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New Knitting and Crochet Patterns Coming Soon!


Here are two new projects that will be written up soon for the website. 

The first is this lovely, easy to wear long, shaped cardigan. It's done from the top down (yea!), so there is only a little sleeve seaming.  The sleeves are wide, the waist is shaped with a flattering ribbed waistline, and there are two really fun gathered patch pockets in front.  A pretty vine lace panel is worked in the front and the collar is shaped and generous.

Here's the great-looking back view:

Then, there is my new purse!  It's crocheted in a soft cotton/microfiber blend.  LOVE the colors (matches our living room, actually!).

The front and back pieces are crocheted from the center out.  The two pieces are then crocheted together and the strap pieces are crocheted.  Notice the knotted crochet accents that gather the leather straps at the base of each silver ring.  Pretty cool, huh?

The pretty texture of this stitch inspired the whole design!

And here is a view of the great lining fabric I found!  I just loved the graphic floral print!



Love love LOVE the cardigan - this has instantly shot to the tip-top of my queue. I cannot wait for the pattern to be issued. Top-down, minimal seaming and super gorgeous. What more can we ask for!


That cardigan is drop dead gorgeous, I have been looking all over for something like that with pockets, I cannot wait for you to post the pattern.

My granddaughter loves the purse - guess I will have to try and make one and hide it so she doesn't figure it out LOL



these look great, especially the cardigan, i can't wait!!

Shirley Pearce

Please let me know when the purse and cardigan patterns are available too!

2 must do projects for me!

sylvia mccullough

hello i like these new patterns they are very intersting and craftable , charitable

Christina Marie

I Love the Cardigan! It looks sooooo cozy.


I really love that cardigan; I can already picture myself curled up in that on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Can't wait to see the pattern, I'll definitely be buying it.


i liked it caridgan very much please give the pattern of the same thankyou and waiting for reply earliest ,

Victoria Carroll

I'm re-teaching myself to knit but I absolutely love that cardigan. I'll be looking forward to seeing the pattern.

Yarn Thing

Hello my dear!

I just found your website and blog and I AM IN LOVE!

Would you be interseted in doing an interview with me on my podcast?

Drop me a line and let me know what you think :-)

Marly aka Yarn Thing


This is the kind of cardigan pattern that I've been looking for. Can't wait...


Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I once saw just like this a design for a sweater with flowers as the button holes and am still looking for it. This is a wonderful duplicate. Thank you

Brenda Martin

I am very interested in the gray sweater jacket pictured on the blog pages. I am trying to find an attractive, warm, flattering and interesting pattern for a friend who is very tall (top-down is the best). I would like to know the yardage required as I have a stash she really loves. Can you tell me when the pattern will be available? I would like to purchase it as soon as possible. Thanks, Brenda


Love the cardigan!! I like that you are doing a lot of top-down designs lately. I will definitely be buying that pattern when it's available!

Marilou Matthews

I can't wait for this pattern. As an "older" knitter, it is great to find something I will actually make for myself.

Katherine aka SweaterBabe

The Cardigan is ready! Get it at: Happy knitting!


Hello SweaterBabe!
I love your new cardigan and in fact have ordered the pattern and recieved my yarn today! I can't wait to get busy, but wanted to drop a quick note to ask if I could talk you into doing an add-on for this pattern for an optional hood instead of the collar!??!
I love the sweater anyway, but thought the hood would make it more, um, "me". I envy your talent and wish I could just whip one in there myself, but I'm very much a "follow the directions" kind of girl!
Thanks so much for all you do!


Hi Sweaterbabe,

I know there's been tons of excitement and interest for the sweater and it is beautiful indeed but I've been waiting for the crochet bag pattern ever since you posted this article. Will it be available anytime soon?

Katherine aka SweaterBabe

Dear Nita,

Yes - thanks for your patience! I just started writing up this pattern and will have it up in a week or so! Sorry for the waiting. I take great care in writing up the patterns to avoid errata as much as possible!

Be sure to check this blog or be signed up for my newsletter to be informed when the pattern is up for sale.



Katherine aka SweaterBabe

The purse pattern is now available at: Thanks for your patience! Had to make sure it was as correct as possible!


Hi Sweaterbabe,
I have bought the pattern off your website and I just saw Kendra's request for you to design an add on to this pattern for a hood.
That would be awesome if you could do that!!!!!

I'll live in hope

All the best

Melanie Arden

Hi Katherine,

Thank you so much for creating two beautiful patterns for knitting and crochet enthusiasts to enjoy. The cardigan is a must-have and I can't wait to start knitting. As for the purse, a girl can't have too many of those!

Thanks again,


The ripple pattern is my favourite. Here is a link for you. I do single crochet but is is surprising how quickly it works up. Changing colours or using a varigated yarn with white or a pastel makes it more interesting.


I love this cardigan but was wondering if a hood can be added to it and if so, do you have the pattern for it. I would purchase it immediately if you could add the hood part to it. Thanks.

Suzie Petersen

I'm making the #77 vine lace pattern and am having some problems. I am using 2 strands of encore chunky as that was the only way I could get the correct gauge. The neck opening looks very wavy and the vine lace section does not stand out very well. I'm thinking it could be that the yarn is too thick. Has anyone else had this problem? I would appreciate any help you could provide.

With a smile


Has anyone done the cardigan? It looks lovely and I found a gorgeous alpaca blend yarn on sale that I'm dying to try with it. Bought the pattern, but wondering if it looks good done up with a tweed or blended colors? Thinking of Ironstone Yarns Super Alpaca in deep plum or teal... is it too much detail in the pattern to look good with this?
Also, is it really super heavy to wear? Never have dared a bulky yarn for a sweater before...


was there ever a hood designed for this sweater?


Hi Frances - sorry! I didn't design a hood for this. Maybe there are some good tutorials out on the web for how to do this?


How do I get the patten??? It's not letting me into the link :/


Never mind found it :)


Could somebody help me?
I'm STUCK!!!!
What is row 14, is it another increase row, if yes then the number of stitches don't add up or am I missing something, getting very confused!!!!

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