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Increasing multiple stitches at the end of a row.

Dear Sweaterbabe,

I am working on a pattern for a baby undershirt and it calls for some drastic increasing. I can manage the part that says increase one stich at each end six times. But how do you increase 3 stiches at each end for two rows and then increase 5 stiches at each end for two rows??

-- J

Dear J,

To increase multiple stitches at the end of a row, you really need to "cast on" those stitches.  Is this increasing part to add the arms to the undershirt and you are working the undershirt from the bottom up?  That's my best guess.

To increase 3 sts at the end of a row, you can use the single strand cast-on method to add 3 sts.  First, wrap the yarn around your left thumb as shown:

Casting On Photo

Then, use your right needle tip to pick up the strand in FRONT of your left thumb from the BOTTOM up:

Cast On Step 5 Pihoto

 Here is the strand getting picked up:

Cast On Step 6 Photo

Remove your left thumb from the loop and let it form on your right needle.  You've just increased the 1st of the 3 sts.  Repeat from the first photo 2 times for 3 sts.  [Note: It looks like you added 2 sts here, but these photos were from a project that illustrated another technique as well.)

Cast On Step 7 Photo

Alternately, you can increase 3 by using a "knit on" cast on method.  For instance, if you just turned your work, knit the first stitch, but place this completed stitch on your left needle (just by slipping it back on - inserting your left needle tip into the stitch front to back).  You've just increased 1 stitch.  Knit this new stitch again and place the just completed stitch on your left needle.  Now you've increased 2 stitches.  Repeat again for 3 stitches.  Turn.

Knit your 3 new stitches and complete the row, then turn your work and add on the 3 for your other end using the same method to get your "increase 3 sts at each end."

Hope that explains it!

-- SweaterBabe

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Brenda Martin

I love this pattern. I am looking for a good pattern for my friend. Can you tell me when it will be available? I would like it asap. It seems perfect for her. Thanks.
Brenda Martin

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