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June 03, 2013



I especially love the red mug, but all of those designs are charming.


I am in love with the 'dry flat' one


Adorable! I love sheep and knitting so it's a perfect match. Thanks for letting us know about KnitBaahPurl.com. Heading over there right now.

Candace Koester

That red mug is fantastic!


The mugs are SO cute!


Great gift ideas for fellow yarn lovers!

Willa M

All of these are really cute! Love the 'dry flat' one especially!

Jennifer T

This is perfect timing for me, since I have been searching for a new mug and really wanting one knitting related. Her products are adorable!


How adorable!! Very cute ideas!

Janita W.

Very cute mugs. I love sheep AND knitting!


Love the red mug, they are adorable!!!!


I love the mugs!!!!! The graphics are clean and simple but are enough for a real good giggle! =D


Such cute stuff! Love it all!

Rebecca Smith

i think all the stuff i cute and sweet


At last lots of lovely yarn inspired things in one place, I know where to go for my knitter friends birthdays! Especially love the "lay flat to dry" mug!


I love both mugs, but especially the blue one. :)


How cute are those mugs..they are so cute...Love them! Pinned it and twittered it...is twittered a word? lol..thank you


Love the mugs; and I definitely want some of the gift tags, too!


All of the items are lovely and whimsical! I see several items heading to my house!

Cindy Slomovitz

What great gift ideas for all my knitting friends. The gift tags are adorable for when you are giving a knitted gift.

Liza koenig

Love these mugs!

Rusty Boyd

Love my coffee and knitting!


Such cute items ... Love the colors and humor


Love the blue mug and the website. Perfect tags for my knitted gifts.


Very cute! Love the shape of the mugs - would go well with my coffee & knitting.


The mugs are great! Nice and big!

Susan Wilson

Love those note cards....and can imagine how much my knitting friends would love getting them.

Cathy Robillard

Wow, I love the mug and the gift cards seem like a great way to make a hand made gift that much more special. Wish me luck I would love to win.


Love the mugs!

Sharon Jones

Cannot decide which I like the best, both mugs are lovely and the note cards would make the perfect addition to a hand made gift :) Hope I am lucky enough to win.

Dennielle Padgett

Quite adorable, subtle humor! Clever!

Sue Cravotta

Glad to see MORE knitting and yarn items for sale. Great gifts for Knitters and Crocheters!

Sally Bauer

I love the mugs.


So cute!

Jennifer S

Oh my gosh, I love the cup that says "Lay flat to dry" That's so cute!!!


Absolutely love the mugs. Have to find out who carries these.

Vivette Pullum Ashen-Brenner

The cups look huge, but the sayings are cute. I could envision using a cup to keep my sock yarn from rolling across the room thus twarting playful cats. The gift tags are a very nice item.

Sandra King

I love the mugs, I'm thinking they might make some great Christmas gifts!


I love the mugs (especially the red one). What great "just because" gifts they would make!

DeEtte Kimmet

The blue mug is cute! The other items are nice as well. You never have enough mugs!!


Please enter my name inthe drawing love these sheep!

Catherine Lemanski

Love the mugs. Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you.


Love the mugs. The drawings are really cute too. Somebody has a real talent.

Eileen Wormser

I always love to see sheep in amusing situations. Always make me smile, and these are no exception! Very fun!!!!

Terrye Kinch

Oh, I have to have one, have a friend battling cancer and she would love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

Linda Moffatt

So perfectly cute, would love to have one!

Helen Gavel

Great gifts for knitters. Bookmarking this site for Christmas and birthday shopping!


My PIN is here:
The Knit Baah Purl products are amazing! I can definitely use the tags as well as the cards - and the mugs - yep, tea in those mugs would be tasty!!
(if I do win, I am at ennadoolf [at] gmail [dot] com)

Lynne Wolters

Beautiful, fanciful, whimsical. Fantastic images!


such cute sayings on the mugs! the cards are pretty too!


Those mugs are great! I'm going over to their website now . . .

Elaine Johnston

So cute!! I'd love to have nice gift tags for all those knitted gifts....

Kimberly Burnette

All of those items are fabulous! I especially love the mugs. I'm headed over to Knit Baah Purl right now to check everything out!

I pinned this post!

catherine thomas

Love the mugs and the tags , what a good gift idea . Tea mug for me . Wi
ll definitely visit the site to see all the products .


Cute stuff! I love the mugs and the artwork on the cards, etc. is fabulous!

Shera VanGoor

Such cute coffee cups! I collect them too!! :)

Beverly Elrod

Afraid my disability check won't allow me to be able to make the purchases, but I can tell you that I love the mug and love, love, love the letter cards with the SHEEPISH knitting circle. Pun intended.


Love that red mug!


I love the whimsey of the cards and tags. The mugs would look perfect with a dark roast coffee, extra cream!

Patti Bukowski

I like the gift tags--a lot of wit, in a small package.


"Lay Flat to Dry" is the BEST!!! Wonderful colors too...

Robin Ludwig

Love the mugs. Today is my birthday and they would make a nice present for me and my morning coffee. Either one would be perfection!!!!!

Nina G.

I love the mugs! Too funny!


lol I love all of these. ADORABLE!


The mugs are too cute!


These are adorable! I especially love those gift tags!


All products are very cute. I would really like the gift tags as I knit a lot for friends and family.

Lexi MacDougall

That red mug is so cute! I love it!

Marie Haines

I love the mug...especially the one that says lie flat to dry.

Shelly Easton

Love all the prizes, I shared on pintrest and facebook!

Twink's Designs

These are great products!

Michelle Maurer

Nice giveaway, thak you!

Carol Godwin

Great mugs! The generous handles should make them easy to use.


Those are adorable. What a fun product!


Love the red mug, "lay flat to dry". The sheep are all so cute!

Paula Bone

What a great way to share humor among knitters!

brook scott

I love that mug! What is on the other mug I wonder?


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!!!!!!

Susan (sjanova)

Those gift tags are marvelous!

Kathy J.

I love the red mug also, as well as the cards...love those knitting sheep! Keep up your great work!!!!


That red mug really made my day! Love all their products.


What neat things!!! I will definitely check out their website!


OMG - how cute.

Amber Gibbons Nagel

I love them! Especially the mugs!


The Lay Flat to Dry mug got my tickle bone...too cute. Thanks for the chance to win the drawing!

Linda Newcomb

I love the "Lay Flat to Dry" mug. Going to their website next. Thanks for sharing.

LaRie Sylte

The mugs are hilarious!



Joan Seely

Thanks for sharing this company with us! I'll be ordering some gifts for my knitting friends.

Christa Lemons

I love all your patterns and look forward to the newsletter...these mugs,cards and note cards are all very cool...I love the look on the sheep's faces! Fantastic!


The mugs are especially cute. Thanks for featuring them. I'll go check out their site.


I love the pictures and captions on the mugs and the note card with the sheep knitting made me smile. I would love an opportunity to win any of the prizes.


The mugs and cards are a great giveaway. I always write little notes to friends / family while drinking tea or coffee!!!


So adorable! I especially love the "dry flat" design, that is so cute!


Thanks for offering a giveaway! The prizes are all lovely.

Carol Frederick

I love the mugs. And the card designs are so cute!

Stacy Channell

What great products. I like that much of the product can be used for us crocheters as well. Thanks for the intro to a great company!


Mug is adorable! Thank you for the giveaway.

Candace Davis

Love the mugs!!!


Products are cute!

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