#111 Long Lace Shawl Collared Vest

Noro yarn and the Long Lace Vest

Pamela_Long_Vest Here is the #111 Long Lace Shawl Collared Vest pattern, knit in a stunning yarn from Noro yarns. The colorways of the Noro yarns are so unique and really create projects that stand out!

Pamela Y. of Austin, TX knit this one and here are her comments:
"The Long Lace Vest, like other garment patterns of yours, felt initially quite daunting - the sheer WEIGHT of the 16 or so pages of the pattern gave me pause...........However, once underway, I had the familiar and delightful experience of immediate comfort ease and clarity in your instructions, which made this garment a real pleasure to knit.

In fact, I had trouble putting it down, (always a choice when one is knitting ten different projects at a time.......), and I was especially intrigued by the color changes in the yarn - it kept bringing surprises.

I thought the nature of the color variegation worked beautifully with the pattern - especially the lush shawl collar, where the colors unfolded in an almost botanical form........... this colorway was just muted enough that the color changes did not compete with the lace patterning.

The fabric has a nice drape yet has enough structure to hold its shape. I liked this pattern so much that I plan to knit it again, in a solid color. Thank you, Katherine, for providing us with such wonderful patterns!" -- Pamela Y.

Thank you, Pamela, for sending these photos in showing us how gorgeous this pattern looks in this Noro yarn! Just a show-stopping vest! The Noro yarn Pamela used is Noro Cash Island (60% wool, 30% cashmere, 10% nylon) in Color No. 11. Pamela_Long_Vest5

Here's a photo of the original pattern so you can see how it looks in a solid color (in Knitpicks Andean Silk yarn).Shawl_Collared_Vest_350

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Get knitting!

My new long, lace shawl-collared vest

Shawl_Collared_Vest_500 I've been asked why I don't "do color".  I'll beg to differ with this vest, the latest project off of my knitting needles.  I'm in love with this gorgeous shade of green (called "lettuce" in Knitpicks Andean Silk).

Ok - so yes, I don't do different colors and colorwork knitting, as I'm much more of a lace, cables, and texture kind of gal.  But you'll have to agree when you see this vest that I do appreciate a striking color, eh?Shawl_Collared_Vest_SD_500 Shawl_Collared_VestBK_500

This vest is my current obsession.  I wanted a longish vest, and I definitely wanted the shawl collar and some sort of angled front.  Then, of course, is my need for stitch patterns.  I used an all-over lace stitch for the bottom, then transitioned to a simple all-over cable pattern after some gathering at the waist.Shawl_Collared_Vest_BELTED_500

The generous shawl-collar and wide ribbed front bands are in 1x1 ribbing.  The upper back is in 2x2 ribbing for a nice fit.

Do you like it?  It's my new fave.  I didn't add any closures because I didn't want to limit how it was to be worn.  Here are photos showing it pinned under the collar and at the waist using Romi's Shawl Pin.  I also love it left open or belted with a wide leather belt.

Pattern coming soon!  Gotta finish the girl's ruffled edge cardigan first.  Then, this one is next in line.Shawl_Collared_VestOPEN_500

*** 4/12/10 UPDATE ***

This pattern is now available!  Find it at: http://www.sweaterbabe.com/knitting-patterns/shawl-collar-long-lace-vest.htm.

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