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July 28, 2010



LOVE this one. Do you have a recommendation on yarn? For me, I need to hunt down an olive green for this. I can see it as a beautiful piece for fall. Any chance you did the belt long ways? It would be so much faster! :)


I love this vest. I can't wait for the pattern. Will you be posting it in plus sizes? I hope so!

Lynn Winders

Oh, please, please give us this lovely, lovely vest/sweater in plus sizes. I love the cables, the collar, the whole thing. It is really a beautiful pattern.


Oh this pattern is a must have. I have to have this pattern. Oh and I hope you have it in plus sizes too a must have.


Fitted waists are not for me. Can this be knit without the shaping without messing up the stitch pattern?

Dawn Clarke

This is fabulous, can't wait for the pattern.


Hi Purrl Gurrl - Sure - you would just skip all the waist shaping and keep to the same sts. . . doing any minor inc that might be needed just to transition from hip width to bust width. The rest would be as written.


I love your patterns!! Thanks so much


perfect for work over a long sleeved t-shirt :)

Michelle B

OH I just LOVE this one! I can't wait for it to come out!


what yarn is this, I love the style.


Wow!! Loving it!!

Baubee Reynolds

Love it - Baubee R


I love it. It's a very beautiful vest. Can we have the pattern?

kathy kinrade

Can't wait for this pattern,love it!!!!!


Yummy!! Beautiful wardrobe staple!!! That's what I love about fall...wearing cozy sweaters (and vests)


Very stylish! I find the shawl collar a very flattering neckline - looks like a heart. I like the short sleeves, rather than a long-sleeved cardigan, being at that stage where I get "tropical moments". But I'm assuming that one could lengthen the sleeves if desired?

Laurie P Starr Pastwa

I love this cardigan, the color, the cables, he sleeves, the collar. I too, look for things that make a sweater less "tropical", so the sleeves make this sweater even more appealing. And, the size 11 needles would make it a fast knit.


Hi Stephaniesews!

This is knit in Knitpicks Cadena yarn. First time I've used the yarn. Feels great to knit with. Has lots of elasticity and volume without being too weighty. This sample used 7 balls. Have you tried this yarn before?


Seem like a very quick and flattering project. Could I make this with longer sleeves?


Hi MarciaG,

You could just cast on a lot more sts that I do for these short sleeves. You may wish to do it a few rows earlier than the instructions for the vest, depending on how much width you like for your sleeves.

Great idea! I'm sure it would be a nice long sleeve cardigan as well. . . perhaps I will do it as a separate pattern??? Hmmmm...


OH this is so beautiful! This is similar to the nipped shawl collar sweater pattern, which i have - but i dont know if that is knit in one piece, as this one is. I love that it is shorter sleeves, i get so warm in a sweater. Can't wait to get this new pattern too!!

Jennifer L.

This sweater jumped out at me because it looks like it would be flattering on any figure and beautiful in any color. Just gorgeous!


can't wait for the pattern and hope you also provide instruction to make it long sleeved

Robin Miller

WOW!! I can't wait till you write this up so I can order it!! Please suggest yarns that would work. Love the buttons, too!

Lisa D

WOW! love this sweater and the color is so me. Can't wait for the pattern. You do such nice work.

Wendy Radding

Oh, I love this, too! So many patterns, so little time. At this rate I need to grow another set of arms so I can knit more!


Is it just me, or is there a mistake in the pattern?
So far I’ve completed up to the bust increase, so I have currently finished up to row 38 in the pattern, up to the bust section, where it says do decreases at markerB every so often.
Once I reached end of row 38, I’m left with 2 extra stitches around markerB, therefore it doesn’t match what the pattern says.
But I haven’t missed any decrease rows, I’ve been following the pattern perfect and crossing off rows as I go along.
Do I add a decrease row in on row 39 to make up for this, or can I leave it?
I don’t want to stop mid way as I really like the cardigan and don’t want this to stop me from finishing it off, or starting all over again!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks, :)

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