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Skeini-Ts2_300 A few months ago, I reviewed a great product called a Yarn Owl from Well, she also sent me her unique Skeini-T's.

She designed them to do what the Yarn Owls basically do (keep your yarn tangle-free and allow you to knit on the go), but in a simpler, light-weight jersey construction. Here is my review of these unique items!

The Skeini-T's are like socks that fit snugly around your yarn skeins. They have openings in the top and bottom to allow the center-pull strand to come through. There is a fabric loop that snaps easily around your wrist, your knitting bag or purse strap, or your belt loop.

As you can see, I tested out a Skeini-T as I was knitting a version of my new pattern, #101 Quick Shawl-Collared Shrug, for my daughter. The skein of Lamb's Pride Worsted fit securely in the Skeini-T and I could very easily walk around the house and knit!

These Skeini-T's are nicely made, using a T-shirt like material that makes them very light-weight.  Because they are just jersey material, they will easily roll up to fit in your knitting bag.  The construction is very simple and effective.  I'm a big fan of light weight notions given how much other cr*p I often carry around!  Plus, they can be machine washed.

What is really special about them is the cute designs created by Diana.  The knitting mannequin one you see in the photo above is my favorite of the ones she sent me.  These nice, modern graphics make the otherwise plain-looking Skeini-T's look like cool accessories.

It is a very cute gift item that makes my knitting just a bit more fun and easy, especially if I knit while out and about.  I can totally see myself using it while waiting in line at the post office (rather than throwing my yarn willy nilly into my purse, as I do now!)

And how does it compare to the Yarn Owls I reviewed before?  These are easier to carry since they have no stiff construction.  And they are half the price of the skein size Yarn Owl.

Both are great for keeping your skeins tangle-free. Both are great for knitting-on-the-go when you use the straps on your wrist or bag.

The Yarn Owls double as project holders since they snap closed at the top and have no bottom opening.Skeini-TsALL_350

Both are great additions to any knitting bag!

What do you think?  Have you tried them before??

** Comment on this post and enter to win a Skeini-T!! **
One randomly chosen commenter will win the "Yarn Head" design Skeini-T (shown in the center).  Just comment on this blog post by 9pm PST November 29th. 

AND the winner of the "Yarn Head" Skeini-T is . . . Bobbie Lynn!  Congrats!!



These are so cute! I saw a variation of this at Renegade Craft Fair this summer and thought it was such a great idea! I can't wait to get my hands on one.


I have never seen anything like this before but would love to be able to try using it to keep my yarn from tangling.

Judi Erickson

Wonderful invention....and walking and talking and doing other domestic duties whilst knitting sounds like the best!

Anna Angus

I have not tried them before, but they look awesome. I would like a chance to win one.

Debbie Otto

These are really cute and such a great idea. I've not heard of them before and so happy to now know of them. I would love to try it out myself. They would be great for in the car too, keep skeins from rolling around or "jumping out of the bag". I have a tote bag I take with me to the doctors office and such and it is so bulky it tends to get in the way. I'm going to have to check out the yarn owls too. Thanks for the info, review, and contest.


How cute!!! I have not tried one but I am on my way over to her site to check them out. I'd love a chance to win one!!


Love these! Why didn't I think of that???

jena goshia

This looks exactly like what I need. I take my smaller projects in the car with me. This makes projects much more portable!

Debbie Warm

What an awesome way to keep your yarn clean and to keep your knitting portable! Kudos to whoever thought this one up!

Mimi Clark

What a great idea! It seems like such an easy way to take your projects with you. I'd love to try it out!

Margo Lynn

I use something similar, but not as cute. Very handy to tote around a small project and work on it anywhere - especially when running errands on a Saturday.

Susan Spiers

I have never seen these before, but what a great idea! Easy for take-a-long yarn projects.

Cristina Hawkins

How neat!! And not bulky!! I'm going to be checking this out as I always take something to work on on long drives, the movies, and lately, my mom's dr. appts. I love the pattern on the sock too, plus the loop, great idea!!


what a great product!

Carol Staples

I ended up with a 'dumped out' cat 2 years ago. This little stinker chews on my working yarn while it's in a large bag on the floor!!! I end up surprised with a wet end coming and - well - you can guess the rest!!! What a neat way to carry and protect your yarn; great job Diana!!!


Sounds like a really great product, just what I need to keep my yarn civilized.
Thanks for the info.

Cheryl Petersen

Love, love, love this new product! I constantly have needles in my hand and always drag a knitting bag with me and at times it gets bulky and inconvenient. This would be perfect! The smaller the bag, the less likely I am to fill it with accessories I do not need and two or three "extra" projects - just in case. It'd be great just to have yarn and needles and NOT hve to carry it on my shoulder or in my hand. I'd love to win this one and think it may be on my gift list for my knitting friends. Thanx!

