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  • knitting pattern for Abbot Kinney Shawl:
    Abbot Kinney Shawl
  • knitting pattern for Tabitha Cocoon Cardigan:
    Tabitha Cocoon Cardigan
  • knitting pattern for Diamonds and Lace Top-Down Cardigan:
    Diamonds and Lace Top-Down Cardigan
  • knitting pattern for Travelling Cables Blanket:
    Travelling Cables Blanket
  • knitting pattern for Kinsley Chunky Scarf:
    Kinsley Chunky Scarf
  • knitting pattern for Open Hearts Shawlette:
    Open Hearts Shawlette
  • knitting pattern for Noe Valley Sweater:
    Noe Valley Sweater
  • knitting pattern for Stolen Hearts Poncho:
    Stolen Hearts Poncho
  • knitting pattern for Posh One-Ball Cowl:
    Posh One-Ball Cowl
  • knitting pattern for Sapphire Lace Shawl:
    Sapphire Lace Shawl
  • knitting pattern for Chunky One-Ball Hat:
    Chunky One-Ball Hat
  • knitting patterns for SweaterBabe.com's The Gossamer Lace Collection:
    SweaterBabe.com's The Gossamer Lace Collectione
  • knitting pattern for Annabelle Striped Stole:
    Annabelle Striped Stole
  • knitting pattern for Rose Cabled Circular Scarf:
    Rose Cabled Circular Scarf
  • knitting pattern for Simpatico Alpaca Stole/Scarf:
    Simpatico Alpaca Stole/Scarf
  • knitting pattern for Tumbling Leaves Cardigan:
    Tumbling Leaves Cardigan
  • knitting pattern for Snowdrops and Curved Leaf Lace Scarf:
    Snowdrops and Curved Leaf Lace Scarf
  • knitting pattern for Extra Spicy Mustard Cardigan:
    knitting pattern for extra spicy mustard cardigan
  • knitting pattern for Cloudy Skies Diaphanous Scarf:
    knitting pattern for cloudy skies diaphanous scarf
  • knitting pattern for Calida Luxe Cocoon Cardigan:
    knitting pattern for calida luxe cocoon cardigan
  • knitting pattern for Judith Shawl Vest:
    knitting pattern for judith shawl vest
  • knitting pattern for Ultimate Chunky Cabled Sweater:
    knitting pattern for ultimate chunky cabled sweater
  • knitting pattern for Best-Selling Blanket Trio eBook:
    knitting pattern for best-selling blanket trio eBook
  • knitting pattern for Simply SweaterBabe Top-Down Cardigan:
    knitting pattern for simply sweaterbabe top-down cardigan
  • knitting pattern for Night and Day Eternity Scarf:
    knitting pattern for night and day eternity scarf
  • knitting pattern for chunky pinwheel cowl:
    knitting pattern for chunky pinwheel cowl
  • knitting pattern for ultimate chunky cables and ribs scarf:
    knitting pattern for ultimate chunky cables and ribs scarf
  • knitting pattern for gossamer one-ball lace scarf:
    knitting pattern for gossamer one-ball lace scarf
  • knitting pattern for divine pull-through scarflette:
    knitting pattern for divine pull-through scarflette

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January 08, 2013


G. Ramsay

I would like to win the prize. I knit all the time sometimes in the summer.


Here's my board. That was a fun way to become more aware of the patterns available!


Jenna Lanphear

I've made so many of your patterns and they all turn out beautifully! Very well written and interesting to knit!


Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

Amy Fraleigh

There are so many more than six, but I have to go to work. Booo for work!

Danielle B

I already had some of your patterns pinned ~smile~ but found a few more!

Karen Glover

So many gorgeous patterns! I could never pick just 6! =)


Jodie Champoux

http://pinterest.com/jodiechamp/sweaterbabe-com/ I love your patterns, they challenge me but they are sooo awesome!

Tara Becker

These are some of the great designs I would like to knit for myself

Christiane Johnson


What a beautiful way to start the year. I would love to make at least one. Well that is my New Year Resolutions.....



Thank you!...Now want to knit:)

Barb B

I'm excited. I love your designs and have already made a few.

Gloria Patterson

I hope I win this, because you have some of the cutest patterns! I already have a few of them, but, there is plenty more to choose from! Thank you!


heather born

awesome, clear, well-written patterns



it looks like Pinterest chops off the ".com" from the hash tag #SweaterBabe.com though

Bernadette Ontong


I have just started pinning to my Sweater.com Board



It was difficult not to pin everything :)
Lots of beautiful designs.
See my board at: http://pinterest.com/bearyann/sweaterbabe-com/


Thanks for this terrific opportunity. I love your designs and have soooo many I would like to knit, I will be busy for years. Thanks for keeping me knitting. :)



I love your patterns! I have already knitted 2 sweaters and I have plans to knit many more. Everything is written very clearly and the designs are very flattering and interesting. Here's my pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/angelacaura/favorite-sweaterbabe-com-patterns/

Elaine Carney

Love your patterns. Would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity. http://pinterest.com/carneyes/sweaterbabe-com/

Michelle Gist

Let's see if this works! I love your patterns! You don't have the Covetable Cape(?) pattern on Pinterest! One of my faves; I've gotten LOTS of requests for copies! ;-P


Thanks for making this possible.... I have a weakness for beautiful patterns like yours.

Lorraine Patskanick

I love your patterns and would love to win. I have more patterns I want to make than time left in my lifetime to make them, but I'm sure going to go down trying to get most of them done.

Debbie Blundell

I'd love to win a prize. You have some great patterns on your site.

Kathy Goldenbogen

So many beautiful patterns and so little time to knit.
Count me in.


I love your designs & am pleased to share them with others! Keep on designing!!!

Linda D. (epic1313)
Barbara Ankeney

I've just retired a week ago...I hope I can win...what a great way to start my new journey!! http://pinterest.com/bankeney/sweaterbabe-com/

Marilou Lajoie


(Since it's in french, I couldn't tag it under the ''DIY and Crafts'' category, but I tagged it under the ''Bricolage et Loisirs Créatifs'' which is the same)

Kathleen Pack

Hope to win this one. Love your designs.

Deborah Ryder

Love the designs I find on your website. Hoping I win!

Debi Canterbury

http://pinterest.com/ this is all it says on the line ??? do not know how to get to the one that is mine.. just put in my name ??? Debi Canterbury.. ty I love your patterns and being on disability can not buy them... :0)


I seemed to have trouble with the SweaterBabe.com hash tag, it didn't seem to like the ".com" part. I, however, had loads of fun looking over all the great patterns offered. Thanks for this!

Debbie H

What a fun contest! I've created my board at:

Catherine Trouth


It will help me remember all the patterns I love that I don't have yet!


Your site rocks-thanks for keeping me busy! Knitter for life <3


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