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Knitting Squares

Hey SweaterBabe,

I was just wondering. I'm making squares to make a baby blanket. I cast on 50 stitches and I was wondering, would I need to knit 50 rows to make it an even square, or would I need to knit 100 rows?

-- Brianna

Dear Brianna,

Neither!  Most stitches are not perfectly square, nor are they half as tall as they are wide.

What you are asking is based on your knitting gauge, i.e. how many stitches and rows equal X inches given your knitting tension, the needle size, and the stitch you are using.

For example, a common knitting gauge with medium weight yarn might be 14 sts and 18 rows = 4".  So, to make a 4" square, you would knit 14 sts and 18 rows. 

To make a square with 50 sts, you will have to calculate that 50 sts divided by (14 sts/4") =  approximately 14.25".  To get 14.25" of rows, you need to knit (18 rows/4") x 14.25 = approximately 64 rows.

So, measure your knitting gauge (by making a swatch and then measuring it), then you can calculate exactly how many rows will get you the same length as your 50 stitches.




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