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Grafting the Cowl

Luxe Cabled Cowl and Membership Giveaway!

Chunky lush cowls are looking to be big (literally AND figuratively) this coming fall and winter!

Here is my version (pattern #103 Luscious Cabled Cowl, coming very soon!) - a super quick knit in a bulky weight yarn.  The fabulous all-over cable pattern and the rich, heathered color make this cowl easily pass for the super-expensive ones I've seen in fashion magazines!

The cables at the edges of the cowl create a elegant wavy edging for the top and bottom.  It's worked sideways, then seamed up the back.  If you prefer a skinnier cowl, you can knit fewer rows; if you prefer a looser cowl, knit more rows.

AND this cowl project only uses 2 hanks of yarn!  The sample is knit in Knit Picks Swish Bulky, a very soft merino wool that feels great snuggled up against my neck. 

Here are some photos of the new cowl, worn draped around the neck and pulled up:



Here it is folded over a bit in front to keep out the chill.


I think this is a great pattern to make as gifts for friends.

Look for the pattern announcement in an upcoming email newsletter.

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P.P.S. Meanwhile, I'll be giving away one-month's free membership* to 3 people who comment on this blog post by 9pm PST, September 8th. With membership, you'll get this pattern and more for fr-ee during your trial month!  Winners will be chosen at random on September 10th.  One comment per person, please.

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9/8/09 Update:  Entry into the giveaway is now closed.  Thanks for all the great comments!  Winner to be posted later this week.

9/10/09: AND the 3 randomly chosen winners are. . . Julie Brandenburg, Stephanie McGuckin, and Alison!  You have each been emailed with instructions on how to start your fr-ee membership month.  Enjoy and congrats!!!



I love that cowl - looks very snuggly, but elegant!


I'm ordering the yarn now to make that cowl. You did an excellent job with yet another beautiful pattern.

Jennifer E

I've been looking for a cowl pattern and I think this is the one. Beautiful!


Very pretty - can't wait to make one!!

Karen McGee

That is a really cool neck warmer. It would be great on those cool, crisp nights you go out with friends.


This looks like an awesome cowl. Just what they are showing for this season!

Jean Chang

Wow, I'm excited - it looks like a great "quick knit"!


very cushy & comfortable looking!


Oooh, that cowl looks so smooshy and luscious! I think I'll make it for my coworkers' Christmas gifts. :-)

Angie H.

Wow! That is seriously cute. Just love it to pieces. I have been making your patterns for years and truly love them!

Angie H.


That is very pretty! I really like the cable pattern :)


Love the cables - very lush. I'd love to wear this.

Barbara Gates

Love this pattern and plan to make it!


That's one of my favorite blues, and the cowl itself makes me wish for cooler weather!


Absolutely gorgeous!! Can't wait for the pattern!


SweaterBabe, you've done it again! A unique, beautiful piece that we can't wait to knit - perfect gift for the holidays, too!

Susan Spiers

This is a wonderful idea and fast to knit too! Luv it!

Adele Palmiotti

Beautiful cowl....right up my alley. When will it be available. Beautiful color, pattern, I want it.


It's a beauty, almost like a tiny portion of a sweater, so I can get used to cabling without the stress of piecing a larger project. Good work!


Love the cowl and I can't wait to make it!


I love the stylish look of this cowl. Looks like a great x-mas gift

Mary Helgesen

The cowl is gorgous! I'm a club member, so am I still eligible for a free month? Thanks!


This cowl is appealing, looks lovely and soft, warming, feminine and stylish..... just what I would love to wear!!!

Marlys Leder

Mmmm, that just looks so snuggly and soft! And the color you chose is fabulous! I think for this one I would be willing to learn how to do cables :)
Marlys <><


That cowl is a real " Eye Catcher", very stylish, sexy, and chic all in one. Definitely in my que for fall knitting!

Julie Brandenburg

This is great, I saw the Burberry cowls from the runway and thought about trying to recreate one, but now I won't have to.


Thanks - with this beautiful cowl to knit for fall, I feel better about letting go of summer!!

Heidi Monkey

That cowl is lovely, as are all of your patterns. THanks so much!

Olivia Sze

I like this Cabled Cowl! Looks so warm and snuggly!

Sabrina J.

It looks very snuggly without being frou-frou.


even the picture looks cozy!


That is EXACTLY what I was looking for!!! ahh!! I need to use up this super bulky yarn I have laying around taking up space in my stash!!

Janet Pruett

I like this pattern very much. I haven't cared for cowls too much but this is a very pretty pattern.

Linda Clark

I so look forward to your newsletter....and what appears today is a cowl!!!!!!! I am addicted to making cowls, have done 10 now but this one looks so soft and warm....was wondering can I make this on circular needles??? all the others I have made are done so...... so sewing which I have trouble doing nicely. Have a super day...now off to make another cowl!!!!!!!!!




That cowl is gorgeous. You're right, it looks just as good as anything you'd see in the fall fashion mags.


This cowl is gorgeous. I ove the way it gathers up and looks oh so cozy.


This looks so fluffy and warm. The thing about cowls is that they don't come undone like a scarf, I think that is what appeals to me.

