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Mobius Cowl Yarn Giveaway!


Here's a new giveaway for you to enter! 

This one is for the YARN and the new KNITTING PATTERN, #104 Mohair Lace Mobius Cowl.  The yarn is 2 balls of GGH Soft-Kid in a light lavender color (shown above).  It's a shade lighter than the sample, but also a very on-trend color for this season!

For more on this cowl, see the details at:  It's a fabulous gift item!  Knits up quickly and is so soft and luxurious, it feels and looks like a very expensive item!

To enter this giveaway, please comment on THIS blog post by 9pm PST, October 31, 2009.  A random winner will be chosen from all commenters.  Please, one comment per person ONLY.

Thanks for entering and good luck to all!

Can't wait to see if you win?  This pattern is one of the two free patterns for Knitting Club for October.  Not a member?  Join today for just $7.99 per month.

OR, purchase this pattern from the Pattern Shop

**** November 4th Update ****
And the winner is. . . Shelly Grabill!!! She is the randomly chosen commenter who will receive the GGH Soft-Kid yarn and pattern for this cowl.  Thanks to all for participating!  More giveaways coming soon.


Sherray Shipley

Beautiful cowl pattern and lovely yarn! A cowl is on my to do list for this winter, too!

Terrye Kinch

I've been wanting to do a cowl for forever! I've been saving up for some quiviet but that's probably not gonna happen. I'd love to try this one.


kelly-ann (on Ravelry)

Wow...what a beautiful giveaway! Love your patterns ;)


What beautiful yarn! Knitting a lace pattern in mohair has been on my list of things to get better at, and this would be great motivation!

Jennifer C

I love this. It looks to soft and cuddly. Like a kitten.:)

Kate Dotson

Oh, so pretty, count me in!


Lovely !
I'm in too.

Chris S.

Love how snuggly this looks - I bet it feels great in Winter!

Eileen Eisenman

Beautiful yarn! I've been wanting to do a mobius cowl forever... I love all your patterns, they are so easy to follow, which for a beginner, I really appreciate that!


I love the color!


I've always wanted to try a mobius, but don't like the big ones. This cowl is beautiful and would be perfect.


I LOVE this pattern! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you draw my name!!

Tami Steptoe

Such a beautiful pattern and amazingly perfect choice of yarn. Simply delicious!


Oh so pretty!!!

Millie Davenport

Beautiful Mobius!!! Love the color!

Elizabeth Delisi

Lovely cowl, gorgeous yarn and pattern!


beautiful prizes! that's a great color for mohair.


The cowl is gorgeous and the yarn looks really soft. I'll have to go buy it and knit one for me.

Carol Williams

Beautiful pattern. I,ve never used mohair before, but this is something I would love to try.


ooooh mohair, now that's a yarn I've yet to try. I've been knitting four months and I'm loving all the different yarns. With winter coming on quickly, this could be the perfect winter warmer. Thanks for posting it and offering such a generous giveaway.


How beautiful and soft! I've certainly pined GGH!


You are so talented and have an excellent eye for design and color.

Sandy H.

This looks so soft and luxurious. I love projects like this where it is quick to knit up, but fabulous to wear.

Sarah Laurens

I LOVE this cowl in this gorgeous yarn! I made up an oversized, long ribbed cowl (on large needles) and use it for winter sports, as it is easy to pull up over my hair and wear as a hood when outdoors, then drop it down when indoors.

Sandy Lum

Looks soft and yummy like cotton candy! :)

Linda Pierce

I have wanted to try a mobius anything. In fact, our guild is going to have a class on making a scarf. It is a beautiful pattern and would definitely strtch me as a knitter. Thank you for the give away!


Perfect gift idea, and plenty of time to make several before Christmas !

Marit Johanne

Oh, this is beautiful!

Susan (sjanova)

Lovely pattern and yarn. I just made two baby alpaca cowls (nonmobius) for my Maine brother and SIL for use already -- it's winter there, I think! I haven't done a mobius before either, so this would be a great challenge.


I have been wanting to make a cowl and this one speaks to me. In our cold weather, this would keep my neck nice and toasty warm!!! Good idea for gift giving too


What a nice pattern and such a pretty yarn! I think I'll try my hand at it even w/o a win of the draw.


Very beautiful and looks reall really soft....this is just what I need!!

brenda castiel

Your patterns are lovely, as usual.

Amy in Ann Arbor

This looks so cozy!


Great idea for gifts. I love it.

Barbara Nelson

I've been looking at these patterns in books and magazines and am amazed by the intricateness of the patterns and the set up of the needles.


It's Cowl season and this one looks great.

Juanita Noble

Sure like this and other patterns you have but always spend to much so can not buy More


It would be my first cowl as well as first mobius. Looks warm but light as a feather.

Jenness Weldon

What a gorgeous cowl. Hope I win


A lovely pattern! I've been into cowls lately and this one looks like I can forget that I have it on and stay "cozy".

Love the colors, too! Good luck everyone!


So Sooooooooooo pretty!


Wonderful cowl! Looks like so much fun to knit. Beautiful colour yarn- thanks for the opportunity to win!


Thank you for the opportunity to enter in the Mobius Cowl Wool Giveaway. I like to wear knitted cowls. One made with a mobius would be fun to try.


New to knitting - would like to try this interesting pattern and yarn...yea mo-hair-bius !!

Peggy Lauritzen

Oh, this is exactly what I've been looking for! I saw this at a craft fair and didn't know how to describe to others. I LOVE this...


