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Knitting Project Finished Vest


Here's a great finished #118 Fitted Shawl-Collared Cabled Vest from Dawn C. of Sorrento, British Columbia, Canada.

She also used Knitpicks Cadena Colour Blackberry, as I did in the original sample.  You'll see the beautiful color of this yarn with her outdoor shots. 

Here is what Dawn says about her project:
"The pattern was extremely easy to follow, well written and fully explained. I particularly appreciated that you give full directions for left and right fronts, ie, you don't just use the popular phrase 'reverse directions for left front' when following right front directions - if you know what I mean!!


I also appreciate the clear way of explaining abbreviations and short row/wrap and turn instructions. All in all a really easy knit and the pattern produces an 'up-to-the-minute', fashionable design and an ideal layering piece." -- Dawn C. Dawn_Blackberry_Vest2

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Robin Miller

I love this design! I plan to knit this as my next project, just as soon as I finish off one last sleeve. THANKS for designing this beautiful pattern!


Beautiful job, love the color and the fit of your finished project. Inspiring me to attempt a piece of clothing....I have so far only done baby sweaters with no sleaves and hats etc. I like that you pointed out the complete instructions, that is a huge bonus for a beginner like me.

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