13-Year Old Emily's Vine Lace Cardigan
Elegant Shawl Pins - A new product review!

Drape-Front Lace Cardigan

Here are some of the many ways to wear my new Draped-Front Lace Cardigan (pattern coming soon)!

It's another top-down design using Knit Picks Swish DK yarn in a wonderful green heather shade.


Here it is with the fronts pinned lightly at the top so the rest is left open to drape:


And here is what the cardigan looks like without any pin closure:


Then, you can have lots of fun with this cardigan by pinning the fronts closed in different ways - off-center, a little lower to allow the top to drape, or gathered at the waist! The shawl pin used in these photos is a beautiful silver bird pin from DesignsbyRomi.com (I'll be reviewing her Shawl Pins soon!).





This pattern has yet to be written up, but is in my queue!

Enter to win a fr-ee copy of this pattern! Just enter a comment on this post by 9pm PST, September 20th. Three winners will be randomly selected to win a fr-ee copy of this pattern emailed to them as soon as the pattern is released. Limit one comment per person, please. Good luck!



Beautiful!!!! Another winner!!!!


Beautiful lacework and best of all!! it's top-down.


This is a great versatile sweater. I would love to knit it up soon!


I like the cardigan. It is nice to see something that you can wear in different ways and have it look so different yet still so nice. You can wear it with a lot of different things that way. :) I wonder what it would look like in different colors?

Mary-Ann L. Gendron (greatgrandma to 5 wee ones now,

This new sweater is really lovely, so lady like, but could be worn as well with jeans, or a lovely velvet slack, in black.
I have been geting your computer releases for some time now, & have watched your wee family grow, both are doing quite well, how very lucky you indeed are, enjoy the wee ones while they are small but for such a short time, now I am the GreatGrandma to 5, all great kids, healthy, & love to getting knit things from Grandma in Canada.
Keep up the great efforts you put into your work, they all show how very much you care about what you do. Sincerely, Mary-Ann L. Gendron Surrey,B.C. Can
SammiRoseG@Telus.Net. V4N-2K7


So beautiful~ exactly what I've been looking for!! I too can't wait till the pattern is released~ and thanks for using such an affordable yarn!


Lovely, lovely cardigan. Will be sure to keep an eye out for the pattern as it becomes available; this one is a real winner.

Barbs Adams

This is sooooo beautiful, and the drape is becoming for (dare I say) the older lady! I will definitely be making this!


I love the top down knits and this is one of the prettiest I've seen thus far.



Sue Hart

This will be an all-season cardigan for Florida making it a perfect addition to my wardrobe.
Congratulations SweaterBabe on another unique and stunning creation!

For evenings or dressy occasions I'd use a delicate vintage shawl pin. For casual times a simple polished wooden stick or contemporary metal style as shown. It looks lovely draped open but as a plus size woman I tend to prefer a closed look.

But it’s really the eye-catching lace that will attract the compliments.

Now that I'm in love please tell me it will be available in plus sizes ; )


I love the versatility of this cardigan!

Michelle Harrington

The versatility of this sweater is very exciting! I cannot wait to cast on!


I was taken aback, how versatile. Can't wait to see the pattern...thanks


WOW! I love this pattern and the color that it is knit in. I can't wait for it to be released.

Charlotte Kline

I just love all your patterns, but this one is a must for all figures. Being so veristal it will be great for all ages. Love it.


What a great cardigan. It would look great for any occasion.

Sheila Vaughn

Wow!! I don't wear a lot of cardigans, but this is absolutely lovely!!

Amanda L

I would say this is something fit for the queen. Colours` just right too. Give the old gall something worthwhile to boast about


Gosh, i wrote a comment few days ago and I don't see it...
So I love this cardigan

Jennifer Tuttle

Absolutely stunning! I'm not sure I have the skills to make this sweater, but I want to try! It is so elegant!


Thanks for all the entries! Commenting on this post is now closed. The winners will be chosen and announced as soon as the pattern is released. Stay tuned. . .


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kathy foerster

Absolutely lovely! Great versatility.


I can't believe it. This is just what I was looking for. I love the drape and the lace pattern.


Was looking for something different and beautiful to knit for myself since everything on my needles is for gifts. What a find!


This is just what I am looking for. A beautiful drape sweater vest and a challenge! Love it!

Pauline Keller

Absolutely beautiful!!! Can't wait until the pattern is released.


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Jamie Dritschilo

Really beautiful ... just the pattern I have been looking for!

Tilly Davidoff

I love your designs and especially favor this lace paneled cardi....great versatility!


Have you summarized this into a pattern yet? Love it!

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Debbie Willsey

LooKing For a pattern For my d-in-law to MaKe For Me. This is PerFect!!! Iove it! Drapey, flowey, even the color is PerFect! Gotta have it!!:)


I simply loved that cardigan. "Parabéns" from Brazil. can't wait for the pattern to come out!

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