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Send us your finished project photos!

Our first customer survey told us clearly that many of you would love to see more photos of the SweaterBabe patterns on real bodies!  See our great gallery of photos here!

So would we! IMG_0509_300

You can help us by submitting your finished SweaterBabe project photos (like the example here from Emily H. of her #122 Tie-Front Long Cabled Vest)!  If your photo is chosen to be posted on the site, we'll thank you with a free pattern of your choosing.

Send photos of patterns to [email protected]

Please send photos that:
-- are high resolution, i.e. please don't send ones that you have made smaller or compressed for the web.  The larger the better!  At least 500 pixels wide would be great!
-- show the finished project on a person!  Some exceptions are made on dress forms, but the BEST ones are on people, and preferably without the heads cut off ;-) 
-- are well-lit and in focus
-- show your hard work to its best advantage!
(PLEASE check out previous gallery photos to see what kinds of photos we are seeking. . . )

If your photo(s) are selected, you will be notified and you will need to give us permission to use your photo(s). Please understand that we can't choose every submission, as we can get too many submissions for some of the same patterns. 

We can't wait to see the lovely finished items!  Thanks so much for your submissions.



Those shawl pins are a pretty and an ideal way to add so much versatility to knitted garments!

Good thinking Romi!

Trish Johnstone

Hi I have just finished my beautiful long shawl collared lace vest. What a dream to knit, I purchased my yarn from our local knitting manufacturer Bendigo Knitting Mills in their Luxury 10ply yarn, colour Leaf. I have had so many compliments on your pattern. I just love it! Your patterns are wonderful, my next one on the needles is your lovely Alpaca scarf, just have to pick out my colour. I am trying to post a photo of the finished vest, here goes...


hi i like the knit patterns but living in australia would be so hard to get from usa, i wish i could download for free would help me

what do u surjest



Barb: you do download them! That's the beauty of it. You get them immediately.

When will I find out if the pictures I submitted will be posted?

isabelle facq


first i must say i am soooo happy to be part of the knitting club! i just finished the Hamachi pattern, offspring from the pendant blanket. i made it in green for autumn, wool from Cheval Blanc.
thanks again for such lovely patterns!

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