Barbara Nelson

A unique idea - so much better than a plastic bag so many crafters use to carry their knitting supplies. Love the image on the bag.
Barb Nelson November 17, 2009

Hinda Ader

Looks like a handy little bag. Very cute designs, too. Great for a crochet addict such as I who crochets every and any where.


SO. CUTE. And since I have no business wearing a "skinny tee", a Skeini-T is a good alternative!!

Judy S-G.

Anything that facilitates more knitting in public is great by me! And this is a good idea making up for the shameful lack of imagination shown by Evolution which has not seen fit to provide us with our own biological yarn container....

Debra Cain

Wow, these look really neat! I can imagine how handy they must be. Great idea!

Jenness Weldon

Even my dog couldn't get to my yarn to race around the house playing with her new "toy".

Linda Edwards

Great idea. I like that it is lightweight and love the designs.

Gioia Larkin

Just the thing for a one color project. I am forever tossing yarn and hook in a loose bag and then having to untangle the mess before I can do anything. This looks like the perfect answer. And they look so stylish with the designs.

Mary Kay Osborne

What a great idea! would love to have one.

Fiadhnat McGrath

Great idea, I'd love to try one.

Linda Clark

What an awesome cute idea...Would love to have this as I now use grocery bags which of course are laying on the floor, rolling all over especially when I am using different colours in a pattern. Oh to have this would be great.

Nena Alvarado

This looks very much like something that I would love to own. I knit both in the car and places like the dentist or doctor's office where I would be required to sit and wait for an appointment. I routinely keep a little project in the car, and this little bag would work nicely for those projects.

Ann-Kristin Skoglund

This is a great idea and I love the design. I have a knitting bag, but it´s much bigger than this one.


I love this idea. I don't know if I am talented enough to knit or crochet while walking but this would sure make me try it. :o)



Wow these sound pretty amazing! :)

Lynn Odom

I think I would like it better if it had a bottom on it. Couldn't the center pull strand come out the top? How often would you need the strand to come from both ends? It would be great for traveling with your knitting project although I'm not talented enough to knit while walking. But just to keep several different yarns or colors separated and contained.


Sounds like a great product; my project yarns tend to get thrown into a project bag and tend to be twisted up.

Jennifer Dove

What a wonderful design! Thanks for the review! Perfect for making any project portable!

Diana R.

Cute! This would make carrying a little project so much easier!


What a great idea!

ava reddick

It sounds wonderful;. ajust ehat I need to help me keep organized. Can wait to get one!!!


I could use some of those right now.
I have three small projects on the go.
Thank you for the chance to win.

Colleen Figley

Would be a great help when working with multiple skeins!


what a fabulous idea and they look great. perfect for working on the go!


this sounds like a great idea! especially for knitting outside!

Helen Nipper

I am a Senior Citizen with heart problems therefore, having to go to the Dr office a lot. I think these are the cutest things and I would love to own one. I knit socks so this would be perfect for me.


This is perfect for knitting two socks at once!

Cynthia Wilbanks

Oh, that looks so cool! That would keep my knitting from rolling under my feet in the car!

Marsha Divilio

A great idea to keep your yarn close at hand, while you are out and about, or moving around the house.


This would be really nice to have for I have so many different projects in crochet and knitting. Would be great to travel to Arizona with!

brenda caracuzzo

what a great idea. I could use one right now , as I'm heading to calif. for the holiday.

Tammie Pfeiffer

I love this idea! How nice!


That's the one that caught my eye!

Bobbie Lynn

I've never seen them before your email & review, but would love to try one out too....they do look like an easy way to be able to check on something you're cooking or work on while traveling (being passenger, of course)...I think I'm going to check out her site too....I love things made out of jersey knit, it's always so soft & comfortable...I don't knit much, but still want to re-learn....I do have knitting needles, & will have to try out the purse pattern that is free for this month....Thanks for the review....

Debbie H

I've never tried one, but it looks like it would work nicely. Please enter me in the contest. Thanks! Debbie H

Laurie Sanders

I bought two yarn owls after reading your previous review, and I love them! I have a small one for socks, and a larger one to hold bulky yarn for a sweater I am knitting, and they keep my yarn clean and tangle free while preventing it from rolling on the floor.

Mary Helgesen

The skeinT looks great! I would love to win one.

Laura Adams

I've never tried anything like that, but I think it'd be nice and would definitely like tangle-free yarn!

Linda Meziere

I love it! I could crochet while waiting in line at the store instead of looking around at the magazines out of boredom. What a great idea the Yarn Owl is.

Lisa L

THis looks so lightweight & comfortable! I love it.


This is just what I need. I frequently knit while caring for my great grandchildren and end up carrying a knit bag plus a bag for all the things I like to do with my kids. Also, invariably my yarn gets tangled or stitches are dropped because of stopping and starting my project. This Skeini T would be perfect. Hope I win!!!