Natalie Dyer

The versatility and the ways it keeps so much of my neck and shoulders warm make this a winner for winter!!! Thanks!


It is a lovely shade but I wouldn't be able to wear it comfortably. Too fluffy and fussy. Still I can see how many people would absolutely love it. I like the cable pattern but would use in further away from my face.



This cowl is so fashion forward looking. I love it!


What a combination of beauty and art! I love this elegant yet practical cowl - so unique!


This is really nice looking. I'm not ready to think about cold weather yet but I might look forward to wearing it!

Deborah A

How Cozy! I live where the winter weather dips down to -25C or lower some days so a cowl would be perfect - love the colour!


Pretty! What a great way to stay warm and accessorize!


Lovely cowl, I have been looking for a pretty neckwarmer pattern for ages. Just in time for fall knitting.


Ooooh, how snuggly! Could be a new fav :)


Oh, how wonderful, that's a cowl I just have to knit!


wow it's beautiful cowl! I want to try it!

Tami Steptoe

This one looks SO luxurious! It makes me super excited for the cooler months ahead...a great color too!

stephanie mcguckin

what a great cowl i think i might have to buy this pattern


Lovely cowl! I love the cables!

janice Rosenberg

How elegant this looks!


I love anything that keeps me warm in the winter and that cowl looks beautiful at the same time.


I adore this cowl! I'm an instant gratification kinda person, so I love patterns for small projects - and this one has enough pizazz to keep it interesting!


Gorgeous...I love cowls.


Ohh it looks cuddly!

Hanh-Trang Ginocchio

If done in a fall hand-dyed colorway it would be perfect for the season


I am so looking forward to making this cowl. It looks like the perfect gift for my dear daughter-in-law.


Fantastic... just love that cowls

Karen Gilbank

I love cables, and this cowl looks so lovely, and cozy! Perfect!


Your patterns are all so lovely and wearable. Thanks for another great one.


Cowls are so versatile and this one looks really warm and pretty.

Donna C

I love the way the cowl lays around the neck.


the cowl is great. would love to win the pattern but will purchase if i don't win!


I just love this cowl...it looks so cozy and makes me think of taking a long walk on a cool autumn day with a mug of hot cocoa!


Beautiful! I adore cables.


Cables and a Cowl.....WOW!!! How much better can it get????


I think the cowl is very stylish and I love the colour of the yarn too!


This is just gorgeous, I can see this in a matching color for my winter coat.

Andrea Ihara

Totally in love. I want this in a beautiful variegated olive green with flecks of gold and brown in something incredibly soft!



Ooohh! I love it! Chic and quick to knit - the perfect Holiday gift for all my best girls!


I love cables and I love cowls! Great combination! And I'd love to join the knitting club!!!! :)


Nice! The colour is lovely.


Looks perfect for a Minnesota winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl Berg

There are many patterns that are very pretty, but for those that yearn of the “Sophisticated” look, this is in a class all of it’s own. Thank you for opening the door of opportunity with this pattern.

Christina Tretick

So beautiful, can't wait to make one.

mary knapp-samet

just what I need for xmas presents

Susan Kaufman

Saw lots of coals at Bloomies. Now I can knit myself and the girls their own !!!


I would love to win a contest...

This cowl looks super-cozy! I'm not really a cowl-knitter, but I think I'd try this one if I ever decided to go for it. :)

Julia Elman

I love it. Thick and snuggly!


I've been looking for a good cowl or scarf to cuddle up in once it finally gets cool here *fingers crossed* I think I may just found the perfect one :)


what a beautiful cowl! looks so nice n warm!


I am not usually a fan of cowls, but this one is beautiful! I may have to make one for myself since I am always cold...even in the summer.

Carol Swenson

I love the look of this cowl. I know a friend and it would be a perfect xmas gift and of course one for me.


This cowl is BEAUTIFUL!
Thanks for the chance to enter the contest.


This looks like the perfect thing for our cold snowy Vermont winters!!


Ooh! So delicious. You have such amazing talent.

Elaine Cowie

Snuggly & sensational!

sandrajean anderson

The cowl definitely has a high end designer look to it and is perfect for those who want to keep their neck warm but not have a long scarf.

Sandy Odom

Super! - as always with your patterns.

S. Godlewski

Looks like a luxurious fluid dreamy bit of neck warmth with lovely drape.

Donna Dalzell

Looks stylish, easy to wear and quick to knit!!

Mary Helgesen

I love the cowl and am enjoying the club. I'd love to win a free month! Thank you.

Jeannine Hendricks

I love the look, need some cable mittens to complete the cozy look :o)

Susan Spiers

Light & Lovely especially looks good with a sleeveless top!


Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! It looks fantastic and I have just the top to wear with it!! I am rather new to knitting and I may just have to buckle down and buy this one. It would be my first purchased pattern but who can resist!!!!!????


I never knitted cables... this small project could be the one! I like the idea of wearing a cowl instead of a scarf!


I love the color and the texture - great pattern!

Dana Armstrong

This is a gorgeous cowl. This looks really warm! Love your designs and would love to try your club!

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