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Skeini-T Product Review and Giveaway!

Skeini-Ts2_300 A few months ago, I reviewed a great product called a Yarn Owl from Well, she also sent me her unique Skeini-T's.

She designed them to do what the Yarn Owls basically do (keep your yarn tangle-free and allow you to knit on the go), but in a simpler, light-weight jersey construction. Here is my review of these unique items!

The Skeini-T's are like socks that fit snugly around your yarn skeins. They have openings in the top and bottom to allow the center-pull strand to come through. There is a fabric loop that snaps easily around your wrist, your knitting bag or purse strap, or your belt loop.

As you can see, I tested out a Skeini-T as I was knitting a version of my new pattern, #101 Quick Shawl-Collared Shrug, for my daughter. The skein of Lamb's Pride Worsted fit securely in the Skeini-T and I could very easily walk around the house and knit!

These Skeini-T's are nicely made, using a T-shirt like material that makes them very light-weight.  Because they are just jersey material, they will easily roll up to fit in your knitting bag.  The construction is very simple and effective.  I'm a big fan of light weight notions given how much other cr*p I often carry around!  Plus, they can be machine washed.

What is really special about them is the cute designs created by Diana.  The knitting mannequin one you see in the photo above is my favorite of the ones she sent me.  These nice, modern graphics make the otherwise plain-looking Skeini-T's look like cool accessories.

It is a very cute gift item that makes my knitting just a bit more fun and easy, especially if I knit while out and about.  I can totally see myself using it while waiting in line at the post office (rather than throwing my yarn willy nilly into my purse, as I do now!)

And how does it compare to the Yarn Owls I reviewed before?  These are easier to carry since they have no stiff construction.  And they are half the price of the skein size Yarn Owl.

Both are great for keeping your skeins tangle-free. Both are great for knitting-on-the-go when you use the straps on your wrist or bag.

The Yarn Owls double as project holders since they snap closed at the top and have no bottom opening.Skeini-TsALL_350

Both are great additions to any knitting bag!

What do you think?  Have you tried them before??

** Comment on this post and enter to win a Skeini-T!! **
One randomly chosen commenter will win the "Yarn Head" design Skeini-T (shown in the center).  Just comment on this blog post by 9pm PST November 29th. 

AND the winner of the "Yarn Head" Skeini-T is . . . Bobbie Lynn!  Congrats!!



GrEaT idea....much nicer than the plastic baggie i carry around with me!


I would love to have one of these. It beats everything I have tried to make work.

Sue Sivado

This is one of those little things that you definitely need more than one of! What a cute and clever way to carry projects. I want at least 3 Skeini-Ts


very cute

Lynell Graw

great idea !!! I would definately use this and try to keep the kitten from chewing yarn as I'm crocheting.


Huh... great idea and really cute illustrations! As for the double opening, I think that would be great for knitting two socks at a time; otherwise, a big ol' safety pin could shut that opening up if it's a problem.

Way cute. Think I'll stroll over to Etsy & take a look. In case I don't win.

Joanie Cannestra

Love it -- added to my Christmas list already!! Looks great for in the car!

Sharon Cantirino

What a wonderful idea! I am currently using nylon net for my skeins- this is a beautiful alternative!

Adele Palmiotti

It looks like a great product especially if you are working on a one skein thing or during lunch time - on the go. Looks like a nice thing.

Naomi Wheatley

what a great item! I will definitely be checking these out.

Charlotte Bevilacqua

This would definately be a wonderful addition to my knitting and crocheting tools!!!I would LOVE it!


No Fashion Clashin' here! These are fabrictabulous, being made of a cotton material, light, not chafing on the flicking wrist, not bulky like a plastic yarntainer swinging by your side like just another water bottle, with an adorable conversation starter graphic! great for every fash'yarn'ista on your christmas list,and me! ;]


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