Two NEW projects just off my knitting needles!
Rosi's Top-Down Cardigan!

Stunningly Fabulous Lace Inset Cardigan!

House2_medium Jennie M. from Round Rock, TX knit her GORGEOUS version of the #38 Fabulous Lace Inset Cardigan SweaterBabe pattern in Noro Transitions yarn in color #8.

Isn't it great?!? Her choice of yarn really shows the stitch patterns and just elevates this sweater to a new level!

Jennie says: "I mirrored the lace for the left front panel and left side of the collar. I also made the sweater 6 rows longer front and back for hip coverage."

Jennie also shared a photo of the cardigan in progress.  Hmm... would look great even as a vest without the sleeves!

Thanks so much for sharing!

*** 1/21/10 UPDATE ***
By popular demand, I will be updating this pattern with more sizes (and a slightly longer length vs. the slightly cropped length of pattern #38)!  When it's ready for release I will announce it in my newsletter and here.  Thanks!

*** UPDATE ***
Pattern #109 Lace Inset Shaped Cardigan (or Vest) is the longer version of this pattern with full range of 7 sizes (XS to 3X). 

House4_medium 4_medium



The colour of the cardigan is so shiny. The cardigan is really amazing. I love it!


What an elegant and colorful sweater. I love working with Noro Yarn and it always seems to transform a pattern into something truly unique.

By the way, thank you for the smiles you have and those of some of your models. I don't know why I am turned off when I see a picture of a model who does not smile. Why so serious? Can't figure that out. A smile goes a long way in making something modeled so much more attractive. Thanks again for your smile :)

Loren Gaggini

It look so great done like that, I almost want to make one. Unfortunately, it doesn't come in my size. Great job, Jennie M. !

Rosemary Banda

The pattern is very nice the only problem I have with the patterns offered is that I fail to read the pdf or is it only meant for those who are very advanced in knitting? How do I make an order do I have to first start with the bank and what do I need to do?


Hi Rosemary!

All of my patterns are sold only as PDFs. Please go to: to see the full selection and the note at the top of that page tells you about using Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is often installed on computers already) to be able to read PDFs.

Hope that answers your question!


Hi Jennie!

I am planning to redo this pattern with more sizes! I'll announce it in my newsletter when I release it!

Thanks for your patience.

Anna Vito

hi rosemary, I really like the pattern numbered 109...lacey insert card. I am however i do feel more comfortable with a little more ease, and am already a 3x...52....I hate a clingy sweater around a middle. it doesn't have to be a tent, just a little looser. Can you make a suggestion? I'm tired of knitting for other people to do new patterns and learn additional skills!

Connie Mettler

This is just stunning! You really know how to knit and choose yarns. I think this will become a family heirloom. Congratulations, Jennie. I'll bet you get stopped everywhere you go.

Barbara Gignac

Hello! I have already made #63 and look forward to making this pattern also. As an intermediate level knitter, I was wondering if you post instructions how to change the collar to be a simple rounded folded over rather than squared off. Any suggestions?

Barbara Gignac

Disregard my message, I posted it in the wrong area!

That is a stunning sweater by the way and you have inspired me to jump on this project!! :-)




Love this sweater, what yarn was used?


Oh, boy is this beautiful!!! I'd also love to know what kind of yarn was used. My biggest knitting challenge is matching the right yarn to the project, so PLEASE tell us!! Thanks in advance!


She used Noro Transitions yarn. . . not inexpensive, but such fabulous results!

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