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November 30, 2012




Lisa Mills

I think these are fantastic and so clever!

Robin D

Great use to recycle old needles

Linda Rumsey

I love this range! Quirky and fun, but stylish too!

Deb Chaffin

This is amazing! I want to make some! Love it!

Barbara Beliveau

You've reminded me about why I like these pieces so much: I may have to buy something if I don't win!




A clever idea. They are fun v

Christine Vawter

Super cute and creative!

Nona Hutchins

I love the jewelry & the fact it is recycled but don't know if I can give my needles I saved for as a teen! So pretty. I will be definitely checking out the website. Thank you for sharing.

Jill Cork

So very exciting to see this creativity...thanks for sharing!


I love them!


If it were not for the stiff cords on those pretty Boye needles, I would still be using them myself. Love the colors. Love them even more in jewelry!


Quirky and fun, but stylish too! plus it recycled! love!

happycrafter207 on ravelry


Such fun jewelry! I'm heading to her shop now!

Susan Barnes

What a wonderful idea. I love this use of old needles. Would love the earrings--and I don't wear dangly ones!!

P. Wanner

Have been wearing her awesome watch for almost a year now - everyone LOVES it! Wonderful & green idea, from a clever lady.

Diana Baber

What a great idea!

Karen Hager

I love it when someone thinks about recycling and reusing things from the past to make something beautiful for the present. I too have many old needles from my beginner days. I'm definitely going to check out her jewelry too.


Putting These on my Christmas wish list!

Phyllis Abell

What a creative idea. All I want for Christmas is Sassafras.

Margo Lynn

These are so cool! I have seen bracelets made from curved needles, but these are much more sophisticated and could work for non-fiberists too.

Helen Lord

How clever! I'm always amazed at the wonderful things people create. These are quite unique and very appropriate for all needle-loving folk. Even folks who don't knit and crochet would love them. Makes me think, too, of those similarly colored aluminum tumblers we used to see...

Suze B

Love the Christmas tree earrings. I've done the silver-smithing course at my local Uni, and the use of the needle tips as a base is brilliant!

Renee Lepley

Absolutely stunning. What a wonderful crafter.

Roxie Day

How wonderful of you to showcase Nancy's creativity. These are just perfect for all our devoted needle brains.

Flo L

LOVE this jewelry line! Recycling and beauty in one. Would love to win.

Della Bee

This is really cool looking jewelry. What a fun idea!

Account Deleted

very beautiful jewlery. i would be happy to have a pair of these earings to wear while i knit.

Birgitta Virtanen

Fun and different, I love them!


Fun and simple! And embracing knitting AND recycling! LOVE!

Stephanie Haynes

Love the jewelry

Cindy Krautheim

I love the simplicity of her designs. Just what someone who minimizes likes. and recyled, too. Fantastic

Carol Beatty

I just love these. I often find old needles in second hand stores that are to bent to use and this would be a great way to recycle them. I work with preschoolers and they would have fun seeing those earrings in my ears as they love shiny jingly things!


So cute and cleaver! I love creations that reuse old items.

Pam Chamberlain

These are beautiful!

Joyce Dostman

I love how simple the designs are.....who would know they were knitting needles.

Lisa Leavitt

So clever and unique!

Carole Weaver

So creative and cute! What a great idea to recycle old needles.


Beautiful! I love the Christmas Tree earings - and I would wear them year round!


I love it when someone finds a unique way to repurpose everyday items. This jewelry is perfect for both knitters ans non-knitters! Great idea :-)

Aimee Kaufman

What a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These would make wonderful presents for anyone on your list.

Rosemary Anderson

These are some of the most creative use of recycling that I've run across. Just excellent!

Kay Larsson

Very clever! I love it when someone has such a great imagination to create wearable art!


These are THE perfect gift for all fiber crafters!!! I have so many of those exact needles in my collection. If I ever give them up, sentimental reasons: They were my Mom's from many, many years ago, this would be a great way to have them reused. Thanks for sharing.


I love Nancy's jewelry! She just keeps coming up with new and creative designs! Thank you for the opportunity to own a piece.

Catherine Lemanski

Love the idea of reusing old hooks and making something quite beautiful out of them. What a clever idea.


