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Top-Down Vine Lace Sisters!

Two sisters knit the #77 Vine Lace Top-Down Cardigan together as their first sweater projects!  Very cool.  AND, they live 2000 miles from each other! 

Check out their different yarn choices and finished results:

On the left, is sister Jane, who used Cascade 109 Tweed #7601.  Her sister, Lisa, knit her version with Reynolds Lopi Medium Borwn Tweed #4035.


"We made the pattern together for moral support (it was the first sweater for both of us and Lisa just started knitting a year ago) .

Even though we live 2000 miles apart. I visit my family 3 times a year, so that's when we'd knit together. We absolutely loved the pattern and it was pretty easy to follow, although we put a few "HELP!!!!s" out to Ravelry. What helpful people on that site, especially Dawn S., also from Oregon.

Changes I made to mine:
1. I made the cuffs 3 1/2" instead of 4" and used #10 needles on them instead of 11s.
2. I also added 2 inches to the sleeves, but since I have money arms (long) I wish I had made them an inch longer. Lisa's were the perfect length and she didn't change anything on the sleeves or cuffs.
3. We both made 5 rows of ribbing on the bottom edge of the sweater instead of 3. We just liked the way that looked.

We loved the top-down pattern, since we're both lazy about sewing pieces together after it's all knit. But It's time for us to stop being lazy." -- Jane R., Eugene, OR


Jane also emailed me:

"We sure love the sweater.  We both want to make another Vine Lace Cardigan, but you've tempted us with other patterns. Help!  We can't stop knitting."

LOVE it!  I'm so happy that this pattern is turning out to be a great intro to sweaters for newer knitters!  AND, the top-down really allows people to adjust the sleeve and body lengths easily, which is one of the many reasons I like the top-down design myself!

Keep these finished gallery photos coming!  It's almost hard to recognize it as the same sweater. . .  To submit your version of a SweaterBabe.com pattern (photos on real people), please read the post on submitting photos and winning free patterns.


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