13-Year Old Emily's Vine Lace Cardigan
Elegant Shawl Pins - A new product review!

Drape-Front Lace Cardigan

Here are some of the many ways to wear my new Draped-Front Lace Cardigan (pattern coming soon)!

It's another top-down design using Knit Picks Swish DK yarn in a wonderful green heather shade.


Here it is with the fronts pinned lightly at the top so the rest is left open to drape:


And here is what the cardigan looks like without any pin closure:


Then, you can have lots of fun with this cardigan by pinning the fronts closed in different ways - off-center, a little lower to allow the top to drape, or gathered at the waist! The shawl pin used in these photos is a beautiful silver bird pin from DesignsbyRomi.com (I'll be reviewing her Shawl Pins soon!).





This pattern has yet to be written up, but is in my queue!

Enter to win a fr-ee copy of this pattern! Just enter a comment on this post by 9pm PST, September 20th. Three winners will be randomly selected to win a fr-ee copy of this pattern emailed to them as soon as the pattern is released. Limit one comment per person, please. Good luck!


Paula Nevsion

I LOVE this sweater! Sweaterbabe, you are my new hero.


I like the lace-drape and the shoulders of this cardigan. It's a perfect cardigan to be with me everywhere I go...especially in a/c environment!


Pretty pattern - and the yarn is lovely too!


I love the several possibilities this pattern has. It`s a winner!

Dana Armstrong

This is a gorgeous cardigan... I bet my mother would love to get it for Christmas!!! Her arms are always cold and this looks so lacy in front...LOVE IT! I think this would look great on her.


I'm definitely a fan and i agree with all the comments i've read.


Nice! I've been looking for something like this for a while - maybe it will even match up with some Malabrigo Silky!

Jo Harriman

Absolutely gorgeous, I would love to have a go at this one!


I love this feminine, elegant wrap-style cardigan and the "waterfall" drape which adds style....another great pattern! Thank you!!!

Tammy Brannon

Nice Design! Elegant...would love to be the lucky winner and get this on my needles!


I love this pattern and will def. knit it for myself. Very versitile.

Joan Joyce

Will definitely make this cardigan - especially for some Christmas presents! Winner of the pattern or not, it will be a winner


Very nice! Just in time for Sweater weather. Love it.


nice-looks stylish and cozy.


Gorgeous!! Love the cable panel and the drape fronts.

Marlon Reinmann

This one is truly lovely.
I'm going on a cruise and this has GOT to come with me! I want to pack as little as possible so versatility is a must :)


brenda castiel

so many looks from one piece -- it's like several different garments! Beautiful!

lynda ready

When I look at a pattern, the two top elements are versatility and uniqueness. This pattern has both. From what I can see it is not a difficult pattern, another plus. I look forward to seeing the full pattern in the sweater babe newsletter. I hope I win!


I love it! I want it! I need it! Got to have it.. Can't wait!! Let me win something LUSH-US


Pretty cardi. I would love to make it.

Melanie Arden

I LOVE everything about this design. Its versatile and the lace is simply breathtaking. Thanks so much for creating a beautiful work of art! Us Sweaterbabe fans will happily knit this up in a hurry!


Very lovely; even more when a 13 year old designed it.


Really nice and funky enough even for me! Can't wait to see the pattern.

Lynda Taylor

I love all the options for closing this cardi.
Makes so very versatile.

Hagrids mom

I love the way the pattern continues on the sleeve - very elegant looking shoulders! I think the drape is wonderful - very wearable by many figure types. Thank you for offering it.


I have been looking for something different in a cardigan. I think I've found it! Really love the versatility of the design. The pattern stitches are fabulous, as well. Can't wait for the pattern to come out.

Sue Dial

This is absolutely beautiful.. I can't wait to make it.


So many different ways to wear this! And what a good excuse (as if I needed one ;-)) to buy some more wonderful shawl pins.I love the way the lace and the plain sections are combined.


I think I'd like this one in silk for summer evenings :)

Marie Horkey

This is a very stunning sweater. I think your work is just lovely!

Estelle Wessels

Wow, a 6-in-1. Absolutely great. What else does one need if you have something like this. From casual to smart. Excellent!!!!!!!!!


Great Pattern - I WANT IT! It's perfect for a night out or at the office. Great for cold New York winters


This cardi is so versatile! It would make a nice jacket for everyday.


I've been finding this style of cardigan more and more attractive. Thanks for posting so many photos of the various ways one could close it. I've got some 4 ply Rowan tweed in the stash that might work well with this kind of style.


Versitle and elegant at the same time! Would love to win a copy! Another beauty!

Janice Abraham

I like this cardigan as it's very different. You can dress it up or just wear it as something casual. Absolutely stunning!!

Vicki Morgan-Bogart

Absolutely lovely. I love the fact that it can be worn so many ways. It gives you several sweaters in one. Would love to win the free pattern. If not, I will have to buy this pattern when available.


A beautiful and versatile design. I look forward to the pattern coming out and knitting it.

Nancy K

Oh Sweaterbabe, you've outdone yourself with this one. So versatile, love the many possibilities of how to wear it! It's another one I'll be waiting to knit, the lace looks yummy and green well, that's one of my current must have colors.

Anne N Stoddard

Great design... perfect combination of lace and stockinette draping to a wonderful feminine flow. I definitely neeeeeed to make this for myself!!


WONDERFUL, lovely and top down.
This is another winner for your collection. Cannot wait for the pattern. And the color is MY Favorite.

