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Crochet Lace Jacket Pattern coming soon!

Crochet Lace Jacket photo

Here's the latest project off of my crochet hook.  I've been wearing it out lately and getting so many great compliments.

It's actually crocheted from the neck down since my latest obsession are seam-free patterns!  The top half is a pretty lacey shell stitch that has subtle differences that make it different from any basic shell stitch.  The lower half is a more open crochet lace for contrast.  The sleeves are 3/4 length with a slight flare at the cuffs.

The jacket is finished with GORGEOUS horn-like buttons with faux leather stitching on the front.  An assymmetrical closure gives this jacket a beautiful look buttoned-up.  Looks great open as well.  Coming soon....


Bobbie Lynn

Hi Katherine,

This is such a pretty Jacket....Is there a way of making it in a bigger size for plus size women...? You are so talented....One of these days, I might be....LOL....


Stacey Neufeld

Just so beautiful. Can't wait! Stacey.


my name is Marleine from Australia.
the crochet lace jacket pattern is just beautifull, gorgeous
and i know it will keep one warm.
i love crochet but do more knitting. iam learning to crochet then perhaps oneday i will crochet an item. it wont be has
fantastic has the lace jacket.
it would of taken a large amt of wool i presume.
congratulations mam you are a real genius.
happy new year.


Lovely! Will be looking for the pattern to appear soon.

Belinda Landolt

I love it and can't wait to have the pattern.


This is beautiful. I can't wait for the pattern. I hope it is not as difficult as it looks.


send it quickly--iwill pass this winter.

Janet Ford

The Lace Jacket is beautiful. Will it come in plus sizes?

Diane Henson

looks beautiful and challenging looking forward to see the pattern


The coat is GORGEOUS! Hope you will post the pattern soon : )


How lovely - look forward to seeing the pattern


I am absolutely excited about the idea of trying the crochet lace jacket pattern. I have been making things for others and I absolutely LOVE the way this looks.
THank You


Can't wait - it's amazing! Well done!


Wow! Yet another stunning, sophisticated garment from my favorite crochet designer. I can't wait! And to hear it's going to be seamless is music to my ears! It'll save me a lot of brain ache trying to work out how to manipulate the pattern to work it in one piece.

This piece really is so fantastic, I can see it being worn at autumn and winter weddings everywhere by Bride's Maids and other wedding guests.


This is a truly beautiful jacket and I check multiple times a week for the pattern. I really can't wait!!

Katherine aka SweaterBabe

It's finally here! Please see the pattern at: Enjoy!

Henny Sandra

Hi Katherine,

I am from Batam-Indonesia. Nice jacket... I am interested to crochet it. Wow...


It is absolutely beautiful. Can I get a copy of the pattern please?

Katherine aka SweaterBabe

Hi Tiffany - To get the pattern, please go to: It's available for purchase and immediate download!


Ruth Ann

I have been looking for a fashionable crochet jacket forever, I think I found it I can hardly wait for the pattern


Hi there love the vintage Lacey jacket but what size hook does it use as on the
Site where you can purchase the pattern it mentions a 5.5mm near the top and then
At the end says hook used 7mm I am muddled pls help me!


Hi Toza, Good catch! The 5.5mm size was a typo. This pattern uses size K/10.5 [7mm] hook. Thanks for letting me know. I've fixed the page description to be correct.

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