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Stunningly Fabulous Lace Inset Cardigan!

Two NEW projects just off my knitting needles!

Deluxe_Cowl_350Here's a preview of some upcoming patterns.  Hope to release them by year end, but holiday craziness may get in the way. . .

This cowl is one I am wearing ALL the time!  It just makes anything I'm wearing instantly more chic.  Deluxe_Cowl_Shoulder_350  

Plus, it's fun to "juge"(? - that word that those guys from Queer Eye used to always say!) the cowl around my neck.  I can bunch it up a bit more if I'm cold, or let it hang looser in front once I'm inside and warming up.

And, I can even pull it down over my shoulder a bit like a cowl-neck shrug!

Watch for this pattern coming soon! It's a quick knit and let's you learn a great lace stitch pattern.
I also just finished this stunning Gathered-Waist Jacket. Gathered_Waist_Shoulder_350  This one is big on the details.  You can see that it starts with a gorgeous lace bottom, which is then gathered dramatically at the waist.  Twisted stitch mock-cable panels then go up the front and back. 

I finished this one with a lovely shawl collar and extended elbow-length sleeves.

You'll see more photos of it when it's ready to be released.  Hopefully by early 2010!

What do you think?

Are you making cowls for holiday gifts this year?


valerie adams

Oh please oh please oh please write out the gathered waist jacket in plus sizes as well. I actually have a really great waist and would love to make that for myself.


It looks so nice! I will order it for sure.

Anna Dundas

Loving that cowl. I'm working on my third Luscious Cabled Cowl as a Christmas prezzie for my Mom. I made two in baby alpaca that are gorgeous. Can't wait to get this next pattern.

Sue Hart

I'm developing quite a "thing" for cowls. And your newest design is another winner! Keep 'em coming.
The jacket looks gorgeous. I can see my daughter in this and possibly even myself if you really really push that PLUS Size envelope....pleeease.

Theresa Mooring

Lovely as usual. I can't wait.


Can't wait for the pattern. It looks beautiful!!!


Oh. My. God. That is INCREDIBLE! I'm usually pretty frugal, and don't buy patterns unless they're phenomenal, and this one is. Can't wait! (I second the notion of having plus sized patterns. I'm 45-35-47)


Ooh, ooh... and what sized yarn should I be stashing away for this project? *bounces up and down*


Gathered Waist, Love it. Early 2010!!! Does that mean 12:01AM December 31? Can't wait, I love it.


Totally Gorgeous! And yes, PLEASE have plus sizes available!!

Waiting with baited breath.....(what does that mean?) :-)

S Simpson

How do I get these patterns?
They keep saying they are free, is this really the case?

Loren Gaggini

I agree with Valarie above - please write the pattern in larger sizes, too. I really love this pattern, especially the design on the peplum.

Terri R. Huber

What a beautiful design!! Looks like it took a long time to complete. The color is so feminine and the details are lovely. Plus sizes would be welcome here.


Hi - I got this pattern and I've been practicing the parasol lace stitch. I need help! In regards to the s2kp and sk2p: are these slips knitwise or purlwise? - slip, slip, k1, then both slipped sts are passed over or just the one nearest the one just knitted?

PS - Plus size ladies! I have a 45" bustline (normally wear 1x tops); I'm using 10 skeins of Bernat's Softee Chunky in faded denim;

Debbie Hawe

I bought this pattern and have been afraid to start it because the gauges are so strange. Anyone have any difficulties with the gauges? I took the pattern to my favorite yarn shop and asked several experienced knitters and they all said the gauges were so odd that they wouldn't attempt it and recommended that I put it away as a "oh well" pattern.

I am experienced, as well, and can't bring myself to start. Any suggestions, help would be much appreciated. It looks gorgeous! Thank!


Hi Debbie,

Sorry to hear that that is what was told to you at the yarn shop! IMHO, they weren't being so helpful! Gauges are not "standard", they totally depend on the yarn, needles, stitch pattern, and the knitting tension of the knitter. The gauges I use in my patterns are as accurate as possible so they reflect the true finished measurements for all of my patterns.

That being said, please just do a gauge swatch! That is really the only way to see if you will have success in getting the desired measurements in following a pattern. The fancy stitch pattern at the bottom of this cardigan in particular has a lot going on, so the gauge is what it is. I NEVER round my gauge to any kind of standard as it would be misleading and give my customers the wrong finished measurements. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] for more questions!! I do encourage you to try this one out!


I JUST started this pattern yesterday. I am on row 14..just starting the "Cluster" row. My piece measures accurate. I am using the size needles mentioned in the pattern. But, of course, I did a swatch of the pattern at the bottom first. I am LOVING this pattern. It is so fun with all the constant changes of the stitches!!! :) so, I guess the "gauge" for this is absolutely correct,for me, but I have only been knitting about 15 months and was told at my local yarn shop to always do swatch of a pattern before starting since yarn, tension, technique is unique to each individual knitter. For me, once I got the pattern, I could not wait to start it!


Hi Penny,

That's great! You are very brave to tackle a pattern that I considered an "experienced" one! Go girl! And I'm happy to hear what your local yarn shop said, which is exactly what I think. Gauge is so dependent on all of those thing.

The only other suggestion I have is to make sure you measure your gauge on a flat surface after binding off! In the past, I've too often made the mistake of measuring while it's still on the needles, and inadvertently shifting the stitches along the needle to make it match the gauge.

And, one more thing, even if I think my swatch matches, I ALWAYS will measure again after a few inches of knitting in case I did a bad job measuring my swatch. IMHO, you can never be too careful since you are putting a lot of time (and perhaps some good $$$) into making something that should come out with the measurements you intend!

Janet in Grande Cache, Alberta

i was drawn to the nip-waisted cardy with the parasol lace like a fibre addict. startlingly lovely. i decided to knit a swatch to learn all the elements and check the gauge. i really enjoyed doing the sample and decided it was such a delicious experience it needed to be done in the knit picks yarn of origin. I ordered the Gloss HW in oregano and can't wait till it arrives at my post office. I'm drooling in anticipation. the 30 percent silk in the wool will give impact to the intricate lace.
simply lovely.


Let me tell you that is one gorgeous sweater. Even upside down it looks great.


#106 Shawl-Collared Nipped-Waist Cardigan
Can I bay this pattern?

Beth Bayens

Hi Sweaterbabe,

I just downloaded October's free cowl pattern and was wondering if the pattern could be converted to be boot cuffs as well? I have two daughters in their early 20s and one 17 year old daughter and they've all asked boot cuffs. I thought these would make GREAT Christmas gifts!

Even better - do you already have a boot cuff pattern that I just didn't see or another fabulous pattern for boot cuffs coming up? They loved some of the ones featured on the Grace and Lace website but I know I can make them and if it's your pattern, probably even better!

Thank you for helping us make such lovely knitted patterns. -Workmom

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