I can't get enough of knitting, these earrings and the whole line would be great gifts for knitters! Thanks

Cynthia Wilkinson

Very creative! What a neat conversation piece...would love to.hqve some of these!

Jackie Watson

How genuis is this?!


I love these. Trying to think of all my knitting friends or friends cool enough to love them as much as I do. Definitely gifting these for Christmas! Thanks.


Lovely designs!

Robin Ludwig

What a cool idea to reuse things that I already love! I love wearing things to express my love of knitting. The earrings and a bracelet would be super because jewelry is my other love. Putting the two together is awesome. I will definately check out her other stuff.

Penny Chace

Nice, love the colors!

Sandra Bennetch

What a great gift for knitters!

Pam Lehmann

Wow! what a great idea! Luv, luv, uv them!

LuAnn Sparkman

How adorable and a being a knitter they are a have to have item.


What fun pieces of jewelry! Love the bright bits of color.


These will go perfect with the Lace Top Down Cardigan I just bought!

Amy Reinke

What a great idea for jewelry. It's all really pretty.

Joan Seely

I love this jewelry!. Very clever!

Sue Wilcox-Hall

Great idea to use those old needles that we can't bear to throw out. Pretty and fun jewelry.

Andrea Krew

This jewelry is a fantastic combination of two of my favorite things--jewelry and knitting. I love that the jewelry uses recycled elements. Definitely going to check out the website.


I love her jewelry! I already have one of her necklaces and would love to have matching earrings. So clever!


So clever and gorgeous!


That is so creative & pretty.

Doris Noblet

Very clever idea! And pretty, too!


Lovely and creative

Lorene Frischknecht

I really like the jewelry shown here, It's very different and unique! Just up my alley! Please enter me in the giveaway, please! :-)

Rebecca Boardman

Beautiful...awesome jewelry.
What a clever idea.

Tammie Williams

How clever is that? Awesome.

Miriam Giles

I love the beautiful jewelry. What a creative way to upcycle.

Alicia Matheson

What a pretty way to use old or pretty colored needles from garage sales etc!

Amy Fraleigh

Darling collection! Lucky winner, whomever she/he may be (I hope me)!

Gerry Lofthus

I came across this jewelry while visiting my son's family in Cary, North Carolina and bought several pair of earrings to give as gifts to my knitting friends. Alas, I never saved a pair for myself! I think they are so clever and colorful.

Linda Pierce

What a fun and unique way to use needles no longer wanted! I have a bunch here if she needs more! LOL I even have a huge one from the 70's when mom made me window pane vests!

Janice S

So COOL! I don't wear jewelry much but I would definitly wear these!



Sherry Anderson

I love this! I actually have one of her necklaces and get compliments on it every time I wear it,


Very creative and unique idea!


I've always been attracted to these. Hope I win!


Oh to have the talents of you both - create something for the rest of us to follow!!! Wish I thought of that and I wouldn't have gotten rid of my old stuff!!! Thank you for the info!

Becky Richardson


Donnell Sutherland

Oh my goodness, these are terrific. Thanks!

Janie Holley

I've been lucky in being able to see her awesome pieces in person at Stitches South and acquired a bangle bracelet at our recent knitting guild annual auction. I love the Christmas tree earrings! I just MIGHT have to splurge on those for me!


What a cool idea!

O. Lundeen

Totally tubular!


I love the idea and the beautiful creations! I'm off to see the rest of her collection.


I love the colorsand the styles are wonderful. The cuff braclet is great.

amber kane

I saw these on her site a few days ago when just goofing off. If it was not for Christmas coming, I would have snatched me up some...will have to wait till after Christmas. Love them...


How creative and cute! I guess there is no limit for what one can come up with.


Stunningly beautiful - very unique, love them!!


First saw these at Stitches West a year or so ago and loved them. So creative!!

Lene Andersen

Absolutely a 'must have' for every knitter. Greetings from Denmark.


I'm so adding these to my Christmas list.

Gina L

I'm constantly amazed at the creativity of some people. This jewelry is beautiful and clever, and green. Maybe a brilliant idea will occur to me one day.. One lives in hope.

Carol M

I have ordered some of these great creations in the past, and they are so well received by knitting friends!

Fawn keen

I love these. Just went on line to order bracelet and she is already sold out.


What a great idea! Cheap--err inexpensive and Fun!

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