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Dear SweaterBabe,

Hi I have a question about a knitting pattern for a baby hooded jacket.

The patteren gives instructions for a boy's left front and a girl's right front ect. but does that mean the actual front of the item as when it's worn or is it the front left that would be facing you if it were lying flat in front of you?

Thanks for any help.

Dear Knitter,

The standard convention (at least here in the U.S., and in the patterns I've done for Vogue and seen in magazines like Rowan and Rebecca) is to refer to the Right and Left AS WORN.  So, the Right Front is the Right Front of the sweater-wearer.

I think it is the convention that makes the most sense and you should find most all patterns follow it.

I can't vouch for all patterns, so it's a good idea to read ahead (like you do for recipes!) and just make sure things make sense, especially if there are differences between the left and front (e.g. buttonholes can be on the right vs. left depending on the gender you are knitting for!). 

I hope pattern writers are using the standard convention, but you never know!

-- SweaterBabe


Ann Kelliher

I am still confused. I work as a nurse and we look at thing anatomically. If you say left is as you are wearing it does that mean the left is on my left arm or if someone is looking me they will be looking at my right arm,their left. Thanks


Hi Ann!

Yes - Left is on the Left of your body and your Left arm.

Right is the right-side of the person wearing the sweater. On your Right arm and on your Right shoulder...

Hope that helps!


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