New Knitting Pattern - Coming next is this LONG Cabled Vest!
Knitting Project - A cool green ruffled scarf

Upcoming knitting pattern: Luxe Infinity Scarf!


Fresh off my knitting needles is this fancy textured Infinity Scarf!

I love the caramel color -- such a sophisticated brown that will go with everything. A "neutral" as they say on "What Not to Wear"

The stitch definition is just superb! And the combo of lace and garter stitch makes for an easy to do stitch pattern with wonderfully textural results.

I'll be writing this one up soon - though I've super busy with the long cabled vest first! 



Sandy Bennetch

What a beautiful textured pattern! You definitely want to wear this one down to see the pattern. I love it

Carol Ludovise

Please please soon! I love it.

Ginny Lyon

Love it! Can't wait for the pattern.


Ditto what Carol said! I can hardly wait for this one!

Mimi Maddox

I don't usually get excited about scarfs but really love this one can't wait for the pattern.


absolutely gorgeous. love the pattern.

Martha Chenault

My daughter just asked me to knit one of these for her... I cannot wait - I mean really cannot wait - till this
is ready!!!!!


So many fantastic SweaterBabe patterns, sooooo little time!


Oh It is beautiful! Can not wait to see the pattern!


I want this pattern cant wait!


A beautiful scarf. I'm waiting for the pattern, too. Please put it up soon!


I NEVER buy patterns, if I can't get it for free, I'll figure it out myself, but OMG your patterns are sooo amazing, I want to buy them all! The biggest problem is figuring out which one first...

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