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Measuring knitting rows.

Hello Sweaterbabe,

When a pattern says, "Knit until the length is so many inches", do you measure from the stitches on the needle, or only the actual fabric just below?

Thanks, Carolyn  

Dear Carolyn,

I believe it doesn't really matter, as long as you are consistent for the same project.  That being said, I always measure from just under the needle.  That is how I've learned from books and it is easier to do (since what you are measuring is flat).

I don't think it really matters, especially if you aren's using the really bulky needles (sizes 15 or more).  One row won't affect the overall length much in these cases.  But you do want to make sure that whatever row measures that X" for you is the same row you use for the front vs. the back, the left sleeve vs. the right sleeve, etc. 

Also, if you are measuring up to a certain length to bind off, that last row that is on your needles will get "bound off" and often "used up" in the shoulder seam.

AND, a lot of times a pattern will say, work until body measures X", ending on a WS row.  If you end up just having done a RS row when you measure X", then you will have to work an extra row to get to the correct side of your knitting anyhow.

Hope that answers it!  Just be consistent.




Christine Rush

Should you measure your knitting by laying it flat on a table or holding it up? I've measured both ways and there is a 2" difference. Help!!

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