#112 Dramatic Lace Top-Down Wrap Cardigan

Best of 2016 Knitting Patterns

Best-Sellers 2016

Happy Almost 2017!!

Another great year of knitting and so much to knit in 2017!

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  1. #224 Tuesday's Cardigan. Shop on Ravelry. The essential, any day cardigan. Top-down, with a lovely curved hem and back lace panel.

  2. #230 Marine Layers. Shop on Ravelry. Two different textures - one a pretty lace, one a unique rib - combine beautifully for a soothing knit and gorgeous scarf. 

  3. #223 Marrakech. Shop on Ravelry. A fabulous cable stitch pattern with lots of interest and depth. Knits up wonderfully in a rich cashmere blend. Pattern includes multiple sizes.

  4. #218H Hamachi Cardigan. Shop on Ravelry. It starts with the #218 Pendants Blanket knitting pattern. The, some clever construction and a knit on collar turn it into a cool cardigan.

  5. #240G Kiana Girl's Vest. Shop on Ravelry. A fabulous layer that she'll love to wear. Double cables beautifully frame lace leaf motifs on the front and back of the vest. A women's version is available too (on Ravelry too)!

  6. #225 The One Hat. Shop on Ravelry. A hat pattern you'll knit over and over. I made 4 within 4 days! Bust some stash, as this hat works well with most worsted-weight yarns that allow for nice stitch definition. Less than 150 yards needed, even with the pom pom!

    [These 4 shown below]
  7. #182 Noe Valley. Shop on Ravelry. A best-seller every year since it's release! Great cables, easy shape. Wonderful layer.

  8. #222 Balboa Vest. Shop on Ravelry. A unique vest with interesting textures and construction. Longer, draped back and front tapered hem. 

  9. #112 Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardigan. Shop on Ravelry. A longtime best-selling cardigan. Stunning floral lace adorns the tapered fronts. Top-down too!

  10. #238 Navajo Loop Stole. Shop on Ravelry. A great travel project with a stitch pattern that easily lends itself to stripes, but is nicely feminine with the lace. Sublimely elegant in a cashmere or alpaca blend in sophisticated colors.

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A Dramatic Wrap for a Growing Belly

Here is a version of the #112 Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardigan from Kat G. in Clearwater, FL.  To accommodate her advancing pregnancy and the Florida weather, she used a finer yarn and knit a bigger size for great results!

"Hello Sweaterbabe, I really like your patterns, this is my second project from your site. Your patterns are very easy to follow and I love the top down seamless knitting, it makes it so much easier to try it on while working on it and alternate the length of it, which I did on this one for my growing belly :)

I chose the fine yarn so I followed the bigger size pattern, also added some more lace to it...It's perfect for the Florida's winter time! Thank you so much for a great patterns and ideas! Regards, Kat G." Sw002

Kat used Deborah Norville Collection - Serenity Garden Yarn in Hibiscus. Sw003

The color variations in the yarn are very pretty!  Like subtle, sophisticated stripes.

Hope you are getting lots of good wear out of this cardigan! 

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A Finished Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardigan for a Lucky MIL!

Mindy_P1 A hugely popular pattern, the #112 Dramatic Lace Top-Down Wrap Cardigan never fails to look impressive! 

Here, knitter Mindy P. of Lambertville, NJ, knit a gorgeous version in a yarn from Colinette for her MIL, Bev, who proudly models it here.

If you are familiar with Colinette  yarns, you know how stunning their color stories can be!

"Hi and thanks so much for choosing my photos! My mother in law will be thrilled!  

I used Isis by Colinette in the color Salty Dog. I loved the pattern, it was great fun to follow and I became obsessed and made it very quickly! I especially love the no sewing aspect! Mindy_P2 I will be making several more of them, including one for myself!" -- Mindy P.

I wish I had time to make a new one - I would definitely look at using the Colinette yarn.  Gives the cardigan so much depth!  Nice work!

Considering making your first or second of these cardigans? Check out our full GALLERY of Finished Dramatic Lace Wrap Projects for inspiration. .

Dramatic Lace Cardigan from Agnes

The VERY popular pattern, #112 Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardigan, is modeled here by knitter, Agnes, from France. A beautiful Eggplant color is so striking against a summery white outfit, non?