OOOOH Sooo Gorgeous!!! I am new to knitting but can't wait to learn this one!!


The cowl is beautiful! Please enter me for the contest. Thanks!

Doti Roraback

I love mobius pieces and have done a couple. This one is lovely. Thanks for the chance to win it. Thanks Doti of DotisSpot.etsy.


Beautiful colour!
Thanks for the chance to win.

Louise Marsalko

the cowl is great, and also in my favorite color! great contest.


This is so pretty and I hope I win! Thanks for the chance.


How beautiful! I love the color - so cosy.
I'd love to make that for one of my daughters, count me in!


I love this one! Truly lovely work...


Beautiful! I would love to win that!

Pat Livingston

The cowl is so preety and I love the color! I would love to win it.

Susie Marro

Currently, I do everything crochet. I am so ready to try my hand at knitting, especially this beautiful cowl pattern.


Love the fact that its done back and forth and then sewn up, so easy!

Janet A

Love the mobius cowl; it makes me want to curl up in front of a fire with my needles......

J Oakley

Another winning design. Thanks for a chance to win it!


So beautiful. Someone is going to be very lucky. Thanks.

Debbie B

I really love the yarn and the pattern.


I have wanted to try a mobius scarf, but haven't had the nerve to try it yet. Thanks for having this giveaway!


This is fantastic. I just made a mobius cowl and i have gotten lots of compliments but a mohair one is sure to turn heads and inspire jealousy !!

Rebecca Jones

I love the look of this.

Jeanette Mills

love the patern and the yarn.. SO pretty and feminine It would make an elegant addition to any wardrobe.


A cowl is on my TO DO list and I like doing lace patterns and the yarn is one of my favorite colors. Jean

Laura Amarys

Love this cowl. I hear by volunteer to win this giveaway.=)


What a lovely mobius cowl, and the yarn looks positively scrumptious! This is definitely something I'd like to do this fall!!

dori mondon

the yarn makes me drool.

Diane Rhodes

The cowl is spectacular!

Susan Spiers

Looks so soft & warm!


Looks like a great pattern. I really like the large pictures at the bottom of the page so that we can see the detail of the pattern. I think the lavender mohair will gook gorgeous made up. I have been wanting to try a mobius for a while, I need to find VERY simple directions to try.


This yarn looks very soft and knitting a cowl in it sounds a great idea. Since I started to knit, I'm curious of the mobius way. One day, I'll try it!


Gorgeous but I'll have to wait until winter comes again to contemplate it's squooshiness around my neck!

Sandy Brown

You are truly talented. the cowl is gorgeous, looks super soft. I love the color too, just makes it look so elegant.

Vicki Morgan-Bogart

This cowl looks so soft and beautiful. Have wanted to try a Mobius, but most are too big & bulky. This one looks perfect. Hope I win!

Gayle Schultz

What a lovely color, and perfect with my eyes. They tend to change from blue to green to purple, depending on what I wear. Since it's so moderate here, I usually can get away with a cardigan and scarf. This would be such a gorgeous piece to knit and wear. Thanks for the opportunity!

Kathy B

Love the idea of a cowl that can transition into a "scarf" that makes it a perfect jacket filler. I love purple and would make it in that color. Haven't tried lace yet, but I love the idea of cozy mohair to make this lacy confection.


I love all the cowls you have posted. Please enter me!

Karen Gilbank

I am so glad I joined your mail group! You have such lovely patterns, and now a very lovely give away, I love the purple color yarn, the moebius looks so soft, and cozy! I am going to make the pixie hat ASAP

Viv Smith

I saw this cowl on ravelry and it's just beautiful - looks very soft and snuggly.


i have wanted to try this yarn for a long time - it looks so soft and wonderful! the pattern looks really good to work up,too :)


This would be the perfect yarn and pattern for my mother for Christmas. She loves this color! Thanks for having a great giveaway. +fingers crossed+


Mohair... Cowl.... oh to dream, to touch, to knit what a delight

Denise Hinckley

This cowl looks so soft and beautiful. I can imagine wearing this on a cold, blustery day. So soft and warm-and beautiful to boot! What a beautiful design.


My teen loves this! (and so do I!)


So cute & looks sooooooo soft!!! Would be great to keep me cozy at hockey!!!


This is a beautiful pattern and I am in love with that yarn color! Would be a lovely gift for several family members!


I've never made a mobius, but this one seems beautiful. Am tempted to try it.


This is fabulous and it is so cold in the Northeast right now it would be great to have it!


Love the project - it looks so warm and cozy!

Charlotte Bevilacqua

Not only do I love the mobius, the yarn is gorgeous not to mention all the other patterns on this website. I love your work and would love to see a book containing all of your beautiful work with the patterns included. It would be a hit!

P. Nerissa

Oooh ooooh ooooh, PREEEETY! pick me! pick me! pick me! :) I would luuuv to do this cowl. The yarn is beautiful!


The yarn is gorgeous & the pattern is cute! I've been crocheting cowls, maybe it's time to try knitting again...


It's absolutely beautiful!! thank you so much for this opportunity.

Mary Helgesen

The cowl and yarn are lovely. I have been wanting to work with a yarn like this.

julie pearl

Looks like a perfect chill chaser!


This looks like it would be a delight to wear. Soft, warm & beautiful!

Judy S-G.

Cowls are a mainstay in my cool weather wardrobe and this one is so elegant & must be soft as a cloud!

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