great and I love your photo. 

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Top 5 Best Selling Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Curious what other knitters and crocheters are making?  Here are the current top selling knitting and crochet patterns on SweaterBabe:

TOP 5 Knitting Patterns:
1) #77 Vine Lace Top Down Cardigan

This is one of my personal FAVES.  I wear it all the time.  So cozy!  And I always seem to need pockets to carry tissues, keys, random toys, etc.!  This is a popular one on Ravelry too!  92 projects for you to peruse and faved 1339 times! (See the's Designer page at:

2) #70 Lush and Lacy Cardigan
One of my more feminine designs!  Have seen many versions in different yarns that bring out the stitch definition.  Looks great on many different figures!  Also a winner on Ravelry!

3) #90 Chic Cables and Lace Cowl Neck Sweater

I get compliments from guys a lot on this one!  They often say, "I don't usually like cowl necks. . . but I like that design a lot."  Guess guys like to see our necks?

4) #73 Women's Top-Down Short- Sleeved Cardigan

A very versatile top-down design!  Do the sleeve length as you wish, as well as the body!  Knit in Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky yarn, which comes in so many vibrant, fun, or classic colors.

5) #72 Child's Top-Down Short-Sleeved Cardigan

The kid's version of #4.  A really popular one as well.  One of my customers made 12 of these!!!

TOP 5 Crochet Patterns:
1) #76 Vintage Top-Down Crochet Cardigan

A top-down crochet cardigan!  Fairly quick to make with bulky yarn.  Gets lots of compliments for it's unique look. 
2) #80 Lacy Striped Crochet Scarf

I'm not a big fan of straight stripes (a little too J. Crew for me!), so the wavy striping created by this stitch pattern was so appealing to me. . .

3) #86 Fancy Crocheted Booties

Made these on a whim in anticipation of my 3rd child.  Organic cotton too!!

4) #50 Kimono Wrap Lace Top

This was a quick fix to glam up the summery dress I was wearing to a wedding.  I love the kimono sleeves.  You feel covered up, but the airiness is very sexy and pretty.

5) #22 Easy Crocheted Beanie

This was a design I did to encourage my crochet students to try out hats!  It's been a bestseller always.

The Amazing Crochet Coral Reef Exhibit!

WOW!  I finally had the chance to see this AMAZING crochet exibit here in Los Angeles (Santa Monica at the Bergamot Station) before it left for Chicago.  It's pretty stunning.

It's called the HYPERBOLIC CROCHET CORAL REEF by the INSTITUTE FOR FIGURING AND COMPANIONS.  Apparently, it took tens of thousands of hours for hundreds of crocheters to make the pieces in the exhibit.

If you haven't heard of this one yet, let me try to explain it (but really, let the photos below show you)!  It is a crocheted representation of the Great Barrier Reef, all done in crochet.  Imagine all sort of colors, yarns in all different textures and plies (as well as other "recycled" materials), different crochet hook sizes, and different stitches ALL made to resemble natural sea plants, formations, and creatures.

Take a look at the photos.  It was just very interesting and cool.  Check it out if the exibit comes to you!  It's rare to see crochet celebrated in this fashion!

Sorry for the LONG post - I edited the number of photos, but you can see that there was so much to look at.  Viva crochet!












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