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January 17, 2011


Debbie H

She has really cute stuff! I really like the flip flp stitch markers. Debbie in Alaska

Cheryl Taylor

What a great idea! I would love to get these for my frien who is just learning to knit. It would make her day!


The M&M stitchmarkers are beyond cute!! How funny that you post about stitchmarkers today I was thinking of checking out Etsy to find some for a gal from my knitting club ... birthday present w/some yarn. Off to Etsy now!

Laurie Kivi

soooooooooooooo cute!

I have no stitch markers :(

Louise Marsalko

so very cute!

Barbara Brundige

I love the stitch markers! so adorable and creative! :)


What a fun idea. Thanks for the info!


Those are absolutely adorable!

must go look at etsy store!!!


i just love m&m's for everything.


Those are too cute. I also use plain vanilla stitchmarkers, but I would love to try the fancier types. Although, I'm afraid the M&M stitchmarkers might make me hungry the whole time I was knitting!

Heidi Bowden

What a great idea for an indulgence!!! Who can have just one m&m, not me... I can't wait to check out her store and see what else she has. Thanks for the wonderful creations...


I think it is fun to have extra cute accessories to knit with. I think it just adds to the experience. These m&m stitch markers are so cute!

Janice E. Knori

They are very cute and whimsical. I love them. I hope I win this time!!

Abby L Call

I do collect M&M items, but i would definitely have to use the M stitch markers. I can not imagine the work that goes into them. What a talent!

Penny Chace

What cute stitch markers!! Would love a set!

Nancy Bentley Wennberg

Wonderful to see stitch markers that are cute and express your personality without being costly!!! Wonderful idea!!!

Sheree Estes

I pulled apart a bead necklace with the intent to make stitch markers. WHAT A HASSLE, and not nearly as cute as theM & M's! Love your etsy, Cheryl!


These are adorable!

Diane Easton

I love the M&M stitch markers!! They are so creative!! Would be fun to use them when I am knitting!

catherine satterlee

what adorable stitch markers, although i would be constantly tempted to bite into them!

Pat Kreiling

Fun site, great place to get started on NEXT YEAR'S holiday shopping!

Nancy Brown

These darling stitch markers could almost satisfy my chocolate cravings. Actually, they are easier on the hips and so clever!

Jean Stafford

LOVE the stitch markers and shawl stick!! Will definitely find this creative soul on Etsy!! (o:

Fran Worthington

These are SO adorable and would really enhance my knitting experience! Sometimes I tend to get bored with my knitting and having these markers would definitely keep me focused!

Pam Elber

SOOO adorable! Now I HAVE to check out her Etsy store and see what other cute stuff she has. Break out the credit card! lol

Pam in Sewickley, PA

Lou Glaub

What cute accessories Cheryl has to offer on her website. This is a great way to bring fun to knitting especially for youngsters who think knitting is "just for grandmas". I love Etsy and have purchased several items since finding it! Its nice to have handmade items rather than the cookie cutter ones out in the market.


Cute Stitch markers!!!


I love all things cute! Her creations are adorable. Would make knitting even more fun than it already is.

Russell Boyd

Love the stitch markers. I need them for my manly knitting projects.

Sheri Morphis

I lived in Hackettstown, NJ...home of M&M Mars and I would LOVE these stitch markers!!! I can see them dangling on my needles as I knit my socks!! They would make me smile!


I have a set of stitch markers that look kinda like candy beads, and they are so nice... but i've lost a few and I need to get some more to replace them. these are so neato and whimsical, they would be a great choice! I'm also going to look at the next fiber festivals I go to for ones that really make me sing :)


I'm a repeat buyer of Cheryl's etsy site. She's even made a few special orders for me that came out wonderful. She is a talented artist and puts lots of love into her items.


The M & M's are adorable!

Jean Zeller

Whimsical M&Ms for knitting sound like just the ticket to liven up my knitting :)
Plus no calories!!


The M&M stitch markers would be so perfect for my mother. If I were willing to part with them. I like a variety in stitch markers, because they can call out especially notable spots, like Halfway! or Last repeat!

Juel Hess

What a way to get my husband interested in my knitting!

