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March 11, 2013


Shelly D.

These are so sweet! Nice work. :-)


These are beautiful and would love ti win one

Mosaic Magpie

Not only beautiful but, no more chasing my yarn around the room...down the hall...away from the dog...

Donna frederick

Simply gorgeous, the workmanship is right on. I sure hope I am the lucky one. Tanks for doing this.

Barbara Brundige

I love these, especially the smaller one. I always chasing my yarn ball.


these are beautiful, simply lovely to match a homespun yarn..

Angelina Glass

oh my goodness, love her work!!!
my favorite one in her etsy shop is the turtle one. it's so adorable!!!
thanks for the giveaway, it's wonderful!!

Rusty Boyd

I love yarn bowls. These are very pretty.

Brigit Kok

Really love these yarn bowls!! I think they are very, very useful (-:


Beautiful. I have never used a yarn bowl, but would love to try one.


I love the look of yarn bowls! Ms. Pig is beautiful, but I love the copper color of the "Small Copper Yarn Bowl". Would love to have it!

julia rees

Just beeoootiful! I love anything made from pottery.


I love the copper yarn bowl!!!

Lori C.

So pretty and so functional. I would love to have one, but my cats would be quite disappointed if the yarn was no longer rolling around for their entertainment.

Karen Rumbaugh

Very pretty! and a neat idea! Would love to win one.

Evelyn Van Orden

I have a lavender stoneware yarn bowl that my friend Judy gave me for my birthday last year. It's beautiful enough to display in my home even when I'm not using it for knitting. And it protects my yarn from Emmy, my Cairn Terrier puppy. Since I have yarn almost everywhere in my home (and car), I'd love to have a bowl in every room. Here's hoping I win this lovely copper-colored one!


Beautiful work. Having one would allow me to leave my yarn out on a table and not annoy the husband. Fingers crossed.

Alicia Kordish

I love these yarn bowls, and would love to win one!!! They are all so pretty!!

Karin W

These are adorable! I like this piggie but looking over the shop, I think I like Freckles better! I've been looking at purchasing a yarn bowl and the copper one is beautiful!

Cyndy Norton

Love the yarn bowls!! I have lots of yarn baskets but no yarn bowls.

Laurel S

I love the bowls - especially the copper red one! I have never used a yarn bowl and would love to try one out. It would keep the yarn safe from the kitties!

Cynthia Sliker

I have had a yarn bowl on my wish list for a couple years now...no one has listened!!! These are beautiful bowls, and I'm sure much easier to
use than the basket I have been using. Fingers crossed!

Carol M Krencik

These are both beautiful and practical.What a great idea.

Debbie Mehlfelder

These bowls are beautiful and so creative! They defintely art!

Stacey B.

I Love this bowl. It is so cute!


I collect pigs! This is so cute and so practical! Love it! :o)


These yarn bowls are so sweet!

Jennifer Stover

Whimsical designs that are fun and functional!

Deanna F.

These are beautiful!

Cornelia Spoor

I LOVE the pig! so many great designs on the website too, I also love the dragonfly pieces!

Marsha R Faulk

What a great idea! Would love to own one!!!!

Michelle Curry

Adorable AND functional!

Knittingdancer on Ravelry

These yarn bowls looks like excellant craftmanship to me. I would love to win the litte red copper yarn bowl.
Thank you for the chance to win one.

Janie Holley

I have several yarn bowls and love them all. Adding another would just make for happier knitting!


The bowls are truly works of art!

Amber N

Love! I went to her site and really like her stuff! The white owl one is amazing!


The pig bowl is adorable. I would love to have a yarn bowl.


My two daughters have taken ceramics in high school. We enjoy pottery, and I would love the opportunity to win this for my knitting.


The yarn bowls are a lovely combination of art and function. I would really like to have one...thank you for offering the contest.


very cool idea!!!

Elaine Carney

Have always wanted a yarn bowl. They are so beautiful just as a work of art. To have it do dual duty is wonderful.

AK Zamudio

Love the yarn bowls. And the little piggy tail - too funny. Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely prize!


I've been wanting a yarn bowl for some time and love the little copper one, so simple in design yet so pretty!


Definitely go to her site--beautiful pieces, functional and lovely to look at. Would love to have any of them!

Ruth E. Seeger

I could really use this!!! Would help me not tangle all the yarns!! Thanks for showing & hope I can win
one as I am elderly & don't get out to stores that have them!!

Thanks, reseeger@sbcglobal.net


This is one of the best new ideas I've seen. Want. LOL . Could really use.

OA Lundeen

I have been using a gallon pickle jar to hold both my yarn and needles when not in use. These beautiful bowls are such an elegant solution for the need to contain those rolling, tangling yarn balls!

Debra Smith

Well aren't those just the cutest! I can always use something to hold/tame yarn. I would be proud to have this in my living room for stylish knitting!

