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Which is the first stitch on a new crochet row?

Dear SweaterBabe,

I have been crocheting for the last few years but, after all this time I still haven't figured out one thing. Just supposing I have a row of treble stitches done, at the start of the row where the loop is with the hook, is this my first stitch?

Thanking You,

-- Cathy

Dear Cathy,

If I am understanding you correctly, then no, the loop that is sitting on your crochet hook when you first turn to start a new row is not your first stitch.

The next "chain" that you see is the first stitch in which you can work a new treble.  By "chain," I mean what resembles a chain (like the chains that you made to start your crocheting) and has 2 strands, a left and right half.  It will be just adjacent to the loop on your hook, in fact, your loop on your hook will be coming from that chain.

Hope that explains it!

Happy crocheting,



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