Pat Kreiling

Great site and good place to get started on NEXT YEAR'S holiday shopping!


I'll just say it outright...I want'em! Sooo cute.

Dee Vincent

Oh, instead of knitting, I crochet, and these accessories would be quite welcome!


I'm guilty of skimping on the accessories, too. I have used knotted loops of yarn forever, and would love to have a cute set of m&m's to jump start my collection of indulgent accessories. :)

Shirley Paterson

I love these stitch markers-- She is very talented. I hope I am one of the lucky ones chosen. This is an excellent site. Shirley

Michelle Kotkowski

Love them...and the fact that they're handmade is even more impressive!


Like you I started using the plain plastic markers and sometimes paperclips. Now I have one set of pretty markers that was a gift. It makes my knitting even more fun. With multiple projects going on at one time, some more markers would be nice to have.

Sheri Hernandez

Definitely cute! What a wonderful gift idea for a fellow crocheter/knitter! I too started out with the strips of yarn and moved up to the plain plastic markers. A great addition to my "works of art"!

Kay Conway

Which M&M has the pretzel inside?? I love them!

nancy eley

Oh my goodness, now why didn't I think of these??? I have love/collected M & M 'men' for years!!! How adorable would they be as buttons or embellishments on ANY item. I can even see them dangling on a cute winter hat!!! I would have to use them for more than markers!!!


How fun and much better for my hips! M&M's have always made me smile!

T Louise Turner

I am a stitch marker addict and I truly love these stitch markers because they are so different. Looks like I have to make another Etsy run.

Brenda Scannell

Thanks for giving me another great site to buy knitting accessories. They can make or break your knitting.


I am a novice knitter although I am a relatively good crochet-er. I too have used contrasting yarn as markers, but these would definitely be much more fun!


I love stitch markers and these are cute. I especially like the sheep and the Moose Ornament.

Deborah Estes

These are so cute! And I love the fact that they're handmade.

Marnie Reinstein

What a lovely giveaway! Like you, I often feel guilty buying accessories like these for myself, so...I buy them as gifts for others instead. These markers and pins would make great gifts for any number of my knitting friends. Thanks for showing them.


Just checked out her stuff. Absolutely love it, especially the hummingbird shawl pin! OMG! It's so pretty.


wow...way cute!! how creative!! i am a beginner knitter and have not invested in REAL stitch markers yet (mainly for budget-ary reasons) so i've been using little pieces of yarn tied in a loop...and they've actually been kind of annoying to work with as they're so flimsy and fall off often...hopefully one day i will be able to invest in sturdy stitch markers (or super cute ones like these!!!!)


These are so cute. Will have to check out her site when i need a gift for a knitting friend. Maybe even for me too.

Cindy Iorlano

How clever!! So much cuter than my little ponytail holders I've been using for stitchmarkers.

Harriet A Sharan

"They are real" Just love the commercials. Not only would I use them with my knitting, I would hang them from my pocketbook. Too cute.


These are so cute. Love the M&M commercial where the candies throw the dishes out of the cupboard while the man is standing there saying "Get in the bowl". After a second the M&Ms say, "You get in the bowl". With these no one has to get in the bowl, they can ride up and down the knit item. Love it!

Bobbie Autorino

Hi Christine,

These are so cute, I'd be tickled pink to win the crochet item...since I don't knit too much, the crochet markers & things appeal to me a lot more...CeCreations has a ton of cool things to look at....There's a few things I would order from her site....especially since they are inexpensive to begin with.

Bobbie Lynn Autorino

Diana Follett

I love the M & Ms they are so cute. That is what we call my grandson and cousin because they we born at the same time and their names begin with M's. I really love the shawl stick, that is the most adorable addition. I love the colors.



Hannah  M Thomas

Really cute! What a fun way to keep track of where you are in your pattern. My kids would love these!

Tracie Nixon

So adorable,if I don't win I will have to buy some!

Carol Branham

I can relate to using scrap yarn for markers, I do it too. I was thinking about getting some "real" stitch markers. Thanks for giving me a place to look for some really cute ones! I would love to win wither giveaway.

