Pattern Pick: One-Skein Sweetheart Slippers by SweaterBabe
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Product Pick: HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY Knitting Bag Apron by KOALA Caddie™


by KOALA Caddie™

Enter to win our HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY - no purchase required! It has been wonderful making KOALA Caddies for SweaterBabe’s Pattern & Product Pick followers. We invite everyone to participate in a drawing for this rare Nesting Doll Caddie. To enter, follow the Shop Product Now link below. It will take you to this listing in my Etsy shop. Scroll down & mark the Caddie as a FAVORITE by clicking on the heart icon. We will notify the winner by Etsy convo message on 1/1/2017. Thank You & Happy New Year! . . . >

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Barbara Roberts

That Koala Caddie is sooooooo adorable it is not funny!!!

Francine L Williams

What a beautiful caddy!

Roberta Lykins

Thank you!! ♥

Jeana Figueiredo

I have a nesting doll from a friend when I was little. This bag reminds me of her.

pam white

So cute and handy. I have Russian nesting dolls that my husband got from his Russian relatives and it reminds of these.

Margaret Mason

I love the knitting bag and would love to win it.


Thanks for the chance to win. It's beautiful.

Pam Colby

I have a Russian nesting doll set that is over 40 years old. My mother-in-law gave it to me as a gift that she bought while traveling. The set is painted red. Seeing this reminded of how king my mother-in-law was in giving me that gift. She was wonderful - God rest her soul. Thank you for allowing me to sign up to win this caddie! Peace be with you.

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