Quick Crochet Projects for Holiday Gift-Giving!
Two NEW projects just off my knitting needles!

Enter to win a SweaterBabe.com Tote!

This month, I'm giving away a SweaterBabe.com tote bag!

It's perfect for your knitting or crochet projects OR as a reuseable shopping bag!

KnittingCrochet_Tote_Big The tote is 100% cotton canvas and has plenty of room to carry all your knitting and crochet essentials or a big project on the go.

It has a bottom gusset and extra long handles for easy carrying. Made of 10 oz. heavyweight natural canvas fabric, 22" reinforced self-fabric handles, machine washable.

Measures 15" x 18" x 6".
So, how can you get one?

Just comment on this blog and tell us "What is on your knitting or crochet wish list?" by December 23rd, 9pm PST.  A random drawing will take place right after that to choose the winner.  One entry per person, please.

Good luck to all!

** December 29th Winner Announcement **
And the winner of this lovely tote bag is. . . Linda Pierce!  Congrats, Linda!  You will now have a nice roomy bag for your projects or groceries!



Wow! Awesome giveaway! My knitting wishlist is huge but, if I had my druthers, I'd love Sweaterbabe Patterns 90, 103, 99, 85, 71, 53; more yarn, of course; more addi turbos (I just learned Magic Loop!); and ooodles of time in which to knit (however, with two little ones, I don't see that happening ha ha).


Oh that bag is so cute! My wish list is ridiculous! But I want to start spinning my own yarn in 2010, so I would get a spindle and some fiber to see if I can teach myself!


I don't have enough characters for my wish list. But I will start -- I want to finish the 20, 30ish? projects already started plus a few non fabric type projects. Then I have a project folder full of other ideas and patterns. Mostly I would like to make things for my granddaughter.

Amy Thomas

Some of us have wish lists and others (like Doris) have giving lists. I'd like a "real" spindle, not involving DVDs, toy wooden wheels, or craft dowels!


My knitting wishlist? Lots of warm sweaters so that when I move cross-country, I won't freeze during my first "real" winter! :-)


I would like to finish all of WIP and continue to enjoy all of the crochet projects/patterns that I have choosen to do.

Caroline Cotne

Great bag to add to my collection! I am wishing to be able to take cables on with a vengeance while treating them with the upmost respect they deserve = )

Peg Mallin

My knitting and crocheting wish list for 2010 is to be able to make more afgans, hats, scarves, etc. for charity. I am involved in a prayer shawl group, but it would be nice to expand my time and energy to help those in need.


My knitting wishlist - I want more blue sky dyed cotton yarn. It's too pricey for regular use, but so soft and wonderful for those of us allergic to animal fibers.

Denise Royal

I really want to crochet a coat for myself so I would really love to have the yarn required to make the coat.


The only thing on my wish list is that I will be able to stay home & knit/crochet what I want, when I want!


My wish is simple...I want this tote! I love it!!!


My wish for 2010 is to finish the many UFO's on the needles and to increase my charity knitting. Susie


I'm wishing for an all-expense paid trip to the John Campbell Folk school in North Carolina to take a week of knitting classes next spring. Pleeeeeeez Santa! :)


Thanks for this great giveaway - love the bag and love your site! I am a crocheter, so along with more yarn and more time to crochet, I would love to receive two books - 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet by Lesley Stanfield, and Lily Chin's Crochet Tips and Tricks. Thanks again - have a great holiday!


My knitting wishlist- I want to be able to knit more and enjoy my ipod while i knit. I want some different yarns - soy, corn, alpaca,bamboo, and silk.

Keila Gonzalez

Knitting wishlist is mostly SweaterBabe patterns ;)
#64 Cable & Lace vest pattern, #73 Top down short
sleeved cardigan, #87 One skein fingerless gloves,
#103 Luscious cabled cowl


What a cute tote! I REALLY want to learn to knit faster, which means learning to knit by another method other than throwing. And of course, more patterns by sweaterbabe. I love the ruffled lace scarf. Just finished the Talia vest for my daughter and so well written. Keep 'em coming.


I want TIME! Time to finish the scarf and three afghans I started before life took over and robbed me of enough time to do fun stuff like hand work.

Martha Chenault

Terrific gift! I wish this year to be able to learn to crochet a little. I also need some more time and better hands... (arthritis!)

Lori Matteson

My wish for 2010 is for more time. I love to crochet and am determind to learn to kint this next year. If I could make items like your patterns I would be in Heaven!!!

