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  • knitting pattern for Abbot Kinney Shawl:
    Abbot Kinney Shawl
  • knitting pattern for Tabitha Cocoon Cardigan:
    Tabitha Cocoon Cardigan
  • knitting pattern for Diamonds and Lace Top-Down Cardigan:
    Diamonds and Lace Top-Down Cardigan
  • knitting pattern for Travelling Cables Blanket:
    Travelling Cables Blanket
  • knitting pattern for Kinsley Chunky Scarf:
    Kinsley Chunky Scarf
  • knitting pattern for Open Hearts Shawlette:
    Open Hearts Shawlette
  • knitting pattern for Noe Valley Sweater:
    Noe Valley Sweater
  • knitting pattern for Stolen Hearts Poncho:
    Stolen Hearts Poncho
  • knitting pattern for Posh One-Ball Cowl:
    Posh One-Ball Cowl
  • knitting pattern for Sapphire Lace Shawl:
    Sapphire Lace Shawl
  • knitting pattern for Chunky One-Ball Hat:
    Chunky One-Ball Hat
  • knitting patterns for SweaterBabe.com's The Gossamer Lace Collection:
    SweaterBabe.com's The Gossamer Lace Collectione
  • knitting pattern for Annabelle Striped Stole:
    Annabelle Striped Stole
  • knitting pattern for Rose Cabled Circular Scarf:
    Rose Cabled Circular Scarf
  • knitting pattern for Simpatico Alpaca Stole/Scarf:
    Simpatico Alpaca Stole/Scarf
  • knitting pattern for Tumbling Leaves Cardigan:
    Tumbling Leaves Cardigan
  • knitting pattern for Snowdrops and Curved Leaf Lace Scarf:
    Snowdrops and Curved Leaf Lace Scarf
  • knitting pattern for Extra Spicy Mustard Cardigan:
    knitting pattern for extra spicy mustard cardigan
  • knitting pattern for Cloudy Skies Diaphanous Scarf:
    knitting pattern for cloudy skies diaphanous scarf
  • knitting pattern for Calida Luxe Cocoon Cardigan:
    knitting pattern for calida luxe cocoon cardigan
  • knitting pattern for Judith Shawl Vest:
    knitting pattern for judith shawl vest
  • knitting pattern for Ultimate Chunky Cabled Sweater:
    knitting pattern for ultimate chunky cabled sweater
  • knitting pattern for Best-Selling Blanket Trio eBook:
    knitting pattern for best-selling blanket trio eBook
  • knitting pattern for Simply SweaterBabe Top-Down Cardigan:
    knitting pattern for simply sweaterbabe top-down cardigan
  • knitting pattern for Night and Day Eternity Scarf:
    knitting pattern for night and day eternity scarf
  • knitting pattern for chunky pinwheel cowl:
    knitting pattern for chunky pinwheel cowl
  • knitting pattern for ultimate chunky cables and ribs scarf:
    knitting pattern for ultimate chunky cables and ribs scarf
  • knitting pattern for gossamer one-ball lace scarf:
    knitting pattern for gossamer one-ball lace scarf
  • knitting pattern for divine pull-through scarflette:
    knitting pattern for divine pull-through scarflette

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May 02, 2014


Susan MacLeod

Just set up my pinterest board.

BarbaraAnn Couturier

And now I need to learn how to use it!

Dawn Borchert

Here is my board! Another great giveaway! Thanks for your amazing patterns!


I love this, what a brilliant idea:)
My board, I will add lots more to it when I can:

Ife Davis

Here's my board. I love your work, keep it up!

Viveca Duazo

Here's my board (so far)
I know I'll be adding more. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Terri Lester

I Love this! What a fabulous opportunity and an even greater way to save up the patterns on my wish list!

Here's my board: http://www.pinterest.com/myknitstuff/my-sweaterbabecom-knitting-list/

Melinda Myette

http://www.pinterest.com/melindamyette/My SweaterBabe.com Knitting List/
I am not sure how one would extract the address from Pinterest so I typed it in. I hope it worked! I am really excited to win because I would love to knit more of these gorgeous patterns!! I have a couple and they are great.


Very fun to go through everything again & get inspired!! Thanks for the opportunity to share!

Amy Gurka

i hope I did this correctly. Thanks for this idea. Sooo much fun! :)


looking for a 12 ply knitting pattern for lady jacket, can you help please.

Susan Brush

I would love to knit this.


What a great contest! There are so many lovely patterns!

Kari Lassila

I'm a cable lover but I'm also very specific so my board has just a few select items. :O)


Murielle Guerin

Love your patterns. I especially like the scarves, scarfettes and the cowls.

Julia Vedders

I just joined Pinterest because of your giveaway. Here's my board.

Sandy H.

….I am a beginner but am looking forward to learning more!




Carol H

Thanks for giving me the nudge to start selecting all your patterns I want to get started trying---so timeless and beautiful!


Pamela Emerson

I am rather new to knitting so my board is a small one. There are some many beautiful patterns I don't want to get over whelmed. thanks for the wonderful chance, my board can be found here: http://www.pinterest.com/pbeanie30/my-sweaterbabecom-knitting-list/

Dane Samuel

This website always has such interesting patterns. Unfortunately, being a full time college student does not leave enough money for yarncrafting. But I love to add pictures to my yarncrafting scrapbook, just in case...Here's my board: http://www.pinterest.com/ladygrimm/my-sweaterbabecom-knitting-list/

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