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Yarn Owls for taming Yarn as you knit or crochet!!!


What's a Yarn Owl, you ask??  Well, it's an interesting yarn container from Diana Couture ( that will contain and keep your yarn clean, tangle-free, and away from your pets as you knit OR crochet.

Sounds like a great idea!  But do they work well?

Diana sent me her Yarn Owls (skein size and sock project size shown here) to give them a try and here is my review.

First off - they are pretty cute! 
They have an adorable Owl pattern on them, as you can see in the photo.  And the bright red wrist straps are a pretty accent.  Aesthetically, I'm a fan!  Much cooler than the plastic kind that are available (tupperware doesn't cut it if I'm in a yarn snob mood!).

They are also very nicely made. 
I can tell that real care and thought were put into the sewing of each one.  Each Yarn Owl is fully lined in a natural colored cotton, which is ideal for keeping your yarn clean and unsnagged (there are NO exposed seams inside).  Plus, the weight of the cotton fabric and the double thickness (the Owl fabric + lining) give these Yarn Owls just enough structure that they hold their own shape, yet could be collapsed to fit into a tight knitting or crochet bag.

I tried a Yarn Owl as I walked around the house knitting!
Works great!  It's like what a headset does for someone who is always on the phone.  It just makes so much sense and is such a nice convenience for someone who knits or crochets a lot to be able to carry around and protect their ball of yarn.  The red strap can be snapped onto your belt loop, held around your wrist, even looped around the arm of your chair (depending on your chair, of course).  Much better than having a ball of yarn rolling loosely around on the floor attracting and creating lint and furballs.

The top snaps easily and nicely, allowing the yarn to pull through a hole at the top very smoothly.  Works just as designed (what we used to call a "WAD" when I was a computer programmer!).  YarnOwl_Open_1000

Plastic "yarntainers" and unstructured bags with holes at the top just aren't as well-suited to all the uses that these Yarn Owls are perfect for!  And because of the snap-top design, you can just remove the yarn and change out your ball vs. having to cut it, which is what some of the other yarn holders require you to do.

The taller skein version is nice too, and Diana notes on her site that even the fatter skeins will work.  The larger Yarn Owls can also be used to store your smaller project in with the yarn.  Great portability!YarnOwl_Ball_1000

Overall, a really well-designed product that would be an really nice gift!
Yarn Owls are available at Diana's etsy shop at:  They come in other designs as well.

[Now, if they could only make these big enough to contain my 9-month old.  Ha ha!]

Diana also sent me samples of her Skeini-T products (T-shirts for skeins!). my review of those coming soon!

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*** LASTLY, I will be giving away a Small Yarn Owl.  Just leave a comment about this topic on this blog post by midnight, August 30, 2009, to enter the drawing.  One commenter will be chosen randomly as the wiinner!  One entry per person. ***

*** 8/31/09: AND THE RANDOMLY CHOSEN WINNER IS. . . Denise Park!  Congratulations, Denise! Enjoy your Yarn Owl and come share you thoughts on it when you get a chance to try it out! ***


Tracie Barrett

This is an awesome idea! I love that you can remove the yarn without cutting it. That's the one thing that's kept me from so many other yarn-tainers. I have project ADD and am always changing what I want to work on.


Those are really, really cute. Good to hear (read) they are functional as well. Perhaps I should get one to use when I (finally) start my Talia... :)


Okay, these are fascinating! And considering I live with 5 cats, something like this would be a boon for my poor yarn!

Wendy Marple

These are really cool. Great review too.

Margo Lynn

Nice! I have been making small ones from a crochet pattern as gifts, but I think this is more practical.

Jane Vdoviak

The yarn owl looks like a pretty neat thing to have! And the fabric is really cute. Love it!

Marion Naylor

Wow that yarn bag looks like a wonderfull idea! Hope this enters me in the running!


Thanks for the info! I am going to get me one!


Kristine M Murphy

Those sounds wonderful! Thank you for the review.


What a good idea

Mary Lou Pearce

Better than those old plastic yarn barns and a lot prettier


Thanks for sharing the Yarn Owls! They are too cute and I think I need one!