Mary Fox

Dear Santa, Besides wishing I had enough time to catch up on all the things on my "to knit" list...I would like enough yummy cashmere yarn to make some socks and the Chic Ruffled Lace Scarf. Also, I would LOVE a set of Addi Click. OK, I guess mine is more of a "dream" list but what's life if I can't dream a little. ;)


knit wish list - pick a project and stick with it until it's DONE. Srsly. I'm embarrassed by the number of projects that I've set aside or frogged just because I get bored with it. Or I'm intimidated by the pattern. Or I decide I don't like the yarn, after all. I think I've hit the knitting equivalent of puberty - everything is frustrating!!

Nadine Stacy

At the top of my wish list is one of the cutting machines to cut fabric and plastic bags into strips for me to crochet into rugs and table mats.

Renee Inez

Hands down...more yarn. I'd love a yarn shopping spree.:)


Does a knitting wish list include crochet, cross stich, quilting and scrapbooking? (Okay, well maybe not scrapbooking...) So, aside from a day off from work, motherhood, wifehood, house cleaning, bill paying etc., I would like time. Time to complete the Lincoln Log afghan that I am making for my daughter. Time to complete the scallop shell scarf I am making for my sister and time to learn how to use a sewing machine. It seems that I am not alone in my wish to be able to just sit down and complete something.

Natalie Doyle

I'd like to do more spinning, use (or sell) some of my stash, and get a ball winder. Oh, and learn how to knit lace without anxiety.

Best and Happy Holidays to all,

Gloria Morley

For the New Year (pretty much have Christmas covered) I saw a cardigan (knit) from a movie and I am going to create a pattern from the picture I have and knit the sweater. I'll have to set my hooks aside for a little while, not long though. What a great place for this special sweater, than a special tote:)

Julie Goodus

First and foremost is to rip out the fronts of a sweater that I totally goofed on. Then finish it the correct way.

Merry Christmas to each and every one.

Sheryl Thompson

I like your blog And find it interesting. My wish list includes a tote to carry my projects in and lots of yarn for new projects.


Love the tote bag...on my wish list is to learn to crochet this year. I've got knitting down cold but have always wanted to try to crochet.


I'd love to design more patterns and sell enough regularly to afford internet at home. I also want a good knitting machine - I want to design some knitwear for sale! And I'd love some of the pattrens on my Ravelry queue wishlist, a $100 knitpicks gift certificate, a hiya hiya or addi click set, and my wheel, stash and books out of my mom's house. And I'd like to finish a pair of socks, lol. I just can't seem to make that happen.


my wish list consists of a sweaterbabe.com tote bag!!


My wish list: to use up at least half of my stash...I'm starting to feel sorry for all those skeins just sitting and waiting. And to knit some really cute stuffed animals for my friends' children.

Thanks for a cool blog! Happy holidays to all.

read my blog: www.knittingnewengland.blogspot.com


My wish list is enough yummy yarn to knit your drape front top down long sleeve cardigan. It is absolutely beautiful.And a Sweater Babe tote bag to carry it all in.

Have a very Merry Christmas

Marian Pearn

My wish list is to finish my double knit scarf in time to wear it this winter. When I'd made a lot of progress, my cat undid the whole thing. What a mess!


I mostly live in knit and family heaven so honestly my wish list this year is taken up with one thing - finding a good job once I finish my fellowship. In the meantime I will visit this site and dream of all the sweaters I will knit...


Lovely bag. My wish list.. that the knitting fairy would visit and finish off all my wips so that I can cast on more without feeling guilty!


A wish list for Knitting or Crochet, well that would be really easy to answer. My wish list would be lots and lots of yarn, plain yarn, fuzzy yarn, variegated yarn, light yarn, dark yarn, thin yarn, fat yarn, in fact just YARN. Oh! and lots and lots of needles and hooks, maybe even a knew loom or two.

Naomi Wheatley

My wish is for more time to knit and crochet, and of course more yarn!

Jean Corazza

My wish would be to have more time and lots more yarn to be able to make as many things as are needed by my favorite charity group, The Cheyenne River Reservation in SD.


The biggest thing on my wish list is a swift!

Gale Fields

My wish list? TIME! And a sweater-worth of Baby Alpaca Grande yarn. :-) And maybe a tote--just like the one you will be giving away.


What a great giveaway! My wishlist? More/better storage for the yarn I already have, and time to make all the things I want to make...

Debbie Ragsdale

My wish list is always more yarn and more time to knit and quilt. I love the Talia vest and a couple of the sweaters on your site. I just finished the leaf scarf for my daugher in law. Love your patterns.


my knitting wish for 2010 is to finish my wip and to do a lot more knitting for my granddaughter Olivia (9 months old)


My wishlist for 2010 is to learn how to knit a sweater...for ME! I only knit one thing for myself in 2009.


