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June 21, 2012


Debbie H

How about Midnight Dreams Lace tunic

Carolyn S.

When I saw the photo, I thought, Oh Babe! So that's what I think you should call it, Oh Babe!

Sheridan Obrien

I'd like to suggest "angel flight". The yarn is so etherial and the detail reminds me of angel wings. Very lovely in fact heavenly!!!


When I looked at the back I think " Branching Out"


Feather and Lace


Madame Butterfly

Lily Spaeth

Lacey Dream is what I would like to suggest as it is so beautiful and dreamy!!!

Julie Transou

I like Whispering Vines...


I like "Ivied Walls Cardigan." It reminds me of something collegiate yet natural.

Colleen Hansen

Whispering branches. I hear a very light breeze echoing through the intricate webbing.

Dorothy Hunter-Talbot

Leaf Symphony Lace Tunic


Family Tree would be the name I would give this sweater


How about Lilac Water Fall. The back looks like a water fall to me.


i like fantasy vines


" Starry Night" , beautiful, made me think of the night


I like Amethyst Symphony Tunic, that you would wear to listen to beautiful music.


The lace panels look like bird's footsteps in snow to me. Lovely cardigan/tunic. I would like to suggest "Bird's Footsteps".


two words came to mind when I looked at this:


Papillon! My first thought when I saw the picture.

Mary Enck

Reminds me of fine wine and the color suggests a grape growing on the vines in the sun. I like the name Vineyard.

Margaret Northime

My first thought was of falling leaves.


The moment I saw this beautiful garment, one word popped into my head: Wisteria. The colour, the twining "branches", the enchanting beauty of this garment are evocative of the flowering vines of the wisteria plant.

Debbie Ragsdale

After looking at the design down the back I thought of "summer vines" for the name of the sweater with the short sleeves and airy-openness of the knitting. It is a beautiful sweater.


My first thought was: Purple Rain

Linda McKay

I'd name it "Twining Leaves Temptation!"

Louise Shaw

When I saw it - What I thought was call it "Sheer Beauty"... It it truly exquisite !!


Elegant beaded lace

Lynne blackman

Midnight passion - as it is a sexy design and would look gorgeous worn on a date or for a wedding as a bride or guest.

Pam Smolek

Vineyard Lace Over-Tunic




Made me think of "Dragon Tattoo"

Ellen Pitegoff

Softly cascading leaves


How about Moonlight Sonata?


Precios - means precious

cathy davidson

I thought of purple spike tunic


I live in Hawai'i and the pattern so distinctively looks like the HELECONIA ginger.... It's an orange flower with yellow "trim" and it drapes .....Look it up (google) and see if you agree.


"Pearlicious Lace" - it looks delicious and airy, and such a pretty design.


Sea Magic Waves Tunic - this is cool!


Ok - I really love Susan's idea of Wisteria. Very pretty.

My suggestion is "Vivaldi at midnight." This alludes to both the yarn brand and color. Vivaldi wrote the Four Seasons symphonies - this cardigan reminds me of "Spring." Love this pattern!

Candy Widmer

Lovely In Lace

Wendy Blakely

Would name it Moonflower Lace

Donna Anderson

The double lace design reminded me of the title of a John Lennon album - Double Fantasy. Donna Anderson

Arlene Conway

It looks like a night at the opera. Oh so beautiful


Dragon Flash

Sidney Wendt

Cascading Plumeria Tunic


Shimmering Vines - it describes the yarn and the lace pattern

Gloria Morley

Summer Breeze

Eadie R

I suggest "Angel Wings" or "Blue Ivy" ...

BLou Farrell

The name that came to my mind when I saw this was: Waterfall of Leaves.


It is lovely and should be named Cascading Waterfalls of Diamonds Cardigan.

Carol Ludovise

Light as a feather

Virginia Alabbasi

Lacy Lily of the Valley waves


Susanne K Watson

Gossamer Embrace

Sarah Dorendorf

I would call it "Coral Bubbles" because the lace looks so much like foamy coral.