I love this idea it looks great. This is great it will keep my yarn from getting tangled as I travel and crochet.


Those are amazing! I am always getting my yarn tangled up in something. That would be the perfect solution.


I haven't tried one yet, but I'm certainly curious enough to... This would be fabulous for the long car trips we tend to take...

Jennifer Hearn

What a great idea. With the 2 openings, you could work on a project that requires 2 strands of yarn.

Toni Stice

Not only a great idea, but it's too cute! Tangled yarn is one of my most perplexing problems. I want one.


I love this product. I love the designs on outside of product. I would love to have one.

Robin Diebold

This looks like a great idea. I am going to have to try them I want to do some multi color projects these would be perfect.

Char Carpenter

What a great idea! This would work great I am always carring around a project that becomes a mess in my purse I spend more time untangling then knitting.This could go anywhere can't wait to try.

Linda Howard

Sounds like a "winner" Would love to be able to win and try it. I knit "on the go" a lot. Looks like it would be a great knitting aid.

Karen Stewart

I bought a Yarn Owl after reading your last review but I should have gotten two...the scarf I'm making takes 2 skeins of yarn at a time! Winning this Skeini-T could solve my problem ;o)
Thanks for showing us another great 'tool', Katherine!

brenda castiel

These look very cool -- I'd love to win one !

Tracy D. Olson

I carry my knitting projects with me everywhere. It gets a bit bothersome with the yarn in my craft bag as it tangles and moves around in the bag. Something small would be great to tote around and a lot easier than using my bag as if it is a knit as you go like the Skeini-T.

Jasmine Hodges

These are such a great idea. I am always carrying around a skein of yarn in my already to big purse and get annoyed when it gets tangled with my other "necessities".

Teckla Buller

I've never seen these before, but what a great idea! I'd love to try these and would be so excited if I won one. I'm going to put this on my Christmas wish list!

Carol A.

What neat idea! A lot better than using my purse or my big project bag!

MaryBeth Adkison

Howe inventive! I want several, for my ufos!


I've never mastered crochet or knitting while walking, but either this or the yarn owl would be great in the car (as a passenger, of course!) when my ball always ends up on the floor picking up twigs and whatever other outdoor yuk is down there. Or in a waiting room, to make it that bit quicker to gather up all my bits n bobs when my name's called. You know, that scramble not to keep the nurse waiting. ;0)

Sherri Czub

Love these!!!


Very clever!

Sara Gilbert

What a great idea. Much better than grabbing a grocery bag to stuff a project into as we head out on a road trip. I love to knit while hubby drives.


Fantastic idea. Some people are so creative. I am just glad they are and I can benefit from it.

Mary Louise Wotring

looks really cool...they are going on my Christmas wish list...


How cute. I never saw these before.

Mary Bishop

Those are adorable...and would make great Christmas presents for my two knitting daughters!!


So clever! I really appreciate that others have such great ideas that I can use, too!


They are beyond cute!!! It would make a great Christmas gift for me.


These are super cute! I could see myself using one a lot since I am always knitting on the go!

Mary Suire

Wow, what beautiful work!!! and I love the idea of the yarn holder.

Keep up the beautiful work and thanks for sharing your patterns and ideas.

Mary Helgesen

It is cute, fun, and practical. I'd love to have one!

Shannon Offerman

Super cute and functional, I love them!

Elaine Brown

What a great idea! Anything to enable my knitting and crocheting work minus the tangles sounds good to me.

Anne Owens

I'm just learning to knit socks.This is what I need to
keep my yarn from getting tangled and dirty.Great Idea

Val Settee

I think it is a great idea.When you use double yarns you use 2 of them

Val Settee

I think it is a great idea. When you use 2 yarns you use 2 of them.

judy catalano

I could use at least 2 or 3 of those always traveling with a project

Naysa Heilig

These are GREAT! I would love to get one so my yarn doesn't get tangled in my purse or bag when I take my projects with me, it might also discourage my sneaky kitty from stealing my yarn every time I turn around :-) Thanks for sharing this wonderful product!

Rebecca Pickett

I think these look really cool and I would love to try one out!

Penny Knapp

I don't have one BUT I would LOVE one...

Looks like a great idea especially that I have many projects on the go ..I could put each one in a T without any tangles!!!
Look Ma.. No more Tangles!!! :)


These are so cute :-)


These are so much fun! I'd love one. Gonna have to check out her site for some holiday gifts!


Those look cool! Please enter me in the drawing.

 Sue Jarvis

wow - that's so much more convenient than the rubberband-around-the-skein-label that I end up using once the skein is shrinking ...which contraption also goes to the bottom of the bag and becomes harder to pull yarn with whatever things get on top of it!

This skeinT gizmo looks super - I'd sure use one!

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