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Drape-Front Lace Cardigan

13-Year Old Emily's Vine Lace Cardigan

"My name is Emily and I'm 13 years old. Quite a few months ago I found your web site through google, and the second I started looking at the patterns I fell in love with the vine lace cardigan.

It took me about 8 months to make it and it was a little trickier than I was used to, but it was worth it. I love how it came up. I did it all by myself, mum only had to show me how to pick up sts for the collar, the rest I worked out alone. I'm about to start the Talia vest. Cant wait! lots of love," -- Emily S. from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Wow - thanks, Emily! You did a terrific job! When did you learn to knit? I was making sweaters too at 13, but I'm not sure I tackled ones like this! You are a talented knitter!

Here are more details from Emily: "I used three strands of spotlight 8ply in chocolate brown. I found it a little tricky to get my head around at first (because I'm not a very experienced knitter) but after a little bit I was ok."

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Details are at: http://blog.sweaterbabe.com/knitting/2009/03/finished-project-photos.html



How adorable. She worked it out herself, got a bit of help, and has a sweater that will be warm and cozy for its accomplishment and its coverage.


Great work, Emily! Can't wait to see how your Talia vest turns out. Be sure to post a photo of the finished vest, too.

Nancy K

My, what a beautiful job Emily! Well done young knitter. You should be very proud of your beautiful work. Look forward to seeing more of your work.
Knit on!! hugs to you


Great job Emily!!! What a beautiful sweater! I just love it!


Emily, you rock!

You are definitely an inspiration!


I think i was 5 or 6 when i learnt to knit, but didn't do much 'till I was about 11


Emily, Great job on your sweater. I have been trying to get my daughter interested in knitting and she was really inspired by your accomplishment. Please post your other projects.


I was doing some pretty neat things at age 13 and even under, but I know I wasn't tackling anything like this. This is terrific, beautiful job, and you're inspiring me to getting super-serious about picking up my needles again. I've been in a funk lately with regard to both crocheting and knitting.

Patti Simons

Love the versatility of the shawl pins. Using one allows many different ways to wear such a beautiful sweater. I believe the delicate pin enhances the intricate lace design.

kathy foerster

Wonderful job, Emily!

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