Nina Goodwin

These are ingenious! Definitely going on my wish list!

Melissa P.

Beautiful yarn bowls! They are pretty enough to leave out on the coffee table all the time. These are very tempting!

Harriet Schipper

They are really very artistic and creative. I love all types of handmade pottery and have a small collection.


Such clever designs! I love the copper color one & have been searching for a yarn bowl recently :)

Becki Royce

What a wonderful idea. I have never seen one of these. What a pleasure and a joy it would be to have one! The creativity of folks never ceases to amaze me.

Carol G.

I really like the little one; it would be perfect to keep my yarn "grounded" instead of ending up anywhere on the rug.

F. Castillo

Beautiful! Yes, these yarn bowls are works of art.

River B

Looks like a great idea; beauty and function combined for yarn lovers.

Beth Rudo

I'd love a little yarn bowl. It would be a big improvement from the small stainless steel mixing bowl I'm currently using to keep my yarn from rolling away.


The glaze on the copper yarn bowl is magnificent-I have used pottery glazes years ago and would like to have had that one.

Shawnee the Apronista

Wow, too adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Laura McMahan

beautiful pottery could be mine!


sweet! I love these designs!


I love the little piggy tail, that is too precious.

Kathleen  Knutson

Beautiful yarn bowls, I really love the copper one!

Donna Vincent

great yarn bowls

Teckla Buller

These are beautiful and would be so handy. It's frustrating, sometimes, when a ball wants to wander. I'd rather be knitting than chasing my yarn! Thanks for this opportunity to win. I love your patterns because they are so feminine and creative!


Covet the yarn bowl.

Anne Oakes

So attractive and so well designed! A wonderful addition to the pleasure of knitting. I love useful creativity. And I feel Jeanne Ann is a very contented artist.

Helen King

I would love to win the copper yarn bowl. It would be great to contain your yarn and keep it from rolling away. They are both very beautiful.

Fran Mrowczynski

I love the ideas of the yarn bowls. Beautiful and functional...just what I could use, especially when my cats feel that they know what to do with my yarn better than I do!

Twink's Designs

These are a great idea. Sure beats the Tupperware or other storage container with a pour spout for holding yarn.

carol milender

the first time I saw these I fell in love. Especially from a pottery enthusiast. Keeping my fingers crossed...:)

Debra Butland

Love this! What a great ideal to corral a ball of yarn!


I love their pieces! Very creative!


COPPER is my favorite color!! I'm in LOVE with that little bowl. <3 I'm not sure my husband will appreciate me having another knitting accessory (lol), but it would be lovely. Thanks for this review!

 Judy  j@loveland

I love all yarn bowls! Ilike the one that are artistic.and your's certainly are.

Maureen Smith

The yarn bowls are beautiful. Would love to win one!!!

Mona Jenkins

Beautiful bowls I have never seen a yarn bowl before!!!! Would love to be the first at my knitting group to have one!

Tammy Larink

What a wonderful function for a whimsical piece of pottery. LOVE IT!!!

Karen Appleby

What an attractive way to keep your yarn at hand and secure. I love the pottery yarn bowls.


Adorable! I love the pig tail!

Patti Shaughnessy

I love how unique these yarn bowls are!!

Sara Freeman

Very nice! I've been pointing friends to her Etsy shop.

Marion Sandfort

I have used a pottery bowl made by my potter sister. I placed a partially knit project in one of her pots to help "sell them" at a craft show. It is a great way to take a small project to an event and your yarn ball never runs away. Love, love, love these two designs, especially the whimsical little pig.


I love yarn bowls and have been wanting one for a while. Beautiful!!!!


Love the yarn bowl! How cool would it be to win one?

Jean Ann Bolliger

Such a lovely review from a really cool site--Thank you!

André M.

Love this for keeping my yarn from getting away from me while working in a project :-)

Diana Conrad

I have a double yarn bowl with a wooden handle and would love to have more

Jeanne Church

I love these bowls...cool site as well!


Pinned it!
sunbonnetsusan on ravelry


I've never tried a yarn bowl; I'd love the opportunity!


This would be BRILLIANT to win!


The yarn bowls are cute! I think they would make knitting more fun. A bonus is that pigs are my son's favorite animal, so he would get a kick out of having one sitting on the table.


What a lovely bowl! And what a wonderful giveaway!


I love these yarn bowls - I've had my eye on these for a while! They're cute, but subtle; substantial, but convenient. I would love to win one! :-)


I've always wanted to try a yarn bowl - those are great!


Love the bowls!! The glaze on the small one is fab!!! And you have to love the arrow opening...or is it the devil's tail?! Hmmmmm.

Joan Pelletier

This little piggy is very useful - would love to have him come and live with me!

Stephanie Haynes

Love these. Nice work!!!!


So cute and so useful :0)

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