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July 08, 2013


Cheryl Witte

I live in Kansas and there are wheat sheave symbols all over. When I first looked at this sweater all I could think was "The KU fans would love this! It looks like Waving the Wheat." So that is exactly what I would call it, Waving the Wheat Cardigan.


Beautiful cardigan! The wave pattern and dropped hem at the back instantly made me think of mermaids, so I'll go with 'A Mermaids Tail' :-)

Cathy Henry

I would call it Prairie Summer because it reminds me of summer in the prairies.

Rachelle - Warming Crafts

It looks like the garden my mother has full of lily of the valley so I'd call it Lily Garden (Sewsable on Rav)

Barbara Adams

Would call it 'London Pride'. I don't know why, the name just popped into my head when I saw it !!!!

Lene Andersen

Would call it 'Summer evening' - because it is perfect for a summer evening in Denmark.

Nancy Racette

I would call it the Twisted Sister

Norma Shute

This is certainly a dainty cardigan, I think it should be called 'Dainty Waves'


Beautiful cardigan, I think it should be called Heavenly Embrace.


The first thing I thought of was a butler's jacket. Women were rarely butlers, but are becoming the norm. Therefore, I propose "Butler's Lace".

Rusty Boyd

I like "Hanging Ferns Long Tail Lace Cardigan." It is a long name but it gets the point/description across.


I see "footprints in the snow"


Love it! Wheat Ear Warmer?

Amy Reinke

I would call it Wheat in the Wind cardigan.


"Whisper Wheat" or "Spring Wheat"

Giselle Dosen

"Pride of Hemingway" is the name I would suggest

Andrée-Anne Mercier

I would name this top 'Lady Winter'! It looks as light and soft as the fluffy snowflakes that often fall here on warmer winter days, yet evokes warmth and feminine grace. I can even easily imagine that the lacy patterns represent frosty wheat stalks peaking out of a first snowfall! Or are those snowshoe imprints? ;)



Della Martin

Golden Waves of Grain


Wavering Lace Cardigan

Evelyn Kuah

Its a beautiful cardigan. I would like to call it "Train of caterpillars"

Donna Anderson

How about lilies on snow?


Lovely cardigan. It reminds me of ferns and I thought of how they grow up along the road to our mountain property, so I would suggest calling it: Whispering Ferns


Snowfall...I just love the gracefulness of the back hemline...


What about "Marshmello Delight"?

Debby Shoemaker

It looks like "Island Footprints." It looks like the white sand beaches of the islands where someone has walked along.

Julia Vedders

How about Curves and Lace Cardi?

Sally Morrison

how about "pin the tail on the donkey". OR "warm squirrelly topper"


Soft Comfort Cardi

Stavroula Kokokiri

I would call it "Spring touch".

Deb Collins

~ G.F. Surprise ~
~ Gluten Free Surprise ~

...because this lovely wheat pattern reminds me of wheat... which is taboo for me as I can't eat it.

Those of us who love to knit, but are wheat intolerant, could wear this beautiful sweater and still be close to wheat!


rena chezkian

The first one. In the. Mustard yarn I would name. Calendula.....

jennifer barnes

I come from western ny where it snows alot this creamy sweater looks like the first Christmas snow fall so Ill call it Christmas snow beautiful.


Sweater #1. Road to summer cardi.. the cables in the back look like roads heading towards leaves and summer is the color.

Sweater #2. Lily of the valley cardi.... It reminds me of the pretty little white flowers of lily of the valley.

scarf. Hazy blue day scarf.

Anita Captain

Beautiful cardigan. Wheat in the Wind Cardigan is my suggestion for the name.

Helen Ouellet

Love it!!! In Canada we have some beautiful snowy days with the sun shining and the air fresh and crisp and almost virgin like. I would like to see it called winter bliss.

Susan Barr

I did this on Pinterest but I'm not sure I did it right.....Dovetail Fern is my entry.


Autumn Delight is my suggestion for naming this lovely design.

Stephanie West

Fields of Wheat

Karen H

Reminds me of Lavender, so White Lavender

Claudia Rathbun

I can see myself on an Island somewhere sitting under a coconut palm wearing this cover up and eating a bowl of coconut ice cream. Yummmmmy! Hence the name Coconut Palm.


"Beautiful Cables-n-Lace" would be my suggestion--your pattern is all 3...thanks for sharing

Beth Kuzma

I love the texture combination of the yarn and the lace pattern combined. Wheat definitely came to mind at first glance along with luscious or lofty. It's soft and dainty, so elegant. I think I'm going to go with "Simply Luscious Whispering Wheat Cardi".

Marj Birley

"Angel Cover" would be my choice of name. It is so delicate and ethereal.


Wheat by the River


This so lovely my suggestion is Angelic Lace Embrace

Dona Bell

I would name this lovely cardigan "Tiny Angel Tracks cardigan".

Elizabeth F.

The open-work pattern reminded me of feathers and the curved back hem of the dip before a duck's tail. The color and softness of the wool made me think baby, so I suggest "Duckling."

P.S. I am super excited for the spicy mustard sweater pattern to arrive!

Louisa McCabe

I would call it "Summer wheat fields cardigan"

Shelly E.

I think it should be names sugar wheat!

Donna Reed

Curvaceous cardigan.

Sara Williamson

It looks like floating dandelion fluff to me, so "Dandelion" is my name choice.

