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Minerva S., a Member of the Knitting Club, asked me this:

Dear SweaterBabe,

What is your opinion on using a steamer to block knitted or crocheted items?

-- Minerva S.

And here is what I suggested:

I use a steam iron to do all of my blocking these days, unless I feel that more blocking is necessary.

If I want more blocking, I use wet handtowels (mostly wrung out) and lay them on top of the pinned down items and let it all air dry.

Are you asking about a steam iron or one of those fancy steamers that has a big water tank that you use for hanging items?

If you mean a steamer that is intended for use while an item is hung, I would definitely NOT recommend that. Most knitwear is too heavy and will stretch out if hung, especially if moisture is added.

-- SweaterBabe

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Mary Meyer

I like a steamer for blocking and will use my friends tank variety but still block things flat using foam core as a base. You have to watch the yarn type though. Acrylic is very sensitve to heat and will loose body if too much heat is used. I Just finished a vine lace christening gown made from Sirdir Snuggley. I washed the finished gown (washing machine) and wet blocked. Cottons and wool respond well to steam.

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