13-Year Old Emily's Vine Lace Cardigan
Elegant Shawl Pins - A new product review!

Drape-Front Lace Cardigan

Here are some of the many ways to wear my new Draped-Front Lace Cardigan (pattern coming soon)!

It's another top-down design using Knit Picks Swish DK yarn in a wonderful green heather shade.


Here it is with the fronts pinned lightly at the top so the rest is left open to drape:


And here is what the cardigan looks like without any pin closure:


Then, you can have lots of fun with this cardigan by pinning the fronts closed in different ways - off-center, a little lower to allow the top to drape, or gathered at the waist! The shawl pin used in these photos is a beautiful silver bird pin from DesignsbyRomi.com (I'll be reviewing her Shawl Pins soon!).





This pattern has yet to be written up, but is in my queue!

Enter to win a fr-ee copy of this pattern! Just enter a comment on this post by 9pm PST, September 20th. Three winners will be randomly selected to win a fr-ee copy of this pattern emailed to them as soon as the pattern is released. Limit one comment per person, please. Good luck!



Wow, that's gorgeous and versatile! Absolutely lovely. :)

Steph Guyer

Wow!! This one's a beauty! I love the flow and drape. :)I can hardly wait for the pattern to be released; it's going right on the top of my to do stack when it is!


absolutely beautiful!!!


I am in love with this pattern. It is just the perfect mesh of casual and feminine.


Heidi Monkey

What a gorgeous cardigan, this looks like something I'd wear every day!


I have to make it! It's so beautiful!

Robin Steinbeck

What a beautiful cardi!! It would be blast to make!

Elizabeth Delisi

Love the lace pattern, the neckline, and the multiple ways to wear it. Very versatile!

Kelly C.

I would love to make this cardigan & wear it. This is beautiful!

Misty the Kneedler

I love it! I've got a full bag of DK weight wool that's just crying out to be made in something beautiful, and that pattern looks like it would fit the bill perfectly.

valerie labre

The draped front lace cardigan pattern looks gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
sorry i cant afford to get it.

Jennifer Rotsaert

This cardigan is Freakin' Fantastic! Wow! What else can I say....

David Ritz

i love this cardigan. along with all of your patterns!!.. love the drape of the front of it! always look forward to your patterns.. keep with the excellent work


I adore this pattern. It is quite lovely. I'll vie for the free pattern, or I'll buy it.

Janet Pruett

I love this Drape-front lace cardigan. I love the way it flows and that it can be worn many ways. It has the kind of drape that I really love.

Denise Park

It is so beautiful! Will you be doing the instructions in larger sizes?

Courtney Nugent

Wow, always such innovative and beautiful designs . . . a definite must knit as soon as the pattern is released. Have a wonderful weekend!


Very lovely. I think I need to add this to my "to do" list.


This is so pretty and I am in love with the color you chose as well.


Looking forward to this pattern. Love these waterfall type cardis and will enjoy the challenge of all that lace!


What a beautiful cardigan. I love how versatile it is.

Linda Clark

WOW!!!!!!! what an elegant cardigan...... I can so visualize this on my needles....have so much stash..now what colour do I choose?????? But first wishing for free pattern....just maybe eh????? I do so think this colour would do just fine for me. Thanks for all you do to keep me updated on your site and all the beautiful patterns that free.


I absolutely love this! So vesatile. Can't wait for the pattern to be released!


It's really lovely. Your pictures really show how many ways we could wear it.


Less is more. This one is really simple and beautiful. Well done! :-)


What a gorgeous pattern! I hope I win a copy! :)


looks like something I should love to wear! looking forward to the pattern, love it!

Diane True

Absolutely stunning sweater... would love to win a copy!!! :)


Beautiful and very useful in a wardrobe sense. I would love to have this as an office sweater.

Molly Rice

Really nice pattern and very versatile-I love that part! Good Job Katherine!


very pretty & versatile will it fit plus 2-3 sized women?


