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Turning a dishcloth pattern into an afghan or baby blanket.

Dear SweaterBabe,

I have a lot of patterns for dishcloths that I would like to make into afghan sizes and baby blanket sizes. Is there a formula for increasing a crochet pattern or decreasing a pattern.

-- Dawn

Dear Dawn,

Without seeing what your dishcloth pattern looks like, I can try to give some general advice.

Most crochet patterns have a section that repeats, then some number of chains that is needed to get started.  That's why many crochet stitch patterns says to begin by chaining a multiple of X plus Y sts.

If you can figure out what that X and Y are for your dishcloth pattern, then you can extrapolate and make an afghan or baby blanket out of the same pattern.

For example, if it seems like the dishcloth pattern is over a multiple of 3 sts plus 4, then you just need to determine how many multiples of 3 will get you the width that you want for your afghan or blanket and add the chain 4.

Assuming the dishcloth is 14" wide or so, multiplying it by 5 will give you approximately a 70" wide afghan...

Many well-written patterns will provde the stitch pattern in a generic form (thereby providing the "mult of X plus Y" instruction needed) separately from the specific instructions for the project. 

Hope that helps!

-- SweaterBabe



Here's a free pattern using a dishcloth pattern for a blanket.

Wendy’s Favourite Dishcloth Pattern
(Extra Large Dishcloth Makes Beautiful Baby Afghan)

This is the easiest pattern I know, use cotton yarn. For a baby afghan - use this pattern and increase to about 185 stitches on needles, transfer to round needles, as you decrease change back if you like.

Cast on 4 stitches

Row 1 Knit 4

Row 2 Knit 2, yo (yarn over hook), knit to the end of the row

Repeat Row 2 until you have 44 stitches on needles

Decrease Rows

Knit 1, knit 2 together, yarn over needle, knit 2 together, knit to end of the row.

Repeat this row until you have 4 sts, knit 4, and bind off

If you want a hook to hang the cloth, before binding off, break yarn and draw through, using a crochet hook chain about 10 sts and fasten securely.


approx = approximately

beg = begin(ning)

ch = chain

dec = decreas(e)(s)(ing)

fpsc - front post single crochet

hdc = half double crochet

inc = increas(e)(s)(ing)

rem = remain(s)(ing)

rep = repeat rnd(s) = round(s)

RS = right side
sc = single crochet

sl = slip

st(s) = stitch(es)

tbl = through back loop

tog = together

yo = yarn over

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