Janice Van Arsdol

The Yarn Owl is very cute and looks like it would work well.
I plan on buying them for my knitting buddies.


These look like such a great idea! I've tried all sorts of things to try and stop my cat from attacking my yarn as I knit.
I'll have to stop by her etsy shop and take a gander.


omg these are SO adorable!!!!! I've never seen anything like them. And of course, I want one! Please pick me!!!! :D

Heather K

The Yarn Owls are very cute and practical, too. Looks like a well-thought-out design, and I WANT one, LOL.
Smiles, Heather


Wow, what a great product, thank you for the review (and also for the joke with "wishing one for the baby"). ;o)
The Yarn Owls look so cute and sure are great helpers, I have just frogged almost ready socks (always knit at the same time, were too loose, should have been a gift) and started with fewer stitches, now the balls roll through the house as soon as I start to knit - I can´t tell you, if I spend more time on knitting or running after the yarn-balls... ;o)
The link to Diana´s shop is bookmarked and I will soon take time to walk through the shop and fill my basket. BTW, I also love the Yarn-T´s (especially the one with the almost naked sheep), looking forward to your review.

Should I really mention that I´d be very happy to win such a Yarn-Owl (ok, I don´t expect to win, I never had luck in drawings etc.)?! ;o)

Have a great day, Bea


It looks very interesting, but a picture with you wearing it would be even better.

Cyndi Swank

I've been wanting a yarn holder that works like this one. I do a lot of knitting in the car while my husband is driving, and this is perfect for snapping onto a belt loop. It solves the yarn-falling-onto-the-floor-in-a-hard-place-to-retrieve-it-problem. The owls are really cute, too!

Barb Moore

wow, great idea. we have two dogs and I hate chasing my yarn across the floor and pulling of all the dog hair.


kathy Kinrade

Looks like it would be very good to take with you while you knit.I always find it hard to knit away,the balls roll all over the place and get tangled.Very nice idea.


These are adorable!

liana olivier

these yarn owls looks if they could work well. especially the smaller one. I always take small items
with me where ever I go.

Lue Hamrick

I recently began to ride and drive in my husband's 18 wheel rig. I love to knit to help pass the time on our runs. Unfortunately, the floor is not always the cleanest. A Yarn Owl would keep my yarn from rolling off my lap and onto the truck floor board. It would keep the yarn clean and would fold up nicely when I am done. I have a very compact space for my yarn stash and clothes! I would love to have such a cute yarn holder!


I don't like the mesh yarn bras but the Yarn Owl is really pretty ... I think I'd give it a try. Thanks for the review.


Those look very nifty!!!


The owls are adorable!


What luck!! I love doing tapestry crochet and was think'n maybe a container type thing would help with the tangling of the yarns...I never thought I would be able to find something so CUTE!!


Great review of a great product! Socks are my go-to commuting projects and I often knit while walking to/from the bus stop, on the bus and out "in the world" and a Yarn Owl would be perfect for me. And for at-home projects, they'd be a great way to keep the dog hair out of my work. Love it!

Diana Britton

What a clever, creative lady! Wish I would have thought of the Yarn Owl. It sure beats using zip lock bags!

I didn't see if she had designed a holder for circular knitting needles. I'm using a wall file rack to hold mine for now. Not attractive but it works.

Cherie K. Fischer

Great review and looks like a great product. I love owls so this will be perfect.

Debbie Hallamek

That look like a wonderful idea especially for sock knitting, I would love to win one. Debbie


What a great idea. And so cute! I love the print on the fabric.

Amy Williams

Owls and knitting - two of my favorite things! This is so cute AND just what I need to keep my toddler from unraveling my yarn (she has her own fun stash for that)!




The Yarn Owl bag is really nice-would keep my yarn handy when traveling as I take my crochet wherever I go! Really nice, Thanks!


What an excellent idea. Please pass along the kudos.


These Yarn Owls are abrilliant design. Great idea and very unique!!!

Debbie B

They are absolutely adorable and I gather from what you say, well-made too.

LC Carr

This is such a wonderful idea, am ging to put it on my b-day list.