Beautiful. I'm a quarter of the way through my first pattern of yours and so far I'm loving it. Would love to add this one to my make up list. :)


Oh, it's fabulous! How elegante and beauteful.


Beautiful and very feminine. I love versatility and drape! I am very much looking forward to the pattern to be published. Thank you for another lovely creation!


This sweater is truly beautiful. I love that you can wear it so many different ways. I want to make this!!

Lynn M

Beautiful drape, great versatility WOW! A lovely sweater for everyone.


O, I have a steel-blue recycled wool yarn that will be absolutely perfect for the Drape front lace cardigan. But I'll probably only wear it as in the last photo; I have absolutely no time to get "draped" in the morning :)


Love the "sweater"--hope the find someone to knit it for me!! Just kidding--would like to give it a try.

Rebecca Pickett

This sweater is really beautiful, and very fashionable, I am seeing a lot of this type of drapey cardigan in the stores. Only this one is 10x more lovely!


I think this sweater style is so unique and has so much potential to how it can be worn.
I also love the color, I am not a person to wear green but I would wear this shade of it.
I love the sweater can't wait for the pattern to come out.


What a beautiful sweater! I love, love LOVE it!


What a beautiful sweater! It will be perfect for the sunny, but crisp, winters of the high country desert. I look forward to this pattern being released.

Tami Steptoe

I LOVE THIS ONE! I am so excited about it, I have been really into the draped look of sweaters lately! SO GORGEOUS!


Noelle O

that would be an awesome gift for my mom!

janice Rosenberg

This sweater is truly beautiful and chic, as well as being versatile.


Wow!!!!!! Another great sweater. I want to start it now!

Janet Kovalcik

I have 3 daughters-in-law, one daughter, plus myself who would LOVE to own this cardigan. I'll have busy knitting needles. Can't wait for the release.....

Denise Hinckley

This sweater has everything going for it. Top-down construction makes it an easy knit. The drape front makes it a flattering fit for all body types. The lace front makes it an elegant wrap for an evening out or it can be a casual partner with jeans and a teeshirt. Can't wait for the patter to become available.


SO pretty! I'll be looking forward to this one...


Beautiful and really versatile design! I love the color as well.


I love this - the "between" seasons here in Auckland (New Zealand) can have four seasons in one day, so I could pin this cardigan to suit. Versatility-plus!


This is absolutely stunning. It's been years since I've wanted to knit a sweater for myself, but this is a must.
Also love your choice of color for this.
keeping fingers crossed xxxxxx

Nancy Starr

I just love this pattern!! I am wondering how hard it is! I was lloking for a pattern for a cocoon sweater and this looks like it fits the bill!!

Margaret Sawyer

I think this is a fabulouse piece. I am a full figured women and do not look well in most cardigans but this would make a great addition to my wardrobe.

Karen Gilbank

Wow! what a beautiful cardi, I can hardly wait to make it! I love the lace you used for the front, and how you can wear it so many ways!

Marilyn HS

I love green, so you had me right away. It looks so versatile and easy to change its design. As I've gotten older, my tummy is there and the drape will help hid that flaw. Thank-you for such a beautiful pattern, as usual you have done a great job.


Beautiful! I can't wait to knit it.

zawadi rucks

wow...such a stunning and elegant design! :)


This is drop-dead gorgeous and I love the pics of the different ways to wear this. It's perfect for so many things.

Debbie B

Absolutely beautiful

Lauren Kowalczewski

How stunning is that?!?!
I live on Disability and have to be very choosy with my budget..but you have so many luscious patterns and make the decisions just too hard..LOL!! This is so versatile and gorgeous..I would love to make this for my Red Hat outings...Or any outings for that matter. I'm looking for a shorter sleeve spring/fall cardi and this would be so perfect!!