Jennifer Jamieson

These are really cute. I hand knit (for 30+ years - like you I started VERY young) and machine knit and would be able to make great use of these stitch holders...I will check out her site. Also, I love the needles...sometimes when you are making your 50th pair of slippers you just need a little something to make you smile! :-)

Maryann taylor

Toooo cute!

Judy Catalano

what great stuff. Two of my favorites chocolate and knitting


These accessories are fabulous! Best wishes with your Etsy endeavors!

Ann Devine

Shazam, but these M&M stitch markers are cute! I like the shawl stick too. I use tiny rubber bands bought in a pack ($.89 for 100) at the WalMart, or I use stitch markers my DD has made for me. I'll have to check out Cheryl's shawl pins & sticks; I could sure use some.

Jackie Watson

Very cute and would love to have them for my crochet crafting!


Maybe the M&M stitch markers would keep my hands out of the M&M bag??? Well, it was a thought!

Jackie Myers

I have been stuck with the boring plastic stitch markers for the past four years. That is when I started knitting. They are all lovely and would be admired by whomever wins them.


So adorable! If I had nice stitch markers like that I think I wouldn't lose them :)


She has some really adorable items. I love the girlfriend knitting needles!


I love stitch markers and even my 3 yo and 5 yo help me pick out stitch markers for projects (of course, they insist I knit EVERYTHING for them!). After checking out the shop, gotta say I love the pierced nose stitch markers!


How cute! what a fun way to enhance my creations!


The M&M stitch markers are just too sweet! ;o) I love it when the cuteness factor is at its maximum especially for knitting accessories. Awesome.


OMG, I LOVE these! Oh dear, I can feel a debit card bashing coming up! :-)


Such cute items! Anyone would be lucky to add them to their knitting supplies!


want want want! I love stitch markers especially food ones!

Denise Royal

love the M & M markers. love all her stuff.

Sandy Slinger

Oh my goodness, I found SO MANY that would be adorable to have. And to win a set would be a wonderful bonus.

Thank you


Love them! I have just recently starting using whimsical stitch markers over the traditional rings and love the way they look.


Two indulgences at once - M&Ms and knitting :) Too much fun.

Margo Lynn

I learned using loops of yarn for stitch markers, and didn't see the need to move to rings. But the decorative ones people have been making in the last few years are great - like jewelry for your knitting!


Her stuff is adorable! I really like the stitch markers and knitting needles especially. I have never used a shawl pin...that would be interesting.

Linda Garland

These markers are so cute. They would be great with crocheting, which I do and with knitting, I am going to start a beginner's class in a few days.

Rachel Setsuda

Those are incredibly cute. I especially like the heart shawl stick that would be cute to wear for holidays especially valentines day. The knitting needles are gorgeous they would make great gifts. These are really great.


Knitting is fun! Well, most of the time. As long as I stay out of the frog pond. :-( What better way to celebrate a great pastime than to add a little whimsy to your project! I'm afraid I could spend way too much money at her etsy shop.

Connie Fish

Too, too cute!! I WANT these! If I don't win them, I'll have to buy some!! Probably will buy some other ones anyway! Please, please pick ME!


Yummy M&M's! I agree, decorative stitch markers would make knitting a little more fun!

Cindy W.

Really cute items. I like them all.


Those little M&M guys are so cute, I can't stand it! What great gifts for a knitter too. Thanks for the heads up, review and the contest!


way too cute I love the M&M guys.

Linda Clark

M&M's oh yummy.....rather than devouring them I can admire them on my knitting...What an awesome discovery and to add colour to your project makes knitting so much more enjoyable especially seeing these all lined up on the needles.


Just love these little markers!! Makes me hungry just looking at them!!


Chocolate always goes with knitting, right?! Etsy's M&M's are really cute & creative. ;-}

Kathy Williams

Adorable stitch markers! Of course I would have to keep them away from the grandson or he might try to eat them! Thank you for the chance to win a set. And I am going to check out all of Cheryl's other notions. So creative!


adorable! I treated myself to a set of cute little lemon stitch markers... a couple of years ago... lol. I love M&Ms especially the minis.

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