Thanks for the review


The yarn owl was a fantastic idea.We're planning to get a cat and that way my "yarn-babies" could stay safe from the claws :-)

Connie C Smith

This seems to be just what I've been hunting ! Over the years I don't know how many bags,etc., that's I've tried and discarded; as not-work-able ....the main thing I've found that designers can't seem to GET RID OF; is the VELCRO. Velcro and yarn DO NOT MIX ! This doesn't have any !! YEA !!! Where can I get some ???


Cool! This was my first newsletter, loved the information and patterns!


Those yarn owls look amazing! I've been wanting something like this for a while -- if I don't win the giveaway, I might need to go buy one! :-)

Kelly Giguere

such a great idea! I could really use one for waiting during my kids activities. Beautiful, calming colors, too.


I love the idea of the yarn owls. It is a great way to keep your yarn clean and easily accessible. Thank you for the drawing!!


The Yarn Owl is a simple product, probably fairly easy to sew up, so why is it only now being invented! It is almost the "paperclip" of yarn savers. I love this idea and will be ordering some. It will be the perfect gift for knitting & crocheting friends, too.

Mary Blake

oh I want one..
I love this idea, they look great.


I hadn't seen these before.....but like the style and design.....nice when sitting because it has a flat bottom. Think I will run over to her Etsy show and see what follows me home..

always alice

Melissa Bruner

I do like my yarn sphere, but this is more portable, and attractive!

Carol Campbell

Great idea - wonder if this one will defeat my cat!

Kristina Stagg

Amazing! It would be so great to knit and crochet without my cat having a seizure in my yarn from all the excitement! Ha Ha!


Not having to cut the yarn to remove it from the Yarn Owl is a great feature.


I like that the containers have a little bit of structure without being plastic, and the fabric is cute too.

Mary Helgesen

They sound great! That is just what I need!


so cute! I think i need one!


What a great product - I'll have to check this out for holiday gifts for my knitting and crocheting friends!

Monique Leigh

Oooo, now that's cute! I've wanted something I could take to work with me so I can bring my knitting to lunch or break (can't knit while on the phones, more's the pity) without risking the yarn getting dirty. I know what's going on my wish list next!

Pam Hicks

Great idea and just what we need when playing with yarn....keeping it neat and tidy, pet free, kid free and clean....also you can pick up and go with ease. I could use this travelling on the train ofr in the car. I can keep my project in my bag ready for action anytime.

Sherray Shipley

I think the small Yarn Owl would be perfect for my Peaches n Creme dishcloth cotton! I'll definitely add one to my Christmas Wish List!


Love that this has snaps so you can remove the yarn without cutting it! I tried another similar product but once the yarn was threaded through the hole and placed in the container, you couldn't remove it without cutting. This one's a lot prettier, too!!


What a great little item to add to my bag! Great review and recommendation! I've been known to stick a skein of thread in my pocket or purse and walk around craft shows crocheting on Christmas garland and I would think a Yarn Owl would make things even easier.


That´s clever. i have seen something like this before, but never seen the point really. All my yarn and Fos has cat hairs on it, so maybe i should try a yarn owl.


What a wonderful idea and soooo cute.


The yarn owl is super cute and functional too--Wow! I would love to have one of these!

Lisa Paulk

This is a great idea and I would love to have one as my daughter has a short-haired dog who sheds and I am always having to pick his fine hairs off my yarn. Cool idea.

Sara Spalding

What a cute idea! Those owls are adorable too!


Looks like it could actually work.. :p really cute!


I don't have one yet, but I've seen them up close and personal, and I think they are a great idea! Will have to get one soon!

jena goshia

This looks pretty nice. I've tried the plastic bottle type and they work fine but they're ugly. This looks cute and should work well. I'm going to check my LYS to see if they carry them.

Elizabeth Saylon

I love the idea of this, especially that it has a handle that can hang from my wrist or to hang on anything as I knit or crochet. I would not have to walk around my home knitting or crochetig out of a plastic bag haning from my wrst or lying on the floor at my feet. LOL Love it.

Lee Willits

Great idea...will save me from picking cat hair out of the yarn as I knit.


CUTE! I'm going to go mark her shop as a favorite (just in case I don't win).

