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Got a product that would be interesting to discerning female knitters and crocheters? Want the chance to expose your product to over 32,000 58,000 knitters and crocheters?

SweaterBabe invites you to send us samples of your product for review!  Knitting and crochet-related items like accessories, buttons, hand-crafted needles, yarns, books, bags, shawl pins, etc. will all be considered and welcome, as will cool, hip products that would be of interest to our crafting female audience (e.g. jewelry, home items, women's accessories, etc.!

Please email us at: [email protected] with the following information:
- Name of your product
- Brief description
- Your name and contact information
- Where your product is available (stores, online, etsy, etc.)

Items that are well-suited to our 32,000 58,000+ knitting and crochet community will be chosen for review.  We'll email you back and let you know where to send your samples.

For items chosen for review, we ask that you send us 1 sample for review, plus 2 extra samples we will use as giveaways (which will give you even more exposure to our knitting and crochet community!). There is now a $250 fee for this service.

We'll do a thorough review of the product with photos on the blog, email the review to our list of over 32,000 58,000 women, then we'll run a fun contest (which often involves an additional mention in our email newsletters!).  Previous giveaway contests have easily received 180 - 300 400-600+ blog comment entries (these comments really demonstrate our readers interest in the product)! 

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We're excited to see your products soon! 



Dear Katherine,

I want to express my thanks for your wonderful review of my KOALA Caddie. I intend to write a more detailed note of appreciation soon, but I didn't want another day to pass without letting you know how much interest the review/giveaway generated. I sold 18 KOALA Caddies in the first two days of the posting. That is phenomenal! Yesterday, I mailed one to France, another to Australia, and a third to Hong Kong!

Just now, I am heading back to the sewing machine to continue processing the made-to-order and custom Caddie orders. I will write again soon. I hope that you and those you love will have a wonderful day.

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