Margaret Nickisson

Such a pretty cardigan, I would call it Soft Whispering Moonlight

Vicki Michael

Winter Wheat Cardigan

Terri L

Silky Silhouette is what jumped out at me

Christina Bulthuis

Golden Royalty
Whipped Cream Lace Cardigan
Misty Blue

Love all the designs

Linda Robertson

Linda Robertson

#1 Sweater - name it Kadir's Evening Topper

#2 Scarf - name it Cotton Candy's Snuggly Scarf

#3 Sweateer - name it Victoria's Afternoon Delight Cozy Cardigan

Beautiful patterns deserve beautiful names, hope you enjoy them



Pretty! What about the "Downton Cardigan"? Maybe because of the mix of sophistication and elegance (and the "tail" at the back reminds me of a more refined time). But it brings us into the modern era too - just like the changing times of Downton Abbey. [There, can you tell I'm a bit of a fanatic? :-D]

Sandra Milton

"Luscious Lacy Versatile Cream Topper".....as luscious as usual like your other creations! :)

Pat DeMenna

The first name that came to mind was Romantic Elegance.

Helen King

This is a beautiful sweater. I like the name Falling Teardrops.

jd wolfe

the color reminds me of vanilla ice cream and the delicacy brings up the idea of floating as on a river. how about 'vanilla float cardi'?
jd in st louis

Joan Reid

My suggestion is "Opulent Tailcoat Cardigan".

Helen Geach

I immediately thought of calling it 'Lace and Rib Effect Memaid Tail Cardigan. It is beautiful xx


I love all of these new designs.. so beautiful! The white cardigan reminds me of a person in my hometown... it just looks like something she would wear. And I love how the sweater is high in the front & low in the back with all of those lovely lace details. So my name suggestion is: The Kalista Hi-Lo Cardigan. :)

Lisa D

Beautiful sweater. My choice of a name is White Tie and Tails

Vivian Huddle

To me, this looks like feathers floating on a stream. So, I would call this "Feathers on a Stream Cardi" or "Streaming Feathers Cardi" - something like that.

Hafsa Meryem Arslan

I think you should name this masterpiece the Streamlined Waterfall Dream Cardigan.

Tara Irwin

I like Silky Angel Lace Hugs.


It reminds me of the song I learned in grammar school: White coral bells upon a slender stalk.


Gorgeous jacket. I would name it Lily of the Valley as that's what the floral sprays on the jacket remind me of.

Elise Abrhams

Beautiful pattern, you say it feels like silk and it reminds me of the butterfly bush flowers, so my suggestion is Silken Buddleia

Barbara King

How about Nimbus like the cloud since it is so light and airy. It can also mean an aura of splendor about a person

Florence Hamilton

It should be called Lacy Kitten Soft Cardigan

kim DeGrazia

Winter wheat snuggle. Or with that creamy color you could say Cream of Wheat!


Your cream sweater is gorgeous and romantic. My name for it is:

Alie Coover

The creamy summer cover-up reminds me of delicate dragonflies - I'd call it Dragonfly Dreams. Of course your first sweater looks like a Golden Harvest, but you already have that one named. Fabulous creations - every one!

Essie Bruell

"Trigo" which is "wheat" in Spanish.

It seems that many of us have noticed the resemblance to stalks of wheat.

Jeanne Cozad

Katrina. When I first saw the sweater, 'Katrina' was the 1st thing that came to mind. So I am sticking to it.


My first thought was also cream of wheat, but that's been suggested already...how about Biscuits and Cream? Actually, as a dessert, what it really reminds me of is île flottante, or œufs à la neige. So...Fields in Snow?


Re: I'm having a hard time naming the Creamy-Colored Dolman Sleeved, Curved Hem one! Help!!

It's beautiful, just beautiful. The first name that came to mind is A Leafy Dream, followed by Enveloped in Leaves, not sure either are very good I'm afraid lol but the details are lovely :)


Beautiful!! I would calls it Braids of Wheat........


I suggest Feather Fall or Feather Drift.


Harvest Moon


The white color and the motifs in the design remind me of evergreen tree branches covered with snow, and the curved hem reminds me of the tailcoats still used in men's formalwear. So . . . "Winter Tails"?


Summer Breeze


The pattern reminds me of tracks from tires or feet and it looks like it would have a silky feel so "silk road is my selection.

Brenda Curry

I would call the light, flowing wispy lace cardigan a

"Midsummer's Night Dream". Perfect for a hot summer

night or as a light cover for holiday festivities with

loved ones.


This cream sweater is so stunning and striking.

Elisha C

Lovely design! How about "Feather Lace Cardi?"


"Ark of Bulrushes" ... looks like bulrushes to me ... just lovely!


This very much reminds me of a white wisteria; waving wisteria.


Excuse my quirky mind but Jimminey (sp?) Cricket came to mind.Just LOVE ALL your designs - a real feast for the eyes :-)

Barbara Adams

Love this, I would call it, ' Footprints in a Corn Field' A bit long winded, but that's what I thought of when I saw it!


Snow White Lace is my name for this beautiful sweater.

Jayne Knight

My suggestion for the cream cardigan is: FEATHERLIGHT FANCY

Bonnie Pierce

How about "Snow Bird"? Or "Pinzon" in Spanish....


Fancy Flight


Call it cream delight


I see Tracks in the Snow.

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