13-Year Old Emily's Vine Lace Cardigan
Elegant Shawl Pins - A new product review!

Drape-Front Lace Cardigan

Here are some of the many ways to wear my new Draped-Front Lace Cardigan (pattern coming soon)!

It's another top-down design using Knit Picks Swish DK yarn in a wonderful green heather shade.


Here it is with the fronts pinned lightly at the top so the rest is left open to drape:


And here is what the cardigan looks like without any pin closure:


Then, you can have lots of fun with this cardigan by pinning the fronts closed in different ways - off-center, a little lower to allow the top to drape, or gathered at the waist! The shawl pin used in these photos is a beautiful silver bird pin from DesignsbyRomi.com (I'll be reviewing her Shawl Pins soon!).





This pattern has yet to be written up, but is in my queue!

Enter to win a fr-ee copy of this pattern! Just enter a comment on this post by 9pm PST, September 20th. Three winners will be randomly selected to win a fr-ee copy of this pattern emailed to them as soon as the pattern is released. Limit one comment per person, please. Good luck!


lynne Papa

In a word STUNNING!


A beautiful sweater for the New England winters to use as is or as a shawl. Would drape beautifully knitted in baby alpaca

Heather Webb

This is a great cardigan, very versatile. I can't wait until the pattern is available.


Looking forward to knitting this!!


Oh my gosh, this is seriously gorgeous. Totally my style, looks fab in the muted green too :)

gail frohlinger

versatile and elegant,


Love the variety of ways you could drape the panels but can I actually get the panels to look as good?

Joann Matvichuk

wow what a great cardi very versitile


This is so gorgeous! I don't know how you keep coming out with one winner after another. Love it.

Susan - Knitters Delight

Top down patterns are my favorite. This one is perfect!


Traditional lace pattern combined with Today's fashion sense. A modern classic!

Belinda DeJarnett

What a wonderful and versatile sweater.


What a lovely cardigan!

linda simms

wonderful....amazin....gorgeous...beautiful...would be perfect for my sisters 20th wedding anniversary!

Kathy F.

So Versatile! Absolutely Georgeous.

Mary Ann Croisant

This looks to be a real winner! So many options for wearing it! I can hardly wait until it's released


I can't wait to make this!


I've been wanting a pattern like this to make as a gift for our doctor. She wanted one from a expensive store, but I think I can make her the look for less $$$ and get the kudos for making it myself.


This cardi is absolutely beautiful. You can dress it up or down. Can't wait for the pattern.

Charyl Biggs

Totally awesome especially with the many ways the cardigan can be draped and worn. Definitely not a boring knitting project nor a boring "wearing" project!
Can't wait for the pattern!!!

Denise Park

I just wanted you to know how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the yarn owl I won from you. I want to thank you again for picking me. It is so wonderful. I have been using it for the socks I am making. The only problem is my cats dont like it, any suggestions? ;)and no I cant get rid of my cats or the yarn owl either...lol. For those of you who saw the yarn owl and said "oh, I could make one of those", you cant make one as well made as this one. It is well made and will last a very long time. I have plastic yarn holders but it doesnt even compare to the yarn owl. I give it 5 stars out of 5. I might have to ask Santa for the larger one...


Very exlusive style! Absolutely great!


omg- that is the cutest thing i have ever seen

Donna Reneau

OMG! It's absolutely to knit for! Because of the versatility, it's a must have - one in every color of the rainbow will do for me. I can wear one everyday draped in a different way and no one will know that it's the same design. How ingenious!

christina coghill

Wow, very pretty, I love how it looks so different in each photo.

jennifer mcgee

I want to create an exact replica of this sweater and can hardly wait to get my hands on it. Beautiful!


You have got to be kidding me!! I just signed up on the website last night in hopes you would come up with a pattern for a drapey front cardigan which I have been searching for everywhere!


Beautifully timeless and unique! Love it.


OMG! This is exquisite! How clever you are to create such a beauty!