My wishlist agrees with many who have left their list before me in some aspect or another. TIME is high on the list so I can knit. I have the Addi Turbo interchangeable set so I wish they would have additional cables available. I have so many wips that I usually have a set of tips I can use or rescue to use but no cables left to put them on! I have other interchangeable sets as well but sometimes you just want to use certain tools not just what you can use!
Wish that when I fall in love with a pattern I actually have an appropriate yarn in my stash and handy so I can have immediate gratification and cast on for it!

Debbie Carmichael

What a great give-away! I'm like a lot of gals here because of wishing for more time to enjoy my crafting. I have 14 grandchildren, so I haven't made myself anything in a few years! LOL Just to be able to live long enough to use up most of my stash would be a blessing. I didn't realize what was there until I started making gifts for Christmas! Would love to add the tote to it:-)
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Evely Hawes

Thankful, for being able to have a healthy stash and the strength to continue to crochet, it's been a rough year moved from jobless state of Michigan, to much more prospects Texas, and have been blessed with my health. Will continue to use what's in my stash until the economy gets better,and had more than enough yarn to make some lovely Christmas presents for all. So to everyone, may your Christmas be bright and your New Year fulfilling.

Lettetia E

If I don't get anything else for Christmas, I would love to receive more yarn. I'm not picky either, I use anything but wool [allergic] and I have placed several not-so-subtle hints in my family's ears.


On my wish list this year is a nice set of bamboo hooks. The ones I have snag the yarn and are very scratchy, poor quality. Although I like that they are lightweight and not cold like aluminum hooks!

Robertha Vizena

I wish for a set of harmony needles, both the double pointed ones and the circular ones.


I'm relatively new to crochet and very new to knitting, so my wish list is big. I have quite a stash, but wouldn't mind more natural fibers. I'd also love a complete set of bamboo hooks and needles. And the list of patterns I'd like ... much too long to list!

Cindy Crooks

Let's see, all large knitting needles and I would like to try dpns. I'm a patternaholic so yarn, yarn, yarn! But here's the reality, my husband finally picked a sweater pattern for himself from Rowan Knitting for Him and I am asking for that book and the yarn to make this for him. This great tote would be perfect to carry this project around in.....Merry Christmas everyone and have a blessed New Year.

debra taylor

another set of interchangeables! I only have the Denise, so I'm interested in something more flexible. Any suggestions?


My knit/crochet wishes for 2010 are:
to be able to finish my WIPs
to learn how to cable
to have more fun yarn ;)

Cyndi Swank

For my knit wishes in 2010, I'm going to start out making the Vine Lace Cardigan. I really love it, and I've been making baby clothes this year for my new baby. Now it's time for something for me :-)


My knit wish is a swift and a wool winder so that it doesn't take so long to get started on using all the yarn in my stash!

Birgitta Virtanen Mensah

I am hoping to get some cute baby and children´s patterns, especially trousers, jumpsuits, tights, leggings or something else.


My wish list is a bit selfish this year. Good health so I may knit the three sweaters that have been placed on the back burner due to illness.


My wish list is to fullfill my personal promise of sending at least 50 baby hats per month for Lil' Troopers that are sent to 3 military hospitals for the babies born to the brave men and women serving in the U.S. Military. They do so much for us, this is one way I can give a little back to them.


MY wish list is to knit more and more without sore arms from knitting so much

Raelene Trewhella

I have the needles to knit,
the hooks to crochet,
yarn, yarn and more yarn,
patterns by the ton
like all craftaholics,
so my wish is this..........
Time to browse the patterns,
Time to select the yarn,
Time to sit and enjoy seeing the project unfold,
Time to complete the project,
And time to enjoy the finished product!!


I wish as many others that I had more time...
I look at all the wonderfull yarns stashed carefully werever I find some space and all the UFO´s and all the patterns and magazines piled on tables in every room, I feel gratefull having the fortune to be able to indulge myself in this absession of joy.
My little daughter pets my yarn and hugs whatever is on my needles and I wait until the day we will sit together knitting away like I did with my mother, we seemed to have more time somehow...
Since time is not possible to wish for, just to hope for I will wish for more lovely designs from you and I will also wish for pattern nr 81, 99, 100 and 38.
Merry Christmas!

Marla Burger

I would love the time to knit and crochet all the Sweaterbabe patterns I have printed off the downloads for my daughters and grandchildren. I really look forward to the Sweaterbabe emails!


Hmmm, my knitting wish list would contain a set of pink Denise interchangeable needles, a yarn ball winder, and a blocking board.

Karen Hagstrom

would love to have more time to knit & crochet - especially for the kids & grandkids! Plus, lots more of the really fancy yarn that I can't always afford to buy for myself! (hope Santa is looking as I type!)

