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Tanja's Lush and Lacy Cardigan

Diana's Cables and Flowers Cardigan

Here's a great addition to our Finished Project Gallery from Diana F. in CT! Cable flower1

Here is what she has to say about her version of the #94 Cables and Flowers Asymmetical Top-Down Cardigan:

"My name is Diana F. from Middletown, CT. I used Mirasol Sulka yarn in Lime #202 for my cable and flower cardigan.

The cable trim looks fabulous down the front and is what drew me to this sweater. I thought the pattern would be out of my league but after reading all the reviews of how well Sweaterbabe's patterns were written and easy to follow , I knew I could handle it.

And, like everyone else who has knit one of her patterns, I can't say enough about how well the pattern was written with stitch and row counts to keep me guided instead of guessing.

Between the top down knit, cable border, waistline and flowers there wasn't a dull moment. It was literally like 'cool, 26 more stitches and I get to do some more fun stuff.' It's just gorgeous! I get compliments every time I wear it and I find myself a walking advertisement for I love it , Thanks Sweaterbabe!"Cable flower

And thank you, Diana for sharing it!  It's gorgeous on you.  Very well done!

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Linda Pierce

I love the sweater.


Hi, have just downloaded the pattern for the flowers and cables cardi, then went to knitpicks website to find the yarn, but they don't ship to the UK. Any suggestions for an alternative?


Hi Lindsey,

Sorry they don't ship to UK? I didn't realize that!

Well, the Andean silk is a worsted weight yarn, on the slightly lighter side perhaps as the "halo" of the yarn definitely helps fill in any gaps when worked on a larger size needle.

I would either substitute another "worsted" weight alpaca blend that you can find online that will ship to you, or look at your local yarn shop for one that will give you the gauge and have a nice drape and not be heavy.

Hope that helps some! Sorry you can't get the Andean Silk directly.


Thanks for that. I went to WonderWool Wales last week and found a lovely merino/alpaca in dark green which is knitting up beautifully.

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