At the risk of encouraging you to be self serving, I would call it the "Lady Katherine" Lace Cardigan. It's very feminine and on seeing it one cannot help but to be drawn to the lady wearing it!

Linda MacDonald

It reminds me of a "Waterfall".

Peg Homan

Pure unadulterated OH WOW!!

So Id call it the OH WOW sweater

Julia Mason

I would call it Flames of Flight. It looks like it would fly off if the winds blow.

Stacey C

Wandering Glistening Vine

Account Deleted

i would call it lilac blossoms. its very beautiful.

Phyllis Neiman

Splendor Leaf Float

Jean LaCroix


Esther Sprinkle

Ethereal Fairy Tunic

ethereal means not earthly but heavenly, celestial; airy, delicate, and very light


I love how you referred to it in your post..."Divine Beaded Lace Cardigan"...it certainly is divine :)

Suzy griffin

"Purple Mountains Majesty" It's lovely!

Lori McFarland

Sheer Lacey Delight

Debbie Fehl


Pauletta M Chanco

I would call it Sultry Beaded Top-Down Lace Cardigan

Val Taylor

Midnight aurora

MarieAnge Brouillard

Beaded Lady Slipper Tunic Vest is what comes to mind when I look at the lace pattern. :)

Robin Ludwig

I love this pattern,and the color is perfect. How about "Lacey Luxury". That is exactly what it looks like. Robin

Carol Wray

"Coraluscious" would be a fabulous name!!!

Leslie Ross

Quiet Waves on the Seine Under the Stars

Rebecca Kirk

Starlight symphony


It's beautiful! How about Purple Diva?



Cheryl R. Cheong

The colour and the irridescent beads remind me of my home country in South America on a beautiful moonlit night with one can look up and see the sky sprinkled with twinkling stars dancing in the sky, oh so beautiful.

So I would name it:

(1) Twilight of stars of the sky
or (2) Dancing stars of the evening.


Made me think of a dragon's flowing scales. How about Dragon Flow?


Luminous Willow

Donna Anderson

How about 'Falling Waters'? My first thought was that it looked like a gentle waterfall.

Gayle Proffitt

Purple Haze was the first thought that popped into my head.

Patricia Jacobs

Garden Trellis

Linda Paulson-Lee

Wow this is a pretty sweater!!! I love the flowingness of the front and the whole hem line.
I would love to call this sweater "" Ellenor "" it is beautiful as she was and she loved trailing vine plants and the back reminds me of the plants she had on the patio.
Thanks you for condering this suggestion.

Meredith Williams

Long Lacerback Short Sleeve Sparkle Cardigan

Linda Moore

Trailing whispers of elegance tunic

Joyce Carey

Lacy Illusions


What a beautiful cardigan. I like it's simple beauty and "airy-ness". A long name would make it seem heavy. Why not name it: Heiress, for it's simple beauty?


Sparktacular Plum Elegance

Renee Sutton

Femme fatale - this is such a feminine and sexy sweater.

Alicia Matheson

Mid-summer nights vine

Pam Gillies

Reminds me of the stylised cave paintings of horses so how about mystic horses


Evening Shadows.

Danielle Brown

I thought it looked like water cascading over the falls so my name would be Cascading Waterfalls

Carol Zettlemoyer

How about Midnight Mystery Lacy Sparkle Cardigan?


My first thought was also falling leaves, but then I didnt' think the shapes matched that well enough. So - my vote is for Falling Water as a name for the vest.


Mermaid's Dance

Evelyn Van Orden

Dragonfly Wings Tunic or Dragonfly Tunic or Nouveau Dragonfly Tunic or Dragon Tunic. Your lace reminds me of overlapping irridescent, opalescent, translucent, multi-hued dragonfly wings, or serrated fins on a dragon's back. Nouveau is short for Art Nouveau. Dragonflies were very popular design elements during that era.

Andrea Noble

Trellis Lace Summer Cardigan

Denise Ralston

Trailing Mountains Lace Cover-up

Lara H

When I see this design, I think of hanging vines on a trellis; How about "Lacy Trellis Cardigan"

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