Another new knitting pattern in the works!
Two New Knitting Patterns Just Released

Long Cabled Vest now with the Fabulous Belt!

Long Belted Cabled Vest Knitting Pattern

Now - it's officially a finished knit object.  Next, it's in the queue to be written up as a pattern.  I'm writing patterns as fast as I can!

I just love the belt.  I made it optional, in case the vest is to be worn open.  But I think it looks so great with the thick knit belt.  Found some great "buckles" that are really 2 round rings that look like bone, but are probably just plastic.  Went better with the buttons than I imagined!



Great! I hope the pattern to be available soon! You do a wonderful job - thanks! Kind regards from Switzerland, Katarina


I love this. I'm a tall girl and it hard finding long sweater coats or vest. Will there be sleeves?


I love this! It's great! And with so many different options on how to wear it. I would love to get the patterns to make one myself!!


great job.. fabulous... Looks elegant.


Wow! I love it!

sandy smith

I love this and would like to make it for my daughter. any ideas when the pattern will be available and as an intermediate knitter, do you think i would be able to do it? thanks


Oh goodie!! I have been struggling to find a long cabled sweater pattern. This will give me a good start! Is there a sleeve option? Thank you, thank you!


A truly wonderful patter!! I made this long vest so that I would have a long dressy vest for church with the wide collar so my shoulders don't get the AC that I always seen to sit under!Live in rainy WA so a dressy long vest for church was something I had been looking for and could not find.

I did not care for the set in pockets so I made my own... 2 pockets with the 12 rows of the cable pattern and some ribbing and placed them on the side seam. I used a nice heather plum color. turned out really nice!!

Love your web site!!!

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