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February 28, 2011



This is absolutely beautiful, I can't wait until you write it up!


WOW! I am in love with this cardigan. I want it yesterday - lol! Thank you for such a gorgeous pattern!

Donna Anderson

Ditto the comment by my namesake Donna posted above. I couldn't agree with you more. Sweaterbabe patterns continue to amaze.


This is gorgeous! I cannot wait for the email that you have posted the pattern. GorgeousGorgeousGeorgeous!!!

Ann-Marie Guinnane

this is gorgeous... Can't wait for the pattern

Yolanda Contreras

I be waiting to see this pattern. THIS IS JUST BEAUTIFUL.

Shannon O.

Cannot wait for this pattern...

Joan S.

I really love this sweater and cowl--please hurry with the pattern! Gorgeous!


This set is absolutely stunning. I can't wait to see the pattern.

Sonona M. Bazemore

Wow, how beautiful!! I cannot wait to knit this twin set. Please hurry!!


Working hard now to finish my current projects so I can start knitting this as soon as the pattern is available. Just Lovely!!


I am surronded by beautiful patterns everyday and so it really takes alot to get me excited.....that being said I CAN NOT WAIT for this pattern!!! It will be on my needles the day it arrives in my inbox.

Anna Harvey

Love the set! I originally thought it was all one piece. But two is definitely better than one. Look forward to the pattern once it's done.

Judy Dempsey

Wow..what a clever idea...a twist on the basic twin set....I love how you knit with knit picks yarns...makes each projected affordable....great job!


How can I find out when this pattern will be up?!? I can't wait! This is your best design yet, and that's saying a lot!

Margo Penn-Taylor

Excellent idea on the twin set. I love it - can't wait for this one. You are so wicked with a pair of sticks/circs. AWESOME.

Joanne Purich

Every new pattern you create is my next new favorite! I can't wait to knit this sweater - this design is exactly the combination of style elements and the yarn texture/weight I've been looking for. Thank you so much for all your hard work and knitting-talenty goodness!

Dr Sheila Wilyman

I have only just found your web page and knitting patterns and the patterns are so absolutely beautiful that I cannot imagine ever knitting any but yours in the future.

What a magical collection you offer so feminine and graceful and so unique you are supremely talented I look forward to knitting your designs from now on

Sheila (83)


Woo... I can't wait for this pattern! It looks so elegant! Better buy yarns now, so I can start as soon as pattern comes out. Waiting, waiting....


Just beautiful, can't wait for it to come out.


Can you let us know when you will have this pattern available? Please!!!


This pattern is stunning, as are most of your garments. I'm working on blankets for Project Linus right now, but once they're completed, I'm going to treat myself to a sweater from your collection. Every one is a beauty!


Georgeous, looks like carved wood. can't wait to try it!


Beautiful, lovely work!...Can't wait for the pattern....I'm starting one for my daughter!


Absolutely gorgeous, cant wait for the pattern

Teri Robinson

Love this pattern! It's stunning. Can't wait to purchase and cast on!

Jordan Shoes

All good things come to an end.

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