This is a beautiful sweater. I really hope I am able to follow the pattern ;) It'll be worth the time it takes me, I'm sure, if I can get it to close to what it's supposed to look like. Can't wait...


This sweater has such a beautiful drape. I think it is a great pattern for a casual evening out.

Debby Smith

What a great cardi. It has Christmas gift written all over it. I hope the pattern is available in time.

Grace Cowling

Such versatility! This pattern will take priority in my to-knit list when it becomes available. I'll be right at home with the lace pattern; I'm currently knitting the colour-graded lace shawl from Knit Picks


Beautiful and the perfect combination for a knitter--lace and stockinet!


An elegant, versatile cardigan whose lace gives it a flair of the Victorian period. A simple piece that can give the wearer instant sophistication. As always, SweaterBabe delivers with STYLE!

Joanne Clark

Wow this is a stunning gorgoeus design! Its very flattering for larger ladies I would think so I'm keen to knit this one, extremely versatile too with so many different looks in one cardi!


Hi there! I love the diversity of this cardigan! It is very figure flattering, and I'd love the opportunity to knit this beauty. It looks like the kind of knitwear that would be perfect even if you go up or down a size!


I love the fact that it's so versatile and fashion-forward. Congrats on the new pattern!


GORGEOUS!!! Such versatility....love it. Also being voluptuous woman I feel confident that the structure of the back will flatter the behind regardless of who the front is worn. Love it!!!!


This Cardi is beautiful The lace just makes it all the better Cant wait for the pattern

Margie St. John

Wow, this caridgan is really pretty. I know my granddaughter would love one. You did a great job designing it.


This is absolutely gorgeous...and so many ways to wear it. Love it :)

Patricia Hill

This cardi is gorgeous!

Carlynn English

I love this pattern, so classy and so classic.
It looks so romantic too, so looking forward to knitting this and getting all the positive comments .


What a stunning cardi. The design is perfect for hiding all those "sins" and "faults".

Love it.


Can't wait for this fantastic pattern to be available. The many looks are great, and I like the patterned area or the cardigan.

Keep up the good work.


Oooh, I can't wait to get my hands on this pattern! It's gorgeous!


It looks beautiful and like it would be fun to knit.

Mary Helgesen

I love this pattern. Thank you for the chance to win it!

Vicki Morton

This cardigan is beautiful. I would love to make and wear it. The flow of it would look fantasic on my figure.


What a gorgeous sweater! I absolutely LOVE it!


Judy Blohm

I cannot wait for the pattern. Very lovely and versatile.

Rose M. Davila

So beautiful! I love garments that flow and drape. I look forward to getting the pattern.

cyndie schlossberg

Love the cardigan - it will look great on all figure types!

Krista Klassen

This is perfect for a growing baby bump too! Beautiful!

geri actor

This cardigan is so feminine and versatile ;-).


Absolutely beautiful!!! Can't wait to make itQQ


I have been looking everywhere for the right cardigan!
OMG! Just found it.
Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter the right fit for every season.
Cant wait to have it.


This is just what I've been looking for!!! Looking forward to either winning or publishing date!!

Patricia Fina Weaver

Wow, so up to date. I just came home from shopping for Fall clothes and saw this new look. Can't wait to get the pattern. Patricia

Shirley M. Scott

I love this sweater. It is unique and interesting. It also looks like a fun project.


What a wonderful do-all be-all wrap. It looks like I could wear the cardi with anything in my closet. I LOVE multi-tasking, but it is rare to find in clothing. You have really hit the spot.


A nice transition piece - dress it up or down according to how it's draped!


Love. Love. Love. What is not to love about this cardigan? I love it. I want this. Seriously want it.


beautiful drape to this sweater, also the color would be something I would wear.

Dorothy Noreen Hunter-Talbot

Another drop dead gorgeous pattern, I don't know how you do it.

Lynn Odom

I love the way it can be worn different ways. It's like having several garments in one.


Excited to give knit this up!

Jan Saunders

I love this soft cardigan with its warm comfort invite. This would be wonderful to wear in the cold winter months. Very lacy and elegant!!!!

