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Two New Knitting Patterns Just Released

Here are the 2 NEW patterns that I've just added for sale at: http://www.sweaterbabe.com/knittingpatterns.htm.

Based on the same design, but one for babies/kids (sized 6-12 months through 10 years) and for women.  Aren't they pretty?  My little 2-year old was quite happy to model the girl's version, although she wanted big sis to be in the photos too.  They are both on bulky yarn, so they are quick knits with lots of stylish details. Enjoy!

Kids Knit Cardigan Top Down Knitting Pattern

Short Sleeved Cardigan Knitting Pattern


Karen Felder

Any ideas from anyone on wool substitution. Or could anyone tell me what ply the suggested wools are in. Hard to get the same one as recommended in Australia..but pattern looks fantastic!
thanks! Karen

Diana Foree

I just received my pattern on Thurs. Love top down sweaters! I'm a little confused on this sweater pattern. It says that an additional PDF file is available for the five techniques listed...is this for an additional cost? I don't see where the link is to purchase it. I'm just concerned about the decorative M1R and M1L two rows below. If I choose not do it this way, can I just do a regular make one? Thanks for your help Diana

Katherine aka SweaterBabe

Hi Diana,

Good question! Sorry if it wasn't clear.... the separate PDF downloads are sold on the SAME pages as the patterns. They have full-color illustrations of the techniques used in the pattern. You do NOT need this if you can follow my written out explanations in the pattern. The extra PDF is more for beginners or anyone who wants illustrations instead of just written explanations on the techniques. It is 9 pages long, so I didn't want to include it in the patterns, as many will not need them if they have experience with shaping, etc.

As to your question of just doing a "m1" instead of how I describe the "m1-L" and "m1-R" in the pattern... I don't recommend that. The specific technique used (which is fully explained in text in the pattern, and in photos in the $1.00 extra PDF), is the best because it creates this really nice looking "fake" raglan seam look. It basically looks like a nice chain stitch (you can see in the photos above how the sleeve seam area is nice and neat). If you do some other sort of make 1 technique, it just won't look as shown.

Hope I've explained and answered your question! I didn't want to force the additional 9 pages on everyone, as intermediate/experienced knitters wouldn't need them, so I made it an optional, separate PDF download. If this turns out NOT to be a good idea, I will find a different way in the future!


cute munchkins you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen aka lunadog

Hi Katherine, I love these patterns but I'm a bit confused. If I purchase the child's pattern, will I be able to make the adult sweater from it? I want to make both and I'm a plus size. Also I hate doing math and would rather have the instructions written out.



Hi, I plan to knit the ladies card (#72) in the round using the magic loop technique. A few dumb questions because I am a newbie

Am I correct in assuming that the sweater is knitted on circular needles to be knitted in the round? And using the magic loop method is possible?

Garter stitch; For the neck you mention RS and WS but when knitting in the round there is no WS - you just do the knit stitch to get the plain stockinette stitch. So what do I do to get the garter stitch? And do I have to make other revisions when the instructions state WS?

Again, sorry for the dumb questions.


To answer Karen's question - I just purchased the children's pattern and the adult sizes are not included.

Florence Thompson


I have a question about pattern #73 top-down sweater. I was wondering about the M1L and M1R. I started doing them the way I was taught, which is as follows: I lift the strand between from front to back and knit through the back for M1L. Then lift the strand between from back to front and knit through the front for M1R? I'm not sure if I am achieving the desired effect, so then I tried following the directions on your PDF, but I'am a bit confused with the M1R am I supposed to lift it with the right needle place on the left and then knit it?
Thank you,

Dena Traina

i just finished the sweater! i had never done the fake raglan before and it took two tries but wow! The sweater was easy and fast. The top down allowed me to try it on my grandson to make sure it fit. Perfect! I made it with long sleeves and with buttons the entire length. I am back on the website looking for similar patterns but with lighter weight yarn. Maybe someone has converted this pattern already. He wants (or I should say his mother wants) a hood this time and a zipper.

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