Agnes_Dramatic_Cardi4 Here is what Agnes has to say about her project:

"Hi ! I’m a french knitter and I’ve enjoyed to knit this model. I’ve knitted it in cotton. The pattern is very clear . Link to ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Zebuline. . ." -- Agnès M. from Vienne, France.

The yarn she used is called Cotonina Monoprix Aubergine.

Agnes also comments: "Very clear pattern very easy to follow even if you don’t speak perfectly english :just happiness!!!!!!!!!!!! A delight to knit for a fine result . it was a real pleasure to knit this pattern! No doubt I will order another pattern soon. Kindest regards." Agnes_Dramatic_Cardi5 Agnes_Dramatic_Cardi6 -- Thanks, Agnès, for sharing these pretty photos and your lovely finished project!

Two Projects from Theresa!

Theresa P. of Westwood, Lassen County, CA knit TWO SweaterBabe.com patterns and sent them in to share. See her lovely results and how she made them her own!!Teresa_Dram_Lace

First is the #112 Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardigan, one of my most popular knitting patterns. The striking blue shade is really beautiful.


She used KnitPicks Andean Silk in Aegean.

"I so love working your patterns and have purchased many of them. I find the repeat charts you include with your patterns make it so easy to keep my place, especially working with the laces and cables.

The written instructions are very clear as well. The designs are so beautiful and I find myself saying 'just one more row' over and over, just to see the pattern come to life. " -- Theresa P.Theresa_Dram_Lace3 Theresa_Dram_Lace4

Theresa also chose the same yarn, KnitPicks Andean Silk, but in Cinnamon (unfortunately, a discontinued color) for this second knitting project she sent in. This one is the #70 Lush and Lacy Cardigan knitting pattern.

"I just loved the beautiful pattern on this sweater but, living in the mountains, wanted a long-sleeved sweater.

Using your easy to understand, clearly written directions, I made a raglan sleeve with the pattern the whole length of the raglan sleeve. I also left off the pockets and created a button and buttonhole band on the front of the sweater. I get so many compliments when I wear this sweater." -- Theresa P.

Theresa_Lush_Lacy Theresa_Lush_Lacy2 It looks great as a long-sleeved cardigan with the lace panels extended! Great job!!! Yes - mods are great if you can easily transform a pattern to make it so much more wearable for where you live and how you need to dress!Theresa_Lush_Lacy3 Theresa_Lush_Lacy4

Thanks, Theresa, for sharing your fabulous knitting projects!

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Dramatic Lace Wrap in Stunning Green!

Choose a stunning, vibrant color of yarn for your next knitting project and boom!  See how it just transforms a pattern?? 

This is the #112 Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardigan, one of my MOST popular knitting patterns.  My original sample was in a muted grey/brown.DWC_Amy3DWC_Amy 
Now, check out this finished version from knitter Amy H. of Orange, CA.

She used 100 purewool Merino Worsted Single-ply in Verde Manzana (Green Apple).

"I had such a fun time knitting this--the lace pattern and the other pretty details really made the time fly, and I enjoyed the way it was constructed seamlessly.

I fell in love with the pattern the first time I saw it, and my finished product is everything I hoped it would be--and it only took a couple of weeks from start to finish.

The mock cable trim at the bottom of the back and at the raglan 'seams' was a nice surprise--I had never done that technique before, but the instructions were clear and I loved the results. Thanks for writing such a beautiful and unique pattern--it was very thorough and I had no trouble following it." -- Amy H.

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Knitting Pattern: Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardigan project

DWC_Jodi Jody M. from San Rafael, California knit this elegant version of the #112 Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardigan in a very pretty shade of green/sage.

The yarn is Malabrigo worsted merino in color Mint (but looks more like sage).

"Pattern was very thorough and well-written, and moved along surprisingly quickly!

I think the best part is the panel of lace on the back, elegant and perfectly placed." -- Jody M. DWC_Jodi3

Fabulous, Jody!  I would so LOVE to have a version of this cardigan in Malabrigo!  I've got some Malabrigo just waiting for me to use, but only enough for a hat or scarf.  DWC_Jodi2Great job!!

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Knitting Pattern for Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardigan - Great for all ages!