Tsubaki Fitts

Very chic, designer look pattern! I like the lace front which flatters the bust and tummy, especially if you have some of both! I also like the sweater clip option; nice!

Barb B

I think I may be up for the challenge. I love knitting top down but haven't done any pattern work like this.


I love unusual designs. That sweater is beautiful! I really like the color used in the photo.

Laurie Pribbeno

Great pattern! I love the color too.


Absolutely gorgeous!!

Vicky Cisneros

This is such a lovely cardigan...What lovely lacework in the front panels, will be wonderful to work..Its absolutely versatile in the many ways it can be fashioned...Lovely in fall colors...


Another great pattern! I love the lace - can't wait to give it a try!

Margo Lynn

Very pretty, but for someone busty (like me) I can see it being a bit of a problem because it would add bulk in the front. I'd love to see the lace pattern in something more tailored, or an option to add buttons to the front or narrow it so that it can be closed or wouldn't have the deep ruffling at top front.

Joanie Cannestra

Gorgeous!! Can't wait to make it. Great season spanner.

Niki Winchell

This is beautiful. I really like the lace pattern and the versatility of the front closure (or not.)


Milly Cluckey

How gorgeous! and amazingly versatile... wow!

Kristi aka Fiberfool

I like it best with the pin at waist height I think, though that might not be the best option on my form. Lovely sweater though and a wonderful excuse to get a shawl pin :-)

Natalie Surprenant

So versitile!!! I love the lace detail...I've been hunting for a drap sweater pattern. I think this is the one!


This would make a beautiful alternative to a prayer shawl gift for christmas, with the shawl-like flowing front! Great piece!


I love the cardigan! Will be on the lookout for the pattern for sure.


Oh, it's stunning! I would love to make that!


Such a great style for right now, as all your patterns always are! Great job.


A beautiful design. I will be looking forward to the pattern release.


Beauty and Versatility!

Sally Ferguson

This is beautiful and I will be waiting on that pattern and getting ready to make it.


Beautiful, elegant, and as usual......UNUSUAL!!! Can't wait for this wonderful pattern!!

Knitter Kitter

So pretty! Can't wait for the pattern to be released!

Jean Giangiorgi

This is an absolute work of art. I would be honored to make and wear this beautiful draped cardigan. Thank-you so much for adding such works of art in your collection!!


What a beautiful sweater. I really like it with the front pulled straight across the chest and pinned to the upper shoulder.

Miss Kitty

This is so beautiful and versatile! I love the drape, the soft lace pattern and the pale sage colors is perfect. This will definitely be on my mind until the pattern is available!


Love it!


I love the pattern And the pin. That looks like a perfect Houston sweater :).

Robin Shippee

This is a lovely "shawl-cardigan" compromise. I love the drape for we folks who are not petite. Nice new idea!


Wow, this is such a lovely and versatile style! Simply gorgeous, and would fit in with any climate... here in Indiana sometimes if you don't like the weather you just have to wait a few hours and it will change, so this would be great!

Carolyn VanPelt, Greenville, SC

Love it - Want the pattern -- Please hurry --
Also want that Shawl PIN -- can't find them anywhere!


this is the most beautiful cardi. i have a shawl pin from leslie wind that is doing flip flops and saying "knit it, knit it for me". i don't usually knit nclothes for myself, but this one, i definitely will. thank you sweater babe, you're the best!


It's a wonderful pattern ! I love the way it looks pinned or not.


lovely, original and I love the idea of transformation!

Doris Noblet

I love this pattern! Can't wait to see it in print. It's so elegant and sophisticated and so easy to wear in so many different ways. This pattern is what make sknitting so much fun!!




Very very gorgeous !


Stunning!!! I love this pattern!

Deb Meyer

This cardigan looks like a lot of fun to make! I hope I win the pattern!


What a fantastic pattern! So versatile and cozy looking!


This is a lovely cardigan that would look good on almost any body type.


very cool. I like how you can change it up to suit your mood (or the climate).


WOW really nice cardigan!!I love the lace look.


This cardigan is very beautiful!


I'd love to make this for my mom for Xmas!


je découvre ces modèles et les aiguilles m'en tombent! félicitations!


It's very beautiful


I love this cardi, both the drape and the lace!


I really think this is a great pattern and so very versatile. Looking forward to the release of the pattern.


I just love these sweater/shawl patterns. They are so versatile and they stay on. Of course they are gorgeous and that doesn't hurt either


Wow! What a stunning cardigan. I can envision this in any number of luscious yarns, each evoking a different mood to the cardigan. Well Done!


wonderful combination sweater - shawl - luxury - swingy-ness! Can't wait for the pattern!

Carol Cripps

Absolutely beautiful! I'd love it on myself, but I'd love to see it on my sister as well!

Therese Guzman

OO I like that one .. how big does it come it .. that would be a nice office Cardi .. Love it ...


The shoulder details are exquisite!


This is my new favorite drapey sweater style I'm seeing everywhere and, of course, I want to knit it myself!!!

Jackie H.

This pattern looks fantastic, I can't wait to add it to my wardrobe!

Karen Allison

This cardigan is so versatile and stylish I can hardly wait to get my hands on a copy of the pattern. I can imagine having one in a few different colours so it can be worn with any outfit. Thanks for the beautiful work!

David Ritz

wow... well im not surprised... another beautiful garment.... always look 4ward to your new patterns...

Pat McKenzie

it is wonderful...what a way to start Fall..........

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