Eudora (De) Carle

I want to win your on POINT tote.
I am new to knitting and trying to follow a pattern. Your free patterns are easy to follow and really nice projects.
2010 will be my year!

Chris Paz

Thanks to Sweater Babe's lush button-down cowl pattern, a whole new world of knitting has opened up to me. This pattern was the right one to take me to the next level. I learned new techniques and gained confidence with my knitting skills. I am like a kid whose training wheels have just come off and I am excited! In 2010, my big wish is to visit an outstanding yarn/fiber festival and go on a yarn gathering junket somewhere in the USA. I'm ready to knit/crochet my way throughout the coming New Year. My next project will be Sweater Babe's quick shawl collared shrug. I love your patterns and hope that we'll see many more in 2010.

Shelly Grabil

Cute bag! Great advertisement for Sweater Babe! I want some great, and unique yarn to make sweaters out of, and some new patterns.

Shirley Hunting

Well I would like oodles of yarn to knit my prayer shawls and help other women in the church by sharing the yarn. I would like more ebony needles, MORE TIME to knit and beable to knit some fun things other than just prayer shawls. Great grandchildren sweaters, a cowl for myself, cover for my oxygen container, things for the church fair. I could go on forever I think. All of McPhee knitting books she cracks me up. thans SweaterBabe for this site. Shirley

Lynn Herrin

I would need more room to list all that is on my wishlist. I really want a complete of dpn's and a really neat way to store my needles. The most important thing that is on my list is more time to knit. I never seem to have enough time!

Rebecca Mumford

On my Christmas (and birthday!)knitting and crochet list, is a
gift card to Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts. The LYS went out of business right before Thanksgiving.

Carol Staples

Like a lot of other bloggers; I have several projects started and need to get them finished. My biggest wish is to spend a couple of days down in Independence, Mo. at the beautiful little yarn shop on the square; and learn how to use DPNs.
I hope everyone will get their wishes "granted" and have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

Linda Pierce

My wish list for this year is a dragon shawl pattern with the silk yarn to go along with that. and to make it for ME! Like so many other crafters, my yarn comes in the door and goes back out as a finished project for someone else! LOL But I would love a nice sweater babe tote bag to put the shawl pattern and yarn in! ;-P

Tamra Krile

MY WISH for this year is to be able to continue to make prayer shawls and lap robes for Hospice patients. With yarn so high in price, I may not be able to continue this vital out reach to people. I do recycle yarns I tink from sweaters I get from Goodwill, but even they are a little hard on the pocket book in this difficult economy. I also wish for more time to do all the knitting I want to.


Although very high on my wish list is learning to do Fair Isle, at the actual top of the list is the desperate wish for a friendly LYS in our city. The only one in existence now is not known for its hospitality so I've been muddling through everything on my own.

Vicki Morgan-Bogart

I would love to have enough dreamy alpaca or cashmere yarn to knit a sweater for myself. I would also like to finish all my UFO's. An interest in pottery has taken away from my knitting & crocheting time. So many things to do and so little time. Oh, by the way, I would love to have the tote to put all my projects in while in progress.
May all have a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Blessed New Year.

Lennette Daniels

On my wishlist this year is a pom-pom maker (don't ask) and Itty Bitty Toys.

Theresa Mooring

I can't begin to tell you what knitting and crocheting does for me. But most of all; I'd like my own yarn swift and ball winder. As I dash into my favorite yarn shop just before closing; there isn't always time to wind. Then I'm at the ready to knit or crochet your beautiful and sassy patterns.

chandelle Heimbigner

I knit a lot as a hobby as a stress releiver and to save money. I would love to win the bag I love filling these with yarn so I can knit on trips.

Karen Maynard

Having your bag would tell all how much I enjoy crocheting & your web site is great! The bag would be great to carry small projects with me. what i really want is your book fabulous & flirty crochet.

Teckla Buller


Thanks for a great web site! I have several knitting items on my Christmas wish list this year, from a ball winder and swift to double points. I just started knitting again after about 30 years. Need lots of practice and learning since I had never really became proficient earlier. It's so much fun and very relaxing. I'm loving it!


My goal this year is to speed up my knitting and crocheting just so I can get more of your cool patterns done. I love to knit & crochet and I also really love showing what I've made. The 23 of December is my anniversary and the day the contest is over. Hopefully that will bring me good luck in the contest.

Have a great holiday!


Great contest! like many others, I would just love to have more time to knit. But if I couldn't get that, I would like to have more patterns like yours -- so well written and quick as a result, no need for puzzling out the directions! I just finished the luscious cabled cowl for a Christmas gift and I am thrilled about how it came out.


Posting for this giveaway is now closed! Winner to be announced in the next few days. Thanks for your entries.

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