Jeaneane Renz

Thanks for the review!! These are perfect for knitting at playdates (with small children running around) and around the house since I have a dog who sheds like mad!! I think I am going to have to get a few.

brenda castiel

These do sound like a great idea. Thx for the review!

Connie Fish

The Yarn Owl sounds perfect for me! I love to take along my projects & really nice totes that are attractive & actually practical are hard to find. I'd love to win one, but I think I'm going to the site & order one, too, just to make sure I get one! Thanks for the "heads up"


Tally WHOOOo! How cute are these little yarn holders. I appreciate your review. I'm going to pop over to Etsy and get one.
Thank YOU!


I love my plastic yarn-tainer, but it has an exposed seam inside. Bought the bigger one, too, but don't use it because the handle broke, and you can't change yarn w/o cutting it. Yarn Owls look like they have several advantages, including greater squishiness for putting in my tote!


We live in a rural area, not too well provided with craft outlets. I discovered one of the old-fashioned plastic yarn barns, which of course came home with me. It's forever separating while in use-annoying, and as others have noted, changing colours before the ball is done means cutting it to free it from the barn. I am quite excited to see this idea and cannot wait to try one myself. Sounds like a lot of mail orders coming.

MJ Humphrey

These do look great! I love the top snap idea. I love the fact you can change out your yarns but if you do get a big knot in your yarn you can easily get to it and untangle the yarn. Nice work!

Tina Rose

How lovely! Purrrfect for protecting the laceweight yarn (lace shawl in progress) from kitty claws (already had to Russian Splice cat slashed yarn several times)


OHHHH,please count me in on a chance to win this giveaway and to try out the yarn owl.
Thank you


This really looks like a solution (and an attractive one at that!) to working with yarn whilst living with cats! Maybe I won't be quite the cat magnet with one of these around ... cat(s) on lap is not always conducive to effective knitting/crocheting! Many thanks for the review.

Ita Benjamin

This is really cute and useful! Thanks for the info!

Judy Summers-Gates

You can tell that this product was designed "by" a yarnie "for" us yarnies! And it looks "lhasa-proof" (I have 3)... something that many of the other yarn holders I have used WERE NOT....

Congrats to the eventual winner of this great container! Judy

Fiadhnat McGrath

Great idea, I'll just have to mosey over to her shop and maybe buy myself one, just in case I don't win one here!


Oh my goodness! I saw the owls, and instantly I knew I had to have one. My grandmother got me into owls, as well as yarn, so this is a really nice combination! And I agree, you need an action shot of you walking about the house knitting with it in your belt loops!

Marlys Leder

What a totally FABULOUS idea! This is exactly what I have been needing!!!
Marlys <><


I really like the sound of these. Much better than the knitting bag I use which also has tape measure, scissors, talcum powder, stitch markers etc in it and keeps getting snagged. Thank you for the review.


Thanks for the product review. It does sound like a good idea!


This is an absolutely adorable solution to a major problem for knitters and crocheters.....a bag that stay open, yet closed. Nothing is worse than fighting a project bag to get the yarn to feed smoothly!
I really like how it looks and how it should function.

Thanks for the review and I will be looking for this product.

Vicki Morgan-Bogart

I knit in the car on trips & my yarn always ends up on the floorboard. This would be a great help. Thanks.

Ann Hawkins

Finally, a practical and attractive solution to an age old problem! I have been crocheting and knitting for 20 + years and have never been able to tame the wandering yarn ball problem. This is the way to go. compact, portable, a strap so that you dont have to stay in one place,clean tangle free yarn! sign me up! I would love to have one.

Lisa Payne

Those look really cool-and the owl fabric is a hoot!

Zoya Fuller

I love owls. This is really cute and functional too. What a nice way to keep your yarn tidy.


I saw these once before but didn't really get how they worked so I thank you for the review. I've had problems with the other skein holders and would love to try this!


Those are so cute!
my cats would be disappointed, though, they wouldn't be able to find the yarn.


I love that you don't have to cut the yarn to remove it.. great idea!

Bethany C.

That is a great idea! Love the style & the fabric is too cute!

Carla Siu

What an awesome idea! I love that you can walk around while you knit or crochet :) And I can envision using this in my car (at stop lights, of course!). No more yarn rolling under the seat! Thanks for a great review.

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