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Cecile's Talia Shaped Vest

Here's a great photo of a finished #82 Talia Shaped Vest pattern.  The yarn choice shows great stitch definition and it fits so nicely!  Thanks for sharing your photo, Cecile.

Here's what Cecile had to say about the pattern:
"Although I have been knitting and crocheting for years, I've never actually moved beyond making scarves, blankets, hats and the like.  The Talia Shaped Vest was the first vest/sweater that I have ever completed (or attempted for that matter,) and I still feel surprised that I was able to finish it and have it turn out!  I love wearing it!

I made a couple of changes to the ribbing along the waistline and I used Patons Classic Wool [in Grey Mix], which turned out looking great.  It was challenging at times but overall was a pretty simple pattern. I had lots of fun making this vest!" -- Cecile D., Seattle, WA
My Vest 



I love your version of the vest!! Great job! My daughter wants me to make one for her. Can you tell me what changes you made to the pattern?

Thanks and Congratulations from a fellow Seattleite living in Connecticut.

Bonnie from Bremerton WA

What a beautiful Sweater!!!Good for you, I have not been brave enough to take the leap and try to tackle a sweater project! Hurray for you!


I love this gallery pic. of the sweater vest. This picture has inspired me to try it. I usually would want to wear the darker colors but this lighter version really shows off the stitches! Thank you for the FREE pattern!


Thanks! What nice comments! Julie, the main change was that I just added one extra row of ribbing on the first ribbed row towards the bottom of the sweater. I hope that makes sense! :)

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I have not been brave enough to take the leap and try to tackle a sweater project! Hurray for you!

joanne price

How do I get the pattern for this vest I have been trying over and over? [email protected]

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