DWC_Joy1 Joy H. from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada knit this super cool version of the #112 Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardigan in a yarn that made it just perfect for her teenage daughter.

"The pattern was easy to follow and knit up very quickly. It was a bonus to not have any seams to deal with when the knitting was finished. DWC_Joy2

I chose to knit this pattern for her after I saw it on “Ravelry.” I instantly fell in love with the lacy, feminine look and of course being seamless was an added bonus.

I decided to knit this cardigan in a hand painted yarn, so I chose Lucy Neatby’s 'Cat’s Pajamas' in the color Mermaid.

I felt that the color of the yarn would appeal more to my daughter as she tends to enjoy a funky, younger look.

I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this pattern and I can’t wait to make one for myself. I hope you enjoy the finished product as much as we do!

Thanks SweaterBabe for creating such a fabulous pattern" -- Joy H.

You're very welcome, Joy.  And thank you so much for sending us these great photos of it!

The hand-painted quality of the yarn and the vibrancy of the colors really transform this into a young, sophisticated, and fun cardigan for your daughter!

LOVE seeing it in such a different color story than the muted grey I used for the original sample.

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Lace Cardigan Knitting Pattern - A finished version from France!

DWC_IsabelleIsabelle B. of Saint Louis, France sent in these beautiful photos of her lovely #112 Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardigan (one of my MOST POPULAR knitting patterns!).

Sh used Cascade yarns Heathers Color in Rainier Heather (#9454). 

Here is what Isabelle says about her finished project:

"The first thing I liked when I saw this pattern was the little cables from the kimono sleeves. The kind of 'little detail' I really love! DWC_Isabelle2And I liked the lace border in these different directions too.

The pattern is really easy to follow, charts or words as we want. I specially appreciate the table, row after row, to follow the lace chart and the decreases in the same time! DWC_Isabelle3 Very nice!

I am very happy to have it .Exactly what I need for the end of the summer time in Alsace. And I really like the way the lace is 'falling' when the cardigan is open.

Very original and very elegant!! Un très joli cardigan !DWC_Isabelle4" -- Isabelle B. 

Merci, beaucoup, Isabelle!

Your photos show how wonderfully this knitting project worked out for you! 

The stitch definition of the lace here is so amazing.  I LOVE the purple heather color of the yarn.  The heather quality of the yarn really compliments the "nature" of the leaf lace!  Looks like the drape of the yarn is perfect too.

Thanks so much for sharing!!

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DWC_Isabelle7 DWC_Isabelle6 DWC_Isabelle5

SweaterBabe.com's MOST Popular Knitting Patterns!

The weather is warming up... so what is everyone knitting?

Here are our MOST POPULAR knitting patterns right now. . . 

Top_Patterns Which one will be your next project?

(From left to right, top to bottom)

1) #112 Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardigan: A top-down design in a very affordable worsted weight merino blend yarn featuring a stunning lace stitch, flattering silhouette, and very cool shape!  (Hundreds of copies of this pattern were sold the first day this pattern was made available!!)

2) #111 Long Lace Shawl-Collared Vest: Beautiful vest to be worn open, belted, or pinned.  Pretty all-over lace stitch pattern is worked up to the waist.  Then, the waist is decreased to gather and transition into a great textured cable stitch.  Fronts are angled for major interest.  Back is ribbed for great fit.  Generous and ultra flattering shawl collar is picked up and knit.

3) #113 Super Cute Newsboy Cap: The name of the pattern practically says it all!  Little garter stitch brim is completely stylin'.  This hat is also seamless and ONLY requires 1 ball of yarn for ALL sizes -- baby through adult!!

4) #100 Little Lace Vest: Just a really sweet and shapely vest with leafy lace panels and lots of shaping details.  Flattering curved neckline and knit-in button bands.  This vest is knit from the bottom up in one piece, so there is only seaming at the shoulders.  Uses only a few skeins of yarn.  A great addition to any wardrobe!

5) #99 Flutter-Sleeved Blousy Cardigan: A most feminine cardigan knit from the top-down in a fabulous alpaca silk blend yarn.  A gorgeous open cable panel becomes the neckline along which stitches are picked up to complete the rest of the cardigan.  Stunning open leaf lace panels adorn the fronts and fluttery sleeves.  A unique blousy shape.

Get knitting!