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[K1, yo] 3 times, k1 - all in same stitch?!

Hello Sweaterbabe,

I have been knitting for years but never come across this knitting direction before.

Could you please explain how to to do "k1yo, k1yo, k1yo, k1, all in same stitch". This has got me stumped!!

Thanks in anticipation, Wendy.

Dear Wendy,

Yup - it's a tricky one!

This is how:

K1, but do NOT slip the st off of the left-hand needle,


now, K1 into the BACK of that same stitch (and still don't slip it off of the left-hand needle),


now, K1 into the FRONT of that same stitch (like you just did at the beginning of this!),


and lastly, K1 into the BACK of the same stitch,

let it slip off of your left-hand needle.


The directions could have mentionned that you need to do the knitting into the front and back of the stitch (alternating) in order to fit all that in.  I think that would have been a helpful note!

Does it make sense now?  Must be a cool looking, textured stitch pattern!

-- SweaterBabe


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