#123 Boho Eternity Scarf

Finished Boho Lace Eternity Scarf in a gorgeously striking color!

Here's a lovely, striking version of the popular #123 Sophisticated Boho Lace Eternity Scarf from Amanda S. of Pepin, WI.  It's just gorgeous!!  The color she chose is vibrant and incredibly striking, don't you think? Amanda_Boho_Scarf3

Amanda knit her scarf in Malabrigo Silky Merino (got to get my hands on a hank of that!) in 76 Manzanilla Olive.


"I love this scarf! The pattern was clearly written and charted and SO easy to follow.  The fringe really makes it "boho" and sophisticated enough to wear in cool weather or warm." -- Amanda S.

Wow to the photos too!  Very inspiring. Amanda_Boho_Scarf

The original was made in Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk in Blue. Boho_Scarf_Eternity2_350

See what a change of color can do to transform a project?!!!

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Upcoming Knitting Patterns - an Eternity Scarf and Cabled Hat

Here are two NEW patterns that will be coming soon!  Can you tell that I've been blue yarn obsessed lately??


The first one is a bulky hat made in Malabrigo Chunky. 

Hooray!  I've finally tried Malabrigo and I believe all the hype!!  It is lovely to work with and really gives you that handmade feel (in a good way!).


The colors have a lot of depth, even my single shade of blue. 

The hat is slouchy and wonderfully textured with a rich cable stitch pattern.

Boho_Scarf_Eternity2_350 The second project is a Eternity Scarf made in Blue Sky Alpacas Alpace Silk yarn. 

Talk about a yummy yarn!  The Blue shade is also ultra gorgeous and sophisticataed.  I got tons of comments on the color just as I was knitting this thing (from males and females, so I guess it's just one of those colors that appeals to ALL!).


The scarf in knit in a simple lace stitch that is easy to learn (since you will be doing MANY rows!).  It was not so simple to be boring however!

AND, I chose to use little clear plastic snaps on the ends so I could choose to wear it as an Infinity/Eternity Scarf OR as a regular scarf.

There's plenty of length to wrap it around 2 or even 3 times AND the Alpaca Silk is so soft, it almost tickles!

Both patterns are coming VERY soon!

Watch for the announcement of these patterns in my newsletter!

*** October 30th update ***
The #123 Sophisticated Boho Eternity Scarf knitting pattern is available now at: