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Set-Up Row Confusion on Pattern #96

Dear SweaterBabe,

I'm confused by the set-up row on the  #96 Fancy Cables and Lace Baby Blanket and keep getting an extra stitch. Can you explain what I could be doing wrong?

-- Confused Knitter

Dear Confused Knitter,

Sorry for any confusion! Please let me try to help.

Here is what it says for Row 8 (which I think is the row you are asking about?):
Row 8 [RS – Inc 3]:

P2, *pm, work Row 2 of Lace over next 17 sts, pm, p2, k2, KFB, k2, p2; rep from * 2 times, pm, work Row 2 of Lace over next 17 sts, pm, p2 = 102 sts.

And here is "Row 2 of the Lace pattern":
Row 2 [RS]:
P2, *k3, [yo, k1] 2 times, skp, k3, k2tog, k1, p2; rep from * to end.

SO, this is how it breaks down (I've written the lace part in):

*pm, P2, k3, [yo, k1] 2 times, skp, k3, k2tog, k1, p2; pm, p2, k2, KFB, k2, p2

[then you repeat from * 2 times, so you do the above 2 times, which I will write out here:]

pm, P2, k3, [yo, k1] 2 times, skp, k3, k2tog, k1, p2;
pm, p2, k2, KFB, k2, p2 [that's the 1st repeat]

pm, P2, k3, [yo, k1] 2 times, skp, k3, k2tog, k1, p2;
pm, p2, k2, KFB, k2, p2 [that's the 2nd repeat]

then, do the last part:
P2, k3, [yo, k1] 2 times, skp, k3, k2tog, k1, p2, pm, p2.

That will get you to the 102 sts. Does that help at all?

It may be easier to read the Row 2 of the LACE as this:

P2, k3, [yo, k1] 2 times, skp, k3, k2tog, k1, p2

The "*" in the Lace can confuse. It's actually not applicable for the blanket since you only need to do one repeat, i.e. one panel of the lace.

Please let me know if that helps at all or please ask me more!


-- SweaterBabe


Marsha McMurray

I am having trouble with this pattern as well. Using the table provided to help keep track of rows, I am on Row 20 of the Lace Pat and Cable Rows and am to use "2; CABLE." If I use row 2 of the lace pattern how do I incorporate the cable since that is row 12 in establishing the lace and cable panels. Help please! Thank you.


Hi Marsha,

Sorry it confused!

No, Row 20 will basically be the same as Row 12, but where it says "Row 6 of Lace", do Row 2 of the Lace:

Here is what Row 12 says:
Row 12 [RS – Cable Twist]: P2, *work Row 6 of Lace over next 17 sts, p2, CB6, p2; rep from * 2 times, work Row 6 of Lace over next 17 sts, p2.

Hope that helps!


I have a question as well on the chart, I am a beginner, so I am a little confused, I am on row 14, so I am following, P2, then lace row #8, p2,k6,p2 rep. 2 times (I am ok to that point) then it says to work next row (?) do I work row 10 or do I continue with 8? then it says to repeat last 2 rows all the way to row 151, keeping in Lace Pattern and twisting cables every 8th row. am i repeating the p2k6p2? after the corresponding Lace pattern in the row? sorry it looks like a beautiful blanket I am just making sure it comes out ok. Thanks Gloria


Sorry! its confuse me very much, when you found it don't forgot to tell me. But the pics of sweater is very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Stephen Waters

Has anyone made a work sheet of this pattern? I'm SO confused with these directions!!! I'm sure they're written perfectly wonderful, but for the life of me, I don't get it ....

Stephen Waters

Help help help help help help with this #96 fancy cables baby blanket I DON'T get it!!! I am so confused!!!

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