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Heather's Chic Cowl Neck Sweater

Here is a finished #90 Chic Cables and Lace Cowl Neck Sweater from kntter, Heather M. from Brighton, East Sussex, England.

"I used Patons Inca in Camel (7024).
This was my first proper item of clothing I had completed and I found it kept my interest the whole time without being particularly challenging. Having the cable or lace pattern all the way was great too, meaning there were no impenetrable walls stockinette, and there were loads of clever little details in the short rows and the placement of the shaping. I love that it looks like darts in dresses. Very posh. I did change the sleeves to being long and slightly shaped, to keep me warm. In case anyone's interested, I did the sleeves like thus: I did a skp, k2, k2tog every 8 rounds (1.5in) 5 times or until the elbow, making a sort of seam. Then knit straight until it measured 20in and did an inch of ribbing on smaller needles."

Thanks so much Heather!  Looks great and I love your photo. 

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Y. Dickson

Hi Heather! Your sweater is lovely! I am knitting up the same pattern, but have not progresed very far. We cast on 126 stitches, but there are only 70 stitches in the suceeding rows. How did you compensate for that? Thanks for your info.

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