Jan Saunders

Stunning and beautiful. Sooo soft and inviting to make and wear. Would look wonderful on everyone, and could be everyone's favorite.

Pat James

This is definitely not your grandma's cardigan! Beautiful drape, versatility for styling and wearablity. Great pattern!

C. Richter

You have a gift for giving us graceful, classy patterns for sweaters, rather than the stiff, stilted "cardigans" that someone of my age (62) is usually suggested that she knit.

And the color - it's mine, all mine!



How wonderfully flexible! So many different ways to wear this!


WOW - how do you do it?????


This is a great pattern It is modern enough to cater to the young and also cater to the not so young but young at heart.


I love the different looks this pattern offers!

Patricia Reimer

I haven't knitted a sweater since I learned to knit years ago in '69. The first project we made, and the one we learned to knit with, was a cardigan sweater! I love this cardigan so much that I think it's time to make another sweater now.

Edita Davis

What a beautiful cardigan! An absolutely fascinating cardigan with so many different looks. With fall and winter approaching, the versatility of this cardigan is so uniquely fashionable and interesting! I don't know if this is in my realm of knitting experience but I think it's great anyways! Your company always has so many beautiful and innovative designs. Great!

Liz Tomten

I love all the options! You can dress it up or dress it down. It's lovely!


As always, another beautiful, versatile pattern! I love the different ways to close it! Stylish and classic.


Think I could adapt it to heavy laceweight? I must have it...


this is lovely. I love the many ways to wear this sweater.

Mary Gould-deMong

and the drape on is is incredible! wHO WOULDNT LOVE IT, THE COLOR IS PERFECT!

Jen Gristwood

Oh! So pretty! Yet another one of your designs that I'm in love with :)


Love the lace pattern and the different ways you can close, or even leave open the front. The way the draping flows down into ripples is truly lovely!

Eunice Dipre

I love the style and design. This sweater is the perfect one, I love how you can wear in different ways.


Shawl front sweaters are hard to find - this one is a beauty! I've pointed several people to the site to see it. It can be worn in so many ways, it's amazing! Can't wait for the pattern!


Can't wait until the pattern is released. As usual, beautiful design, lots of options with this one!

Kathryn Morgan

Stunning pattern! Would be torn how to wear it though, to show off the beautiful work on the front! Tempting to try and make it, although I have SO many pending projects.... still.....! Being from UK, might have difficulty finding the recommended yarn, it would look glorious in a gently variegated yarn of purples and blues..... lovely!

Beth Hochstein

I absolutely love the diversity of this sweater!

Kathy Byers

Absolutely beautiful. Beauty, versatility, fun and challenging knit, and fashion forward to top it off, what more could you ask for? I think this will be my daughter-in-law's birthday gift.


A nice cardigan. Really like the colour.


This is so Stunning just Beautiful !
to decribe this cardigan the lace panels beautiful, this is so sophisticated ,absolutely gorgeous
A Must have pattern
Just Stunning .. Breathtaking !
Youve outdone yourself on this ..

Mary Everett

I must make this sweater. Lace is my favorite type of kintting. I can hardly wait.


Another winner!Your patterns are an inspiration.


I like how it looks like it will drape very well but it still has body to it. And the best thing is that it can be worn in so many different ways: for example, as a romantic/classic piece with a nice dress/skirt or as a cool sweater to be the focus of a chic dark jeans and leather boots ensemble.

Carol Staples

What a beautiful and versatile sweater that could be used for a dressy or casual look; depending upon what type of yarn and color is used. I love your patterns; you are a very talented lady.


GORGEOUS!!! I love how it drapes...stunning.

Fingers & toes crossed. :-)

teri artinyan

SweaterBabe, you've done it again. this design is so cute. And, thanks for showing the different wearing styles. What will the price be for the pattern?


This cardigan is absolutely beautiful, I don't knit a lot but this patter could convince me to learn more about knitting. I hope it comes in large sizes as well. It looks like it will be beautiful on any size woman.

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