What a gorgeous cardigan! I love the lacy detail and better yet, the top down design! :-)

Dianna Charlton-Jones

This is just LOVELY,
I just saw a piece like this @ my Macy's, I'm glad I held off buying it now I can customize it to my body, and any color I need, this will be a bonus for my wardrobe.


WOW!!, and in my color too. With jeans or draped for evening wear. Maybe the only thing needed for wardrobe changes.


Such a pretty lace pattern - I've only just got into knitting lace and really love it. This cardigan is so original and different - make it in several colours and you will have a versatile wardrobe.

Norma Axel

This sweater is absolutely lovely and it is the perfect color for me, too, since I am a green eyed redhead! I can think of innumerable ways to wear it for day and night. Please enter me into your contest for a free copy - I would love it.


Neat, love the options available!


i love everything about the lace cardi. especially the versatility of the lace front!


What a beautiful pattern! Looks so delicate and reminds me of old-fashioned cardigans. Another winner!


I had never thought of wearing a "drop front" cardigan..just didn't see the possibities. But you have changed my mind!!! I would have never thought of so many different ways of wearing this!!!
Thanks for posting all the pictures.....I can see me knitting this pattern now!!


I love the versatility of the sweater pattern and the colour of the yarn - something that would be perfect day and night!


I love this top, looks so comfy


I Love that you can wear it so many different ways, and its flowy and drapy, but not boxy. I really think this is a great design.


i love the drape of this sweater and the versatility!

Cheryl Berg

I have long been a big fan of the “from the top –down” sweaters and cardigans. So my interest was peaked prior to seeing the photos. I am totally blown away by the elegance, as well as the versatility of this cardigan! Something I truly did not expect.
It should be at the top of everyone’s “to do list”.

Susan Kaufman

This one is a keeper. Might have to make more than one!!!

Martha Chenault

Wow! I love this. Very contemporary - I love the way it hangs open and still can be draped to the side with a pin... I am hoping it will be available to the knitting club soon!!!


Simply beautiful, I may just try this sweater.


This so beautiful... now I just have to finish something in my queue so I can plan on making it !


such a beautiful sweater!

Silvia McFarland

This is such a lovely piece, I'll be adding it to my queue!


I can't wait for the pattern to be released as I love the top down designs, this is stunning!!! ~ fabulous ~


I have been looking for something different and yet beautiful. This certainly meets the qualifications. Thanks for coming up with this gorgeous sweater.

Sara Ewen

Very exciting! I look forward to seeing this on my needles as soon as the pattern is released!


What a great way to learn how to do lace, great options for wearing this beautiful sweater ! A MUST HAVE PATTERN !

Tucker Wright

This is stunning! I cannot wait until this is published.

Catherine Cordeiro

The pattern is absolutely beautiful. Great for a wedding or anytime. It just flows and the lace is great.


It is AWESOME. I love it and can see myself wearing this during the holiday season. I have some cream yarn with gold flecks that will make this so festive.


WOW! this cardigan is beautiful and i love how you can wear it different ways for different looks! you are such an amazing designer!


This will probably be another hit from Sweaterbabe! Very neat style of sweater!

Marija Telgenhof

I think that is so pretty and would be fun to knit!!!


So fluid and flowing, beautiful drape. You may have outdone yourself.


wonderful sweater! fall is here!

Mary Ellen

This is beautiful! It combines sophistication with a relaxed attitude. It would be something that can work in our Texas fall/winter days. Does it have sleeves or does it just drape that way? I definitely want to make this!

Kenna Blair

It really reminds one of the soft dropping flow of falling leaves and would be absolutely gorgeous in one of the new fall colours

Mary Helgesen

I love this cardigan! It is a real winner! You did it again.

Susan Spiers

Beautiful and I luv the lace look!

Caroline Barton

I also love the look of this cardigan. It is lush and intricate, quite a signature piece. Caroline


I love the lace panels and the drape...want to knit this one now!


Love this cardi and will definitely be making it. Can't wait for the pattern to come out.

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