#121 Sumptuously Cabled Hat

Upcoming Knitting Patterns - an Eternity Scarf and Cabled Hat

Here are two NEW patterns that will be coming soon!  Can you tell that I've been blue yarn obsessed lately??


The first one is a bulky hat made in Malabrigo Chunky. 

Hooray!  I've finally tried Malabrigo and I believe all the hype!!  It is lovely to work with and really gives you that handmade feel (in a good way!).


The colors have a lot of depth, even my single shade of blue. 

The hat is slouchy and wonderfully textured with a rich cable stitch pattern.

Boho_Scarf_Eternity2_350 The second project is a Eternity Scarf made in Blue Sky Alpacas Alpace Silk yarn. 

Talk about a yummy yarn!  The Blue shade is also ultra gorgeous and sophisticataed.  I got tons of comments on the color just as I was knitting this thing (from males and females, so I guess it's just one of those colors that appeals to ALL!).


The scarf in knit in a simple lace stitch that is easy to learn (since you will be doing MANY rows!).  It was not so simple to be boring however!

AND, I chose to use little clear plastic snaps on the ends so I could choose to wear it as an Infinity/Eternity Scarf OR as a regular scarf.

There's plenty of length to wrap it around 2 or even 3 times AND the Alpaca Silk is so soft, it almost tickles!

Both patterns are coming VERY soon!

Watch for the announcement of these patterns in my newsletter!

*** October 30th update ***
The #123 Sophisticated Boho Eternity